Healthy Food for Your Wedding Morning Breakfast


Your special day has arrived, so why not start the day off with a lovely wedding morning breakfast?It’s important that you don’t skip this meal. Being nervous, you’ll need energy more than usual, and you might get too busy later in the day and skip the lunch, so make sure you have a good breakfast!

Healthy Food for Your Wedding Morning Breakfast

To help start your wonderful day on the right foot, we have suggested a few ideal wedding breakfasts for you. These are simple to make and give you that boost of energy you need to last you through to your wedding breakfast.


Bagels are quick and easy to make and to eat. Choose different toppings from cream cheese to salmon. These are ideal for adding that substance of energy and for your butterflies.

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You’ve been staying away from doughnuts ever since you set the date. Now is the time to have one or two! These will give you an extra boost of confidence and take away your hunger pains!

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Coffee cake

Have some coffee cake for the extra caffeine boost. This is perfect for snacking and sharing with your bridal team.


Egg bake

If you decide on having a bigger breakfast, why not have egg bake? Eggs are rich in protein, they taste great and will kick-start your day.



Do you have a sweet tooth? Try having a muffin for your wedding morning breakfast. It will curb your sweet craving and give you that extra glow when you’re walking down the aisle.

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Cheese quesadillas

Go for something different and add a Mexican-inspired meal to your wedding breakfast. It’s easy to make and you can add healthy vegetables.

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Everyone loves a good sandwich. They are fast and easy to make and you can choose to have a variety of fillings to suit all.

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Fruit tray

If you’re in need of vitamins, have a fruit tray platter. This is easy to prepare and eat. You can add as many fruits as you like.


Muffin tin egg fritattas

If you are looking to prepare your breakfast the night before, try these. They are perfect for a quick breakfast and you can add different fillings to each of them. Try different vegetables to spice up your variety.


Greek yoghurt with granola and fruit

Yoghurt is full of protein and calcium, which is great for your body. This will help with your nerves and settle your butterflies.

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What could be better than having croissants for your wedding morning breakfast? What more could you ask for?!


French toast

This is an indulgent treat for your wedding day. Try adding some chocolate spread or meat and enjoy!

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Homemade trail mix

Prepare this in on time and it’s healthy! It requires only a handful of ingredients and there is no reason not to make it at home.


Avocado salad

Another healthy option would be avocados salad. Avocados are filled with fibre, which will give you a healthy glow.

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Bacon butty

If you’re hungry and need something to get you through the morning, and maybe afternoon too, have a bacon butty. It will fill your stomach and set you off for the day.

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Cheese rolls

If you’re a cheese lover, fill a few rolls and have a lovely dip on the side.

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Running out of time, have a bowl of your favourite cereal. Maybe add some fruit.


Homemade protein shakes

Do you want a liquid wedding morning breakfast? Prepare these in no time and they will keep you full all morning long.



Today is a perfect day to have a champagne or sparkling wine. Just add a touch of orange juice to your choice of drink and sip away.


Herbal tea

If you want something to calm your nerves, try having a cup of herbal tea. Herbal teas are rich in antioxidants and it will give you a little pick-me-up.

Food You Should Avoid for the Wedding Morning Breakfast

  • Fatty Cheeses – Avoid fatty cheeses. This will make you feel bloated and lethargic.

  • Bloating Foods – Try not to eat carbohydrates on your wedding morning. This will make you feel big, bloated and uncomfortable in your dress, also it might cause embarrassment.

  • Salty Foods – Salty foods can increase your blood pressure and on a day like your wedding day, you need to keep calm.

  • Junk Food – There are many reasons why you shouldn’t eat junk food on your wedding morning. This will make you feel bloated and very full as well as not being good for your diet, teeth and can also cause constipation.

  • Carbonated Drinks – By drinking carbonated drinks on a regular basis, you can lose control of your blood sugar level. It can also cause a decrease of calcium in your bones and damage the enamel on your teeth.

  • Dairy – Eating a lot of diary can make you feel sleepy and fatigued.

  • Caffeine – Drinking too much caffeine can cause dehydration.

  • Artificial Sweetener – Adding artificial sweeteners have an undefined amount of calories and can leave a bitter taste in your mouth.