20 Great Wedding Ideas for Summer


Summer weddings can combine the splendor of outdoors with the excitement of your new union, and are a great way to make sure your guests have a good time! You’ll find you have a lot more freedom with what you can wear, what you can do, and where you can be with the warmer weather of summer. Need some ideas for summer wedding? Read on for some unique inspirations.

20 Great Wedding Ideas for Summer


Have your wedding in a backyard

You can spend thousands on hotels and venues, or just share a space you love with the people you love by having your wedding in a backyard. This is a one of the greatest ideas for summer wedding because spaces can quickly be transformed with some simple enhancements.


Get a short wedding dress

Warmer weather means you can show more skin in a summer wedding dress. Opt for a short dress to stay cool all night long. Perfect for backyard and barn weddings, you can even consider changing up your footwear depending on your comfort and theme.

Dress by Mori Lee


Dress your bridesmaids in color

Sure, you can add color to your wedding all year long, but nowhere is it more appropriate to put your bridesmaids in color than at a summer wedding. Pastel colors work well for a summer wedding, dress your bridesmaids in floral print dresses could also be a good idea.


Get some flowers

It goes without saying that your floral arrangements can be far more spectacular in the summer. First of all, you can use the existing landscape with an outdoors wedding, but you can also use flowers for creative centerpieces and décor that won’t have to be protected from harsh winter climates


Have a outdoor dance floor

It goes without saying that one of the best wedding ideas for summer is having an outdoor dance party. Guests love it, and there is nothing more romantic than your first dance under the stars. Have a pool and doing a backyard wedding? Cover it to get an awesome dance floor and more space, or invite guests for a midnight swim!


Get a naked wedding cake

A rustic outdoor wedding isn’t the best occasion for an over-the-top cake, so try a naked cake – one without frosting embellishments – to suit your style. Decorate with flowers or lace for some added splendor. Bonus? You and your guests won’t feel bad about returning for seconds (or thirds).


Get wet for the picture

An outdoor wedding affords you plenty of great chances for spectacular photos – including getting wet! Beach weddings can take advantage of the surf, but lakes and even pools can give you and your guests some memories – and great photos – to cherish.


Get a splash

Get awesome wedding ideas for summer that use the water around you. For example, to celebrate your nuptials with a splash. After hours of prepping and primping, you’ve made it through the ceremony without a hitch, so why not unwind by giving your guests the memory of you jumping into a pool or pond.


Flip flops for everyone

Summer weddings mean you have some great gift opportunities – like flip flops. Give your guests’ feet a break by sending them off with some flip flops, customized with your theme, name, or even location. For rustic and beach weddings, you may even want to encourage guests to choose the comfortable options for their footwear.



There are always great wedding ideas for summer with flower, like choosing boutonnieres that stray from the traditional. Choose bright, bold flowers, and even go for something exotic as a way to give splashes of color. For summer weddings, the bigger the better.



In the summer you can really go overboard with your bouquet – not only will you have more flowers available, but an outdoor summer wedding almost requires you to have a ton of fresh flowers! In a rustic location, consider choosing wildflower varieties to create a colorful component to your bridal style.


Give away sunglasses

Another great gift idea is sunglasses! You can easily buy bulk glasses from online retailers, and your guests will appreciate being able to actually see your event! Go for plenty of colors and you can even ask guests to pose for group photos in their glasses for a neat effect.


Simple photo booth

Photo booths are all the rage at weddings, one of the fun wedding ideas for summer. You won’t have to worry about staging backdrops or finding the right location – you have the natural scenery to work with! Hang some frames and encourage guests to pose creatively for a unique take on this fun trend.


Sparkles at night

Celebrate your momentous occasion with a little sparkle! For outdoor weddings at night, give your guests sparklers to play around with. It will be fun for guests of all ages, and you’ll be able to get some really neat photos.


Suspend tables

For outdoor weddings in rustic locations, finding ways to combine your party with nature like suspending tables from trees, is both beautiful and fun. Decorate your place settings with simple floral arrangements and vintage crates to impart a rustic feel.


Set seats in the cool place or prepare a tent

Don’t think that just because its warm out that you may not have weather problems. You’ll need to make sure that any seating is in a cool and protected place, just in case it gets too hot or starts to rain. Consider building a temporary tent for some added peace of mind.


Keep your guest cool

If all goes well, the sun will shine the day of your event and Mother Nature will cooperate. However, you’ll want to make sure your guests stay cool – particularly if they are wearing suits and dresses. Here are cool wedding ideas for summer. Have fans set up to help air circulate, and make sure there is plenty of water available. Consider handing out hand fans for outdoor ceremonies.


Ice cream truck

Who doesn’t love an ice cream cone in the summer? Serving ice cream at your wedding is definitely okay in the summer, but you can take it a step further and get an actual ice cream truck to serve it. Guests will love feeling like kids again, and everyone will enjoy a cool treat in the warm weather.


Bug free wedding

You have to prepare for weather issues at an outdoor wedding, but you also have to prepare for unwanted pests. Don’t let bugs bother your guests by giving out bug spray and lighting citronella torches. Make sure food stays covered and protected from bugs.


Play lawn games

To let your guests have fun in the great outdoors, you’ll need some fun wedding ideas for summer. Consider having them play lawn games! Go for refined games like croquet, or let guests of all ages unleash their inner child with campground games like sack races.