The Best Bridal Hairstyles for Women with Thin Hair


For many brides, the right style for their wedding day hair is as important as their wedding dress. If you have fine, thin hair, then it would be wise to keep the look somewhat simple, but also elegant. Putting your hair up is always a good option, and you can incorporate braids, loops, and accessories to make the hair style dazzling. Don’t worry - this article will list ideas of bridal hairstyless for women with thin hair that are sure to wow your guests.

18 Gorgeous ideas of Bridal Hair Style for Women with Thin Hair


Floral-Design Headband with Braided Hair

This is an excellent option, especially for spring weddings, and is very easy to achieve and make look good. Simply pin your hair up and place a thin floral headband upon your head. The color of the headband should compliment the color of your hair. For example blondes should wear pale pink or yellow. If your hair is dark, deep purples and reds would be more appropriate, and redheads should opt for magenta or red.


Short, Messy, and Full of Volume

If your hair is short, this is a great way to add extra volume and go for something a bit different from your day-to-day hair style. Add volumizing mousse into your hair and muss it up at the front to achieve added volume and thickness. This will give you a stylish, full looking hair style perfect for your big day.


Wavy Half-Updo

This is a great hairstyle to give a fuller appearance to thin hair. It involves wavy hair with thick blunt bangs and a slight teasing up towards one’s crown. This hairstyle not only helps to give the appearance of thicker, fuller hair, but also looks stunning.


Front Braids

Another bridal hairstyle option for women with thin hair is this gorgeous style. Create two braids in your hair and wrap them around the front of your head, then hold them in place with a clip. This unique style helps you to not only look beautiful, but also helps you hair to appear fuller and thicker.


Top Braids and Bangs

This style works perfectly for uplifting thin hair and achieving a thicker appearance. By matching a braided updo at the back of the head with thick, blunt bangs, it helps to breakto up the sections of your hair. This achieves a stylish, elegant look, making it the perfect option for your big day.


Long Bob (Lob)

Having a long bob with thick, wispy pieces and a deep side part can help those with thin hair achieve a thicker looking hairstyle. Paired with subtle layers/side bangs, one can achieve extra shape and style, as well as extra fullness and thickness, perfect for those with thin hair attempting to achieve more fullness.


Side Twist and Accessories

A beautiful option for brides who have fine hair is to apply a side twist with accessories. Lightly twist your hair across the side of your head and add some diamond encrusted floral hair clips (or other beautiful accessories), to achieve an attractive, stylish, and appropriate style.


Head Ring for Short Wavy Hair

Another great option for brides is to wear a ring around their heads with elegant flowers or beading. This added accessory will work to add style to your hair, and it helps to ensure that you stand out and look gorgeous on your big day. This accessory works best with wavy, curly hair, but it can be applied to all hair types.


Fancy Braid with Sock Bun

A perfectly round bun can help any women with thin hair to achieve a thicker appearance. This can be achieved with the use of a bun maker or a sock. Couple the bun with small braids and curls to change this look from casual to formal, making it perfectly suitable for your ceremony. Leave side bangs at the front for a more feminine look.


Updo with Bouffant and Braid

This style looks both edgy and elegant.A simple updo with side braids and a bouffant gives this style its edginess, and helps to achieve a thick, full appearance and a volume boost. The braids ensure that the style looks elegant, making it a great option when considering ideas of bridal hairstyles for women with thin hair.


Waterfall Braid on Looped Updo

Create a looped updo and make a reversed waterfall braid to separate the loopy section of hair from the bouffant. This creates a sharp, sophisticated style that oozes class and taste, perfect for any bride’s big day.


Messy Low Bun

It can be easy for thin hair to look flat when putting it in a low bun. This is why this messy bun hairstyle works great for those with thin hair. Create a messy low bun by creating curls and strategically pinning them in the nape (giving the illusion of a bun). This injects volume to the top ensuring it is not flat.


Updo and Side Bangs

This is a beautiful hair style, perfect for women with thin hair. A messy bun with small side braids on each side of the head helps to achieve a voluminous look easily. The braids are small so as to ensure they do not overwhelm the style, while the side bangs add volume to those with thin hair.


Curly Asymmetrical Updo with Flower

Adding a flower to any hair style is a great way to boost elegance and glamorous. Create an asymmetrical curly updo and place a color appropriate flower on the side. The flower should match the hue of your hair.


Messy Updo with Pearl Accessory

A loose messy bun is a great option for women with thin hair as it works to create an illusion of thickness and fullness. Adding an accessory to the low bun is a great option to add extra dazzle to the hairstyle, and pearls are a great option due to their elegance and sophisticated timelessness.


Highlighted Updo with Messy Loops or Braids

simple option for women with thin hair to achieve fullness is to create a messy/curly style. Add this to a beautifully highlighted updo, and you can achieve a gorgeous hairstyle which will be perfect for your big day, whilst also achieving extra volume seamlessly.


Curly Ponytail for Thin Hair

This seemingly effortless style is both beautiful and elegant. Parting the hair at the center and creating a curly ponytail at the back works to create a gorgeous style that is perfect for all women. It is a great option when considering ideas of bridal hair style for women with thin hair, especially for those with long, thin hair.


Voluminous Top Bun

This gorgeous updo style is perfect for any bride on her wedding day, but it can be especially useful to those with thin hair to create extra volume and thickness. Create a large bun on the top of your head, and pull around 5-6 strands of hair from out of the bun and wrap them around the base to achieve extra volume.