10 Wedding Photography Tips for Every Couple to Be


Unlike many other details of your wedding day, your photographs are the one thing that will last a lifetime. Since you will be reminiscing over them for years, you want to do your best to make them absolutely fabulous! Here you will find some great wedding photography tips to ensure you will love your photos for a lifetime.

Wedding Photography Tips for Every Couple to Be

Research early

You want to begin looking for your potential wedding photography at least a year before your wedding date. Ask other couples who they used and look at the photographer's online gallery. When you find a photographer you like, ask to see a full portfolio from one or two weddings they have done. This will give you a much better sense of the work they will produce.

Critique the photographs

When you are looking through the photographer's portfolio, consider how they capture the important moments that you will want them to capture at your wedding. Are the people in the images relaxed? Are these shots that you like? Are the people in focus? Consider the compositions of the images, the quality and if they are in a style that you would like.

Meet with potentials

You and the photographer will be spending a lot of time together on your wedding day, so you want to set up a meeting either in person or video chat. Just because you love their work does not mean they will be the right photographer for you, you also want to ensure your personalities mesh well.

Take engagement photos

One of the best wedding photography tips you can benefit from is getting a preview of what to expect both working with your photographer and the images they will produce. Scheduling an engagement shoot is a great way to become more comfortable with your photographer. It will also give you an opportunity to give them feedback on what you like and do not like before they shoot your wedding day.

Create a shot list

Creating a short shot list for your wedding will be a huge help to your photographer and ensure that they get all the important shots you want. When composing your list, you do not have to limit them to just the guests, if some of decors has sentimental meaning, you can include them on your shot list. Also include if you want some to be in black or white and additional information that can help your photographer better shoot your guest.

Create a schedule

Ideally, you would want everything to go according to plan on your wedding day, but this will most likely not be the case. Everything will inevitably take longer from your hair and makeup to getting to the ceremony when you're stuck in traffic. When you create your schedule, make sure you allow for extra time to accommodate for any mishaps that can happen so that you do not end up having to cut into your photography session.

Take photo first

This is one of the wedding photography tips that many couples are beginning to utilize. Consider scheduling your portrait photos prior to the ceremony with a first look shoot. In this way, you will not miss out on your cocktail hour and your hair and makeup will be fresh and still perfect.

Remember to keep your head up

Nerves can result in bride/groom staring at the ground as they walk down the aisle or when saying their vows. Even if you are too preoccupied with your nerves to smile, at least look up so the photographer can get the expression on your face and not just the top of your head.

Relax and be aware of your body language

You want your photos to look natural, so do not overthink your poses. Consider and practice these tips to appear relaxed for beautiful shots:

  • Adjust your posture: Slightly arching your back whether you are standing or sitting will help you look more confident. When standing practice these poses.

  • Rotate your hips and a 45 degree turned away from the camera.

  • Keep the weight primarily on the back foot.

  • The other leg can be crossed in front with the foot pointed towards the camera. To avoid looking stiff, bend your knee slightly.

  • Remember to smile!! A genuine smile will make you look more beautiful and if you are too nervous, fake a laugh. This often naturally makes you at least giggle to bring out a natural smile.

Lighting is key

The right lighting is crucial for stunning photos and most couples do not even know to consider the changing of light throughout the day. This is one of the most overlooked wedding photography tips that you will want to be aware of.

You want to pay attention to when the sun will begin setting to give your photographer enough time to capture those outdoor shoots before it becomes too dark. If your wedding is in the winter, then it will begin to get dark between 3:30 and 4 which is significantly early than in the summer.

You also want to consider the lighting in the venue. While your photographer will have a flash, or at least should, this often does not produce the best images. Your photographer can adjust the light of images for you with software, but if the venue does not offer enough light, the effect won't be good enough.

Have fun

Whether it's raining or the flowers girl breaks out in a tantrum during the family shoot, laugh it off and do not sweat the small stuff. Trust that your photographer will be able to capture you in the best light and locations, that is their job after all. You just need to enjoy your day!