Wedding Ideas on a Budget – Have Your Dream Ceremony Inexpensively


There are many great wedding ideas on a budget. You don’t have to literally break the bank in order to have the ceremony of your dreams. Paying attention to each step of the planning process is necessary, but both the wedding and reception can be done economically. Simply choosing the details that matter most to you is important. Setting a feasible theme and selecting the right venue will help.

Wedding Planning Details

When you’re operating on a budget, every single detail matters. Incorporating wedding ideas on a budget is paramount. Here are some details to consider:

Wedding Venue

Each venue will have its own décor and accents. Critical preparations and bargain shopping are two useful approaches for these projects. They allow you to get what you want while saving at the same time. Fees for specific wedding venues can be costly, even some church facilities are expensive to book. Finding a free location venue is the best way to cut the cost. Family properties, large homes and gardens are good choices.


Guest List

Your guest list can be equated to dollar signs. These are not simply ceremony attendees but people typically dining at your reception. Remember to tailor you head count based upon budgets and per plate costs.



Wedding invitations also equal a specific dollar amount. Printing your own invitations is much cheaper than ordering them.


Ceremony and Reception Music

The music required for your ceremony and wedding reception are different. Hiring musicians can be expensive. Simply playing cd’s or recorded selections can be both efficient and budget-friendly. This can be done for both events.


Photo and Video

You’re going to want quality photos and videos to commemorate the day. Soliciting the help of tech-savvy friends and family will make this an inexpensive project. Even getting several people to participate can ensure multiple shots and recordings.



Single plate catering is some of the most costly options. Buffet-style meals could be better financially. Remember to enlist servers to make sure portions are appropriate. Seating and other equipment can be donated by friends and family or rented.


Cake and Dessert

Instead of a traditional wedding cake, gourmet cup cakes are popular. In many instances this is less expensive way to serve guests.


Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are a tradition that could be expensive. Avoiding jewelry and high ticket items is important. Gift cards on a specific dollar amount allow you to spend only what you want to on these favors.

Wedding Attire Selections

There are many budget-friendly ways to choose your wedding attire. Economical selections are available for both men and women in the wedding party. Couples need to determine the styles and colors for both groups.

Wedding Dress

Your mother’s wedding dress is one of the best ways to dress inexpensively. These dresses can be tailored to fit new brides. Retail bridal shops also provide dresses for rent in virtually every price range.


Wedding Jewelry

Authentic wedding jewelry does not fall in line with wedding ideas on a budget. Costume jewelry, however, are terrific options for this special day. Pearls, diamond-like pieces, gems and other jewelry are available in different shapes, sizes and displays.


Bridesmaid Dresses

Of-the-rack formal attire can make lovely bridesmaid dresses. Chain retail stores, as well as, specialty locations have these dresses. Most styles can be found in fashionable options that are not expensive and fit your budget.


Bride’s Hair and Makeup

Everyone has a friend who is an excellent stylist. Enlisting this person’s help is a cost-free option for getting the bride’s hair and makeup done. Some bridal parties work together to deliver complimenting styles for each woman.


Men’s Wear

There are a variety of rental locations that specialize in men’s wedding attire. These ensembles are available in different colors and styles. Some couples will make a color selection and allow wedding parties to wear their own apparel.

Wedding Flowers and Décor

These are both important details for any wedding ceremony and reception. Fresh flowers are expensive options when it comes to decorating. Silk alternatives can be used to meet color schemes and design goals.

Wedding Flowers

The most important wedding flowers consideration is the bride’s bouquet. Artificial flowers are good options for venue décor. Less expensive fresh flowers can be composed for the bouquet by saving on other event designs.


Ceremony Decorations

The ceremony venue can have a lot of small floral arrangements or a few large ones. Banners and colorful streamers are great pieces to use for small sites. These can be utilized instead of flowers or sculptures.


Reception Decorations

It should be less expensive to decorate reception venues than ceremony venues. Saving on one location could increase budgets for others. Metallic vases, arrangements and accent items can be purchased on a budget. These are nice wedding ideas on a budget options for couples.


Table Centerpieces

Making smaller table centerpieces is an inexpensive way to create a setting. Using fewer flowers in these creations is one approach. Colorful table cloths and napkins can be utilized instead of traditional table decorations.