Wedding Photography List: Making Every Moment Count


Your wedding is far from being an ordinary day as it personifies you and your better half. From the elegantly embellished wedding arch down to the luxurious center tables, every ornament is a reflection of who you are as a couple. But as much as this event is treasurable, it can also end in a snap of a finger, and as time passes by, you’ll only have photographs that will serve as reminders of the joy you shared with your guests. A wedding photography list would help you make the most out of this day.

Wedding Photography List: Making Every Moment Count

Before the Wedding

  • Bridal dress on a bed, a hanger or a chair

  • Bridal hair and make-up

  • Preparation of bridesmaids (hair and make-up)

  • Preparation of the groom

  • Bridal bouquets

  • Wedding invitation with engagement ring and wedding bands

  • Bridesmaids putting on the veil of the bride

  • Bridal jewelry

  • Bride with her mother

  • Bride with her bridesmaids

  • Father pinning the groom’s boutonniere

  • Groom pinning his father’s boutonniere

  • Groom with his groomsmen

  • Bride ready to go

  • Groom ready to go

The Ceremony

Almost everything about the ceremony should be included in the wedding photography list, after all, it is THE moment.

  • Guests waiting for the groom and bride

  • Full shot of the entire area

  • Close-up shot of the groom nervously and excitedly waiting for his bride

  • Groom walking down the aisle

  • Shots of members of the entourage as they walk down the aisle

  • Close-up shot of the bride before she walks down the aisle

  • Bridal walk

  • Bride with her parents as they walk towards the groom

  • Bride and groom on the altar

  • Back-shot of altar

  • Exchange of vows

  • Exchange of rings

  • Wide shot of audience

  • Bride and groom’s first kiss

  • Bride and groom with their family on the altar

  • Bride and groom with members of the entourage on the altar

  • Bride and groom with their guests on the altar

  • Bride and groom walking down the aisle with their guests on the side

  • Shots of guests congratulating the newly-weds

  • Shots of bride, groom and their parents in the receiving line (if it is set-up in the ceremony venue)

  • Bride and groom as they leave the ceremony site

  • Bridal car

The Reception

  • Full shot of the reception

  • Shots of reception decors that include centerpieces, guest books, favors, table settings and the likes

  • Bride and groom as they enter the reception area

  • Tables of the parents

  • Tables of the entourage

  • Full shot of tables of guests

  • Guests signing guest book

  • Newly-weds at their table

  • Close-up shots of the couple

  • Newly-weds as they chat with their guests

  • Bride and groom sipping champagne

  • Cake-cutting ceremony

  • Bride and groom’s first dance

  • Tossing of bouquet

  • Tossing of garter

  • Shots of guests

  • Shots of family members

  • Newly-weds, parents and guests dancing

  • Shots of DJ’s and musicians


Hire a Reliable Team. Wedding documentation takes more than owning all the high-end gadgets and lenses. If your photographers need to be instructed to take pictures whenever you’re exchanging vows or when you are about to have your first kiss as husband and wife, then that’s a clear sign that you need to look for a more reliable team. You need professionals who know how to document your big day, not someone who’s just knowledgeable in focusing the lenses and clicking on the camera. Trust me, you deserve better than that.

Let Your Photographers Work with Ease. While your photography list matters, it’s also crucial that you offer your photographers the freedom to take shots of random moments. Instead of being too specific on your shot requests, it’s better if you generalize parts of your list. For instance, rather than asking them to take shots of your mother as she cries while you are walking down the aisle, you can think of something a little more generic like taking shots of your parents as they happily watch you exchange wedding vows… or better yet, as they entertain other guests and enjoy the occasion as a whole. After all, no one can really tell if your mom would cry during the wedding ceremony.

Focus on the Dainty and the Beautiful. Every wedding is unique, and I’m pretty sure we can all agree to this. While some couples choose to focus on the ceremony itself, others really spend a fortune just for their wedding reception to look stunning. So basically, when you are creating a wedding photography list, it’s important that you identify some of the areas that your photographers should focus on. For example, if you have added some decorations that reflect your personality as a couple, then don’t forget to add this on your list. In the like manner, if you exerted a lot of effort on the center table, you might want to also add this as a must-capture item on your list. This way, your photographers will have a clearer idea on what matters to you the most.

Take Your Time. It’s very challenging to document some of the most momentous parts of your event, so always take your time. Never rush so your photographers would have the chance to take great shots of you and your better half. When you are about to kiss, don’t be contented with a 1-second smack. Prolong that wedding kiss and make sure the cameras are ready to take that intimate shot. Also, don’t hesitate to take advantage of photo opportunities before, during and after the ceremony. The day is long, and there is really nothing wrong with spending a little bit more time in front of the camera. Remember, those wedding photos can relieve your memories no matter how long time passes by, so make sure you are making the most out of it.