20 Best Ideas about Wedding Hairstyle for Brides with Short Hair


Many people have the idea that long, sweeping hairstyles are the classical romantic look of weddings, but they are simply unaware of the amazing versatility of shorter cuts. Wedding hairstyle for brides with short hair has come back with unique styles that long hair cannot emulate. Short cuts set in simple ways, like with a soft wave or texture, can become electrifying with the right products and accessories. Volume is your best friend, pull your hair together in neat and elegant styles with wedding-themed accessories of embellished barrettes and headbands. Read on for 20 flawless short hairstyles for your big day!

20 Best Ideas about Wedding Hairstyle for Brides with Short Hair


Just let it down

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair – into a chic short bob that beautifully frames your face and shows off your accessories! This is an ideal look that is difficult to achieve with long hair. This simple style gives natural beauty and gives greater attention the wedding dress and the beautiful bride.


Curly hairstyle

Curly hairstyle isn’t only a long style – it can become a staple for great wedding hairstyle for brides with short hair. Making the soft waves turn upwards and slick back your head beautifully and it will look amazing under a lace veil!



If you’re a funky and edgy bride, an asymmetric style would suit you really well. It’s not easy to pull off, but the right product will keep the hair strands in a style that goes over the side of the face and shows off your beautiful drop earrings!


Asymmetric flicks

Cascading curls are extremely romantic, but what if those curls turned upward? This seriously sensuous style has a chance to look really elegant with soft, flipped bangs and gentle waves around the face. It’s an extra pretty frame for your beautiful make-up as well!



Wedding hairstyle for brides with short hair usually has a funky edge, but the pixie cut with short spikes takes the trophy for the coolest style. It’s a fun contrast with sleek and classic earrings and flowing white gown.


Loose updo

Instead of a super uptight, piled-on updo, opt for a loose bun that artistically drapes over each strand. This is easier to do with short hair since you don’t have to worry and tuck the long strands all over the place. It’s elegant but also very whimsical.


Pompadour bang

Go high drama with a high pompadour. Wear the rest of your hair slicked back against the nape, tease your bangs and add some volume up top. This vivacious look brings all the attention to your face and jewelry.


Long bangs

Long, sweeping bangs make a blushing bride look more youthful and fun. Complete with edgy make-up, you become a more powerful-looking woman ready to take the wedding and her future married life by storm!


Vintage inspired hairstyle

Marilyn Monroe’s curly blonde short hair is iconic and classic. It’s going to be an elegant choice for a vintage inspired wedding theme. The soft, large curls placed wonderfully around the head will make everyone swoon. Add choice accessories like pearls and lace.


Small curl

Small and tight curls in wedding hairstyle for brides with short hair need to be careful, so it's not too frizzy. If you use the right product to keep the frizz to minimum and add some great styling to the directions the curls go, the texture will lend a whole new depth to your wedding look.


Braided bangs

Romance can be felt in the air with cute and whimsical braids. Taking the longer part of the bangs and braiding it across the hairline will keep your hair soft and neat while adding an unexpected texture and touch.


Backcombed hairstyle

If you are looking for a hairstyle that really draws attention to the face, this backcombed hair is a unique yet very elegant choice. The slight pomp and neat back also give an air of classic elegance and gives chic jewelry a chance to shine through.



Chignons are as fancy as they sound, and are a popular style for weddings that is also available for those with short hair. Flicking up the bangs and arranging the strands into a beautiful bun will be head-turning.


Retro inspired hairstyle

If you are into the roaring 20’s style, then classic wedding hairstyle for brides with short hair will suit you just fine. The elegant and intelligently placed waves and curls will have you calling back the era of flapper girls and jazz music.


Sleek bobbed

Sleek bobs may not be the fanciest style, but they are perfect as wedding styles because of their ease to maintain throughout the busy wedding day. Look picture perfect and elegant as the strands are arranged against the face and by the ears.


Wavy hairstyle

If you want the romance of cascading curls, it's possible with some short hairstyles. All you have to do is to take each piece and wind them up – they are not as heavy as long curls so they will stay put longer! Add an embellished headband for some pizzazz.


Romantic Bouffant updo

Keeping the volume in the back with an elegant, romantic bouffant is also a choice. The strands being put together in a poofy, slightly messy and elegant bun will look cute when held together by a row of bobby pins.


Light curl

Light curls are not any less than tighter curls, and give a more easy-going feel that evokes light heartedness, which is sure to be attractive to all guests. Choose a style that frames the face beautifully and gives a chance for the curls to ease through headbands and the like.


Bob with bangs

You can’t go wrong with a chic bob. When your cut is above your chin, consider blunt bangs that make you look youthful and cute in contrast to sexy dress and accessories.


Flicked out hairstyle

What wedding hairstyle for brides with short hair misses out on in length can be made up for in texture and width. Flipped out styles, in moderation, can make your wedding look be very youthful and interesting. Just don’t overdo it and you’ll be safe.