Wedding Invitation with The Menu Option


If you are opting for a sit-down dinner at your reception, chances are the caterers will want to have an estimation of what entrees to prep for your big day. They’ll want this information well ahead of your wedding date so you will need to include some type of menu card with a fish, chicken, vegetarian or meat option in with the invitations. This may leave you stumped with how to present your wedding invitation with the menu option, luckily we’ve got you covered!

Creative Wedding Invitation with The Menu Option for Any Wedding

Couples are taking advantage of including menu cards in with their invitation to let their creativity shine. You can just have the information included on the RSVP cards or you can create some more fun and original separate card with the menu option. The two major components of the menu cards will include the response date and menu options.

The Response Date: You want your guest to respond in a timely manner usually within 4-3 weeks of the wedding date. The response date will depend on when the caterers need a final count, so you will want to confirm when you need to provide them with this information and making the response gives you plenty of time to get back to the caterers.

The Meal Selection: This is where you can get a little more creative! Make sure the meal selection are clear indications of what your guest is choosing but feel free to let your personal style show through. Whether you make the choices as a section on your RSVP cards or have them on a separate card, there are a variety of ways you can create a simple design.

Or you can include more details on it like the following one.

Then get some inspirations from the following great designs of wedding invitation with the menu option!


A perfect fit for your informal spring or summer themed weddings is this menu card. The playful design with the blue background is magical and romantic.

Formal Beach Affair

The “M” is for the Mr. or Mrs. that proceeds your name adding in just another formal details. This card is super clean and perfectly sets the tone for the formal type of wedding you are hosting.

Spring Wedding

This response card gives a little bit more details with the food option which is a great idea so your guest can have a clearer idea of what they will be served. The pastel flowers make this the perfect complement to your spring themed invitations.

Country Rustic Theme

The entrée images are just a clever idea and add some fun to this rustic inspired card. The twinkling heart shaped light details perfectly give off a romantic impression for a night you won’t want to miss.

Vintage Deco

For those who are looking for a colorful vintage inspired design, this is a great choice. From the airy calligraphy to the floral design, this menu card will match the rest of your spring inspired invitation flawlessly.

Simply Mint

This wedding invitation with the menu option is a simple crisp and clean design. The mint color gives an inviting feel that can be perfect for any early morning or afternoon wedding reception.

Fun and Informal

The hot pink colors, the funky design, and the double border make this a great choice for fun and spunky couples. And also is a reminder not to forget to include a kid’s menu too!

Simply Blue

While the flowers make this menu card ideal for spring or summer weddings, especially those near the beach, the blue colors can also be a great fit for winter weddings!

Fun and Festive

This vibrant design is fun but simple. For couples wanting something to match their personalities without going overboard, this choice is the perfect balance of formal and informal.

Winter Formal

An elegant font paired with a clean layout and touches of winter details results in a formal and classy response card.

Destination Wedding

Those throwing a destination wedding will want the invitation and menu response cards to reflect where they will be holding the festivities. You’ll want to capture the fun and excitement that pertain to your destination wedding on your menu cards as well like that in this one.


For your beach inspired wedding, you will want your response and menu cards to showcase the tranquility and serene feeling it. This card with the light blue background and translucent starfish is perfect for any beach or tropical wedding.

Classic Black and White

This vintage inspired design perfectly combines a classic look with some modern twist. Your guests will get the impression that it will be a formal affair but with plenty of fun to be had.

Tropical Destination

Doesn’t this just take you to your happy place? This wedding invitation with the menu option is simple but gives off an air of tranquility suitable for any tropical themed or destination wedding.