Know 20 Big Wedding Mistakes and Avoid Them!


Wedding planning might be one of the craziest bonkers things to do. There are so many mistakes that you might make during the planning process, but if you know what to do, these mistakes may be avoided in advance. However, it is true that planning weddings isn’t your regular full time job that you can control totally. That's why we list the 20 biggest and most important wedding mistakes to avoid for every couple to be.

20 Big Wedding Mistakes That Every Couple Should Avoid


Not consider budget

Craziness oozes out on realizing your dream of wedding celebrations coming true. Shopping starts with a gleaming dress, deciding venue without looking the heavy price tag and without considering the financial budget. This only takes you to the broken heart state. Budget, guest list and venue are three important parameters that should be first made sure.


No rain plan

Planning to enjoy in an open lawn, river side, or open garden is a lovely desire, but rain on your wedding day is a total game changer. Do not think rain won't happen. If it happens, it can ruin the whole enjoyment. So put up the deposits down for umbrellas, tents and golf carts that you might not need but as an investment for peace of mind.


Let guests into chaos

There will be a lot of puzzles if details are not provided to the guests in the invitation like theme of the wedding, dress code, venue with a map to reach, etc. In case you are having destination or weekend long celebration, hand out itineraries to tell everyone where they need to be and when the buses will take them up.


Not talk with your partner

Maybe you are in charge of the wedding planning and execution mainly, but this doesn't mean your partner's ideas can be ignored. You should discuss the type of wedding, the theme of it, the music played during it, etc., with him in advance. Maybe he wants to pick the venue. So make sure you are always on the same page with your partner.


Forget a videographer

Nothing is better than a movie or video to relive your wedding celebration in real time. So not considering a videographer is one of the silly wedding mistakes to avoid. The video will last for years in your life and help you get the beautiful time back vividly. Hire a videographer to record those moments in a fraction of seconds at any time.


Procrastinate over registry

Registry experience can be stressful and uninspiring, but procrastinating scanning of the registry is one of the wedding mistakes which should be avoided to save you from the disappointment of wanting a registry do over.


Pay less attention to the stationer or calligrapher

Invitations are a style statement. It may seem less important but setting the right tone from the beginning helps create more cohesive event. Not looking for professional stationer or a calligrapher to check the look you have desired is again a silly mistake.


Worry too much for others to enjoy

Every couple worry a lot about their family and friends to have fun. But worrying too much about what others think of your decisions will take your joy out of the wedding celebrations. Your focus should be on arrangements according to you, after all this special day is for you.


Book a venue without counting guest

This is one of the most obvious wedding mistakes to avoid. Unless it’s going to be at your parent’s home, booking a venue is one of the crucial steps of planning. You need to have a general idea of how many guests will attend the wedding to avoid shortage of space at the venue or to pay for lots of empty and unused space.


Not look into the details of contract

Read the prints well, ladies. Wedding celebrations are once a life time affair and is expensive and time consuming to plan. During the process, there will be many contracts you will come across, so pay attention to that. Even if you are not good at reading, do your best to read and have someone who is good at reading contracts accompany you.


Have no knowledge of license

Do research on marriage licenses and figure out what the laws are, how many days of waiting period is there, and other crucial questions. A common mess up for those marrying for a second time is not bringing their official divorce papers when they get the new certificate.


Not choose suppliers wisely

Wedding supplier can be with different styles and personalities. Meet your suppliers to see their work in person and decide which one will go along well with you for solving your problem like not getting everything in the set price range.


Not hire a professional wedding planner

It really feels bad if the chaos, hustles and bustles are everywhere. Many families don’t feel the need to hire a professional wedding planner but some do not. If you know planning wedding will be a high pressure for you, just hire a professional wedding planner to help you solve all possible troubles.


Select venues too far apart

One of the wedding mistakes to avoid is choosing the venue that is too far. You might be having plenty of time for your wedding, but probably your guests may not have. So don't book venues too far, and if you have wedding ceremony and the reception at different places, make sure they are not too far from each other.


Ignore the need of transport

In whole preparations, the need of transportation hardly clicks in anybody’s mind unless you reach late for ceremonies, or half your family members do not reach on time. So it’s better to plan your ride services for yourself as well as for whole guests in case of any unexpected conditions.


Desires of making it uniquely unique

Of course, you want your wedding to be very unique, but do not drive everyone crazy by wanting every single thing to be fresh and new. Keep a few things totally personal for yourself and your spouse and for everything else, just make sure they are not same with the last wedding you attend.


Stress a lot

Not keeping yourself calm at least ten days before the actual day is a mere waste of time. Wear off all worries from your shoulder and assign the whole task to the wedding planner, after all it's time to rejoice your love and union.


Share minutest detail of wedding with everyone

Couples often make the silly mistake of telling everyone about the minutest wedding plan. By doing so, you only invite them to provide their opinions, but you may not be ready for that. And so many opinions can make you in state of confusions of likes and dislikes.


Not highlight the introduction of the ceremonies

Confirm beforehand who will introduce the wedding party, announce the first dance or cake cutting, etc. Discuss with him to avoid ignorance of your guests from not noticing your first dance or other special moments.


Ask you for decision on the special day

One of the substantial wedding mistakes to avoid is not making the responsibility of the wedding day clear beforehand. Everyone should know their jobs beforehand and do things as arrangements by themselves. You should only be calm and composed on your special day.