Wedding Invitation Maps Creator


From the ceremony location to the reception venue and even hotels, there are a number of locations to which your wedding guests will need directions. While many couples think creating a map to include with the invitation will be a complex task, it can be easier than you might think. With the right wedding invitation maps creator, you can easily make your own maps that your guests will greatly appreciate!

How to Make Wedding Invitation Maps

Using PowerPoint

  1. Have all the addresses you need ready - this can include the ceremony, reception, and hotels.

  2. Using MAPQUEST, enter the ceremony address as the starting point and the reception address as the end location.

  3. At the top left corner, click on the printable view.

  4. Save the map to your computer by right-clicking on the map.

  5. Open your PowerPoint program.

  6. Create a blank slide to work with.

  7. Go to INSERT-PICTURE-FROM FILE (choose the map you saved).

  8. Now you are ready to trace the key points. To activate the tracing tools, go to the bottom toolbar AUTOSHAPE-LINES-FREEFORM. You will be able to adjust the thickness by clicking on LINE STYLE,which is the icon the shows lines of varying thickness.

    Begin by tracing the outline of the map, first using a thicker line (2 ¼ pt. thickness). When you need a curve line, just click the mouse button.

    Once you have the outline, trace the important streets using a thinner line (1 pt. thickness for major streets and ¾ pt. thickness for minor streets).

  9. Now you are done with the most difficult task of your wedding! Invitation maps creator: makes it fairly simple, right? Once you are done tracing the map, you can delete the original one by clicking on it and choosing the DELETE option.

  10. Don’t forget to add in the driving instruction at the side of the map.

  11. You can add in extra details and colors if you’d like. To change the colors, simple click on the font color and choose your color. You can also add in clipart by going to INSERT-PICTURE-CLIP ART. You can get as creative as you want at this point, just make sure the map is still easy to read and follow.

Using Wedding Mapper

  1. Go to click on wedding maps, and fill in the appropriate information.

  2. Add icons to your ceremony location, reception venue, and hotels. You can even add in some fun tourist attractions for your out of town guests. Have a favorite restaurant your guests should try? Add it on! Use the “Location List” to hide or show locations on the map by simply hitting the arrow button next to the category you want to show or hide.

  3. To show location titles on you wedding invitation maps creator, click on the PRINT/DIRECTION-PRINT INSTRUCTION-SHOW THE LOCATION TITLES. Once you see the titles on the map, you can drag them around and position them as you like.

  4. Play around with the position of the map until you are satisfied with the way it will look on the actual invitations. Then take a screenshot of the map by holding down the ALT button on your keyboard and pressing PRTSCN. Mac users will need to hold down the COMMAND, SHIFT, 4 key. A cross cursor icon should appear. Use your mouse to select the part of the screen you want and press ESC.

  5. In WORD, create a new blank document and set the size to the same as your invitation card dimensions. Do this by going to FILE-PAGE-SETUP-PAPER.

  6. Paste the screenshot into the Word document.

  7. You can crop or enlarge the image by right clicking on it and hitting the SHOW PICTURE TOOLBAR-CROP. Drag it inward to crop the image or drag outward to enlarge the map. Make sure that all the important information is still included before you click on the crop icon again.

  8. Get creative with the title and border! You can change the colors and fonts in this wedding invitation maps creator to reflect the theme and colors of your wedding. This will keep the map in the same style and design as the rest of your invitation. Include the date and address to the location around the map so your guests will easily know where they need to be and when.

Alternatively, you watch the video below to learn even more ways to create your own wedding map.