Tips for Bridal Makeup that Goes with Blue Eyes


If you are one of the rare 10% of the population that was blessed with blue eyes, then you definitely want to make sure you flaunt them on your big day! The rights eye shadow color, mascara, and liner can really make your blues eyes look stunning. If you are unsure of the right wedding makeup for your blue eyes, then you’ve come to the right place.

Helpful Tips for bridal makeup that goes with blue Eeyes

How to Make Your Blue Eyes Pop

  • Eyebrows

One way to instantly give your eyes a wide and dazzling display is to define your eyebrows. You will want to choose a color that is close to your natural hair color. Use a brow pencil to define your brows and then use a powder to fill them. Your eyebrows will help frame your eyes and can instantly pull the focus to them.

If you need to give your eyebrows a cleanup, you want to make sure you tweeze them or have them professionally done a day or two before your wedding day.

  • Shadow

When you use a contrasting eye shadow color like bronze, tan or brown hues, you really let your blue eyes stand out. Keep the color the strongest along the lash line and then fade it as you move outward towards the crease of the eyelid. If you are daring enough, use an orange color palate. Avoid using the traditional black Smoky eye combos as this can overshadow the stunning color of your eyes.

You don’t have to stick with neutral colors when it comes to bridal makeup that goes with blue eyes, there is nothing wrong with choosing a stunning color to bring some more life into their color. If you are going with a blue eye shadow, then you will want to find a color that is darker than your eye color, if you choose something too similar, you end up dulling the color which is the one thing you should try to avoid. Turquoise and cobalt are two of the most recommended colors for blue eyes. If you are having a fall wedding, purples are the best colors to go with this season and will accentuate your eyes.

Always try to find a matte eye shadow in whatever color you choose. This way you won’t be reflecting light and your eyes won’t appear shiny. Avoid using cream, frosty or shiny shadows as these will almost always end up creasing.

  • Lashes and Liner

Many blue-eyed brides instantly reach for the black mascara because it adds drama, but if you want to make your blue eyes pop you’ll want to use a brown mascara instead of the black. The brown color contrasts the hues of your eyes, and as we have mentioned, this contrast makes the color stand out. Waterproof mascara is a must on such an important day and you want to make sure it remains smudge-proof as well. If it is one thing that will take away from your dazzling blues, it is streaks of mascara running from your eyes.

To draw more attention to your eyes, you’ll want to have long thick lashes. You can opt for the fake lashes to give you a fuller look or you can try out a lengthening mascara and apply at least two coats. Always use an eyelash curler before you apply your first coat of mascara and after the first coat for an even longer look.

When it comes to the eyeliner for bridal makeup that goes with blue eyes, choose a black as night color. The super dark liner will bring out all the blue hues in your eyes. To give your blue eyes that additional ‘wow’ factor, use a beige eye pencil on the inside of the lower lash line.

Tips You’d Better Know in Advance

Now that we’ve covered some of the most important tips for making your blue eyes shine, there are a few other tricks that can enhance your eyes even more.

  • If you can, hire a professional makeup artist, they will know all the tricks to really make your eyes stand out.

  • Using a bronzer will give your skin a stunning contrast to your blue eyes, especially if you also have lighter colored hair, which will make them sparkle even more.

  • Don’t forget to apply concealer under your eyes to eliminate any dark circles; this should match your skin tone.

  • To really illuminate your eyes, use an off-white matte shadow just along the brow bone.

  • Keep the rest of your makeup neutral so your eyes take center stage. Keep your lip color in the nude family and your cheeks more peach.

  • Get as much sleep as possible the night before and if need be, have some eye drops on hand to rid your eyes of any redness and eliminate the tired look.

  • If you are trying out a brand new mascara you have never used before, then you will want to give it a test run a few days before the big day.

Bridal Makeup that Goes with Blue Eyes Examples

Her blue eyes are simply captivating. The dark eyeliner enhances her light sultry blue eyes and the subtle white shadow along the brow line and inner corner of the eyelid makes the eyes wider and more awake.

You really get drawn into her eyes. The perfect example of how you can make your eyes the focus of attention by pairing them with a nude lip color and thick voluptuous lashes. The brown copper color along the bottom lid is the perfect contrast to her enchanting eyes.

Even without the makeup, this bride’s eyes would be piercing, so she doesn’t need much to make them stand out. This bride sticks with a more all natural look to simply enhance the deep blue color of her eyes by pairing them with a neutral and subtle eye shadow color and long lashes.