Wedding Night Stories That Didn’t Go as Planned


The wedding night is a time of romance to the max, white lace garters, champagne, bubbles in a warm Jacuzzi in a luxury hotel, chocolate strawberries and uninterrupted quality time – only it doesn’t always go this way. In more cases than not, the new couples wake up the next day with a whole bunch of unexpected wedding night stories that were definitely outside of their blissful romance expectations.

The Good, the Bad and the Unexpected

The Couple Who Got a Visit from a Pigeon – Kathy, 32

We went up to our fancy hotel room, expecting nothing less than our pre-ordered wine and chocolate mousse, only to find our window wide open and a pigeon on our bed! Without any luck, we tried to chase it out of the room, through the window, through the door, but nothing worked! Finally, we called reception and 35 minutes later, the bird was gone, but so was our romantic mood! The only good part about it: our pigeon was almost white, like a beautiful wedding dove, so we took it as a good luck charm.

The Couple Who Burned Their Toes – Aly, 24

After the reception, we were eager to hop in our Jacuzzi and enjoy some sexy time together! But little did we know that we would be one of those couples with crazy wedding night stories to tell the next day! It turns out that, the water was so hot, almost boiling-point hot that we both burned our toes when we attempted to go inside the tub. What followed was a trip to the ice machine and a few hours of aching pain.

The Couple Who Passed Out – Renee, 31

We had a huge wedding party, with over 400 guests. Just greeting them all and saying good byes managed to exhaust us, not to mention all the dancing, the eating and the drinking – oh, the drinking! We did not have huge expectations for our wedding night, but we definitely expected to do better than this: basically we both passed out 2 minutes after we entered our hotel room. The next morning – well, rather noon – the maid and my best friend woke us up, worried, only to discover that we were still wearing our reception outfits.

The Couple Who Binged on Cake – Inga, 28

We literally ate nothing at our reception – too many guests, too little time, too much stress. We were both bummed we missed all the good stuff: the steak, the appetizers! So what we did was we asked to have the leftover cake brought up to our room. Little did we know that more than half a cake was left intact, so we started to eat, a bite here and there, until it was all gone – and that was about 10 pounds of berry mouse, red velvet scrumptiousness! Needless to say, we both spent the rest of the night in the bathroom.

The Couple Who Had a Booby Pin Nightmare – Beth, 39

I had this extravagant hairdo that required, I kid you not, over 300 bobby pins and a bunch of hair extensions. We spend a good 3 hours of our wedding night removing all the pins from my hair – and I even found some 3 days later!

The Couple Who Dealt with an Emotional Bridesmaid – Mikaela, 31

We spent our entire wedding night comforting one of my bridesmaids who was all depressed because she did not have a boyfriend or any romantic prospects. She said that being in our wedding showed her what she was missing, so we felt kind of responsible and tried our best to make her feel better by sacrificing our big night.

The Couple Who Rushed to the Emergency Room - Marlene, 48

You hear wedding night stories that involve trips to the emergency room, but at least they all have some sexy element to them – well, ours is all pain, no sex. My new husband managed to bag his head so hard to the restaurant’s door at the end of the party, that we had to rush to the emergency room, where we spent a good 5 hours! Romantic, no?

The Couple Who Had a Striptease Party – Adriana, 27

We had planned to incorporate some stripping for one another on our wedding night, but it turns out that, we were terribly bad at it, so we decided to stick with our plan and headed out to a mix strip club. Best decision ever, as we had tons of laughs and free drinks!

The Couple Who Studies Together, Stays Together – Christina, 22

We were both in the middle of our toughest period in college when we decided to get married, so our wedding night was nothing less than preparing for our finals and studying together. Not one of those super romantic wedding night stories, but we treasure it anyway!

The Couple Who Had to Clean – Amy, 41

We didn’t have a big wedding budget, so we couldn’t afford a wedding planner or a stylist. So after doing most of the decorations ourselves, we had to stay after the reception and clean it all up. Unluckily, all our friends managed to leave before we could ask them to share the chore!