35 Best Wedding Pictures in the Rain! Get Inspired!


What can be more dreadful then having an unpredicted rain on your wedding day! But with a wedding photographer who knows his work well, this nightmare can be changed into a romantic and beatific photoshoot. Here we are sharing with you 30 wedding photoshoots, in which the couples perfectly utilized stormy weather to get memorable pictures of their big day! These wedding pictures in the rain have a charm, an enchantment which will swoon you.

Wedding Pictures in the Rain

It is impossible that your dress won’t get wet, but that’s the part which will make everything so realistic and it's actually fun thing to do. With a few tips and cautions you can get the best wedding pictures on a rainy day.

Don't you think that thunders and lightening in the background can give a totally dramatic effect to your wedding pics?


A passionate kiss captured under the umbrella at night!! Doesn’t it look like a scene from romantic Hollywood movie?


No storm can stop these passionate lovers!!


Love is in the air; don't you think?


A romantic walk after the rain, what an eye catching view it is!


The effect of twilight and surrounding street lights is adding the natural sparkles to the picture.


After rain picture adds up the charm of your wedding shoot!


Reflection in puddle, such a unique style it is!


Another after rain picture taken at the center of the city. So realistic and so beautiful!


It’s about learning to dance in the rain!


Time to have some fun in the rain...


In the end everything is just perfect!


The sunshine in your life!


Time to start cherishing every moment in your life from this moment onwards!!!


You are the rainbow of my life!


Time for a  dreamy wedding shoot...


Made for each other!


If it rains on your wedding...let it pour!!!


Couples can also have wedding pictures in the rain at the end of the ceremony. It is a smart idea. Once ceremony is over, who cares if the dress gets wet?


As long as we are together!


Everything is beautiful when you are with me… Aren't the hues of night and light romantic?


Pull up your boots sweetheart


A lively image to capture because its pouring....


Don’t be afraid to show off your affection...


Embrace the weather; because it is the season of love...


A fairy-tale captured in a picture!


Love is in the air! Love is under the tree!

Capturing pictures at porch, awnings or under the tree also gives beautiful pictures without getting wet.


Capturing a dreamy duo!


Rain drops captured as crystals sparkling in twilight! A heavenly sight!


In the end everything is perfect!


You are the apple of my eye!


Everything is so peaceful and sweet!


With the true blessings of everyone, we are happily married!


Vows under the drizzle.


Through the window.

Some Tips to Capture Best Wedding Pictures in Rain:

Keep yourself prepared for rain if you are having a monsoon wedding! Talk to your photographer about all the possible scenarios. Your photographer can give you lot of ideas on how to turn stormy weather into a romantic one and get the best wedding pictures in the rain! After all you are going to capture your best moments of life! Make out the most of it!

  • Playing in the rain or having a passionate kiss, makes awe-inspiring pictures.

  • Having photoshoot while playing in puddle gives very cute pictures, puddles can also be used to get reflections which later can be used to give unique effects.

  • While photoshoot during day time saturates the colors in the picture, making it more scenic, having photoshoot at night will give most magical pictures ever!

  • Twilight or night time makes easier to capture the rain drops in camera, giving a mind blowing effect.

  • You can have a photoshoot on street after the rain, if you don’t want to get your dress wet at any cost.

  • After rain scenes on bridge or streets are also very picturesque.

  • Another option is to carry umbrella, standing under one umbrella while rain pouring down is just so romantic!

  • Taking pictures while standing near the window, kissing inside the car, standing at patio or a doorway form where rain drops can be seen, are also good enough to give the effect.