Wedding Place Setting Ideas That Will Make Your Reception Come Alive


Preparing for your wedding can be stressful, but it can also be a lot of fun if you let your creative thoughts fly! One place in your wedding that you can personalize is your reception. From the usual plates, forks, and knives, to the centrepieces and cards, there are many wedding place setting ideas that are now more colourful and more fun; you can even personalize some designs to your liking to make your wedding special. Whether you are a traditional couple or an unconventional one, no worries! Browse through because we got you covered.

20 Wedding Place Setting Ideas to Bring to Your Reception


Succulents in the Center

If you are having an outdoor reception or a rustic theme reception, a small succulent plant can do all the difference! Aside from it being a beautiful design to the table, your guests can also take this small plants home as a giveaway.


Glitter it Up

You can use a glittery fabric as a table cover or a runner to make your reception come alive. Perfect for a New Years Eve party or a Vegas themed reception, this simple addition will make your tables shine.


Under the Sea

Beach weddings can be levelled up by bringing the beach to the table. One perfect wedding place setting idea is to add sea shells to your table; even a piece or two will make all the difference.


Sweet Treats

If you have a sweet tooth, you can also use some sweet treats as table decors. From doughnuts to lollipops, these simple desserts can go a long way, and aside from being a design you guests can eat it too.


Logs Galore

Another great idea for a rustic wedding is using logs for your table. From a centrepiece to a simple card holder, your outdoor reception will be closer to nature with these simple additions. This is the special one among those wedding place setting ideas.


Bookworms Unite

If you’re a bookworm and want to bring your love for literature to your wedding, you can use your old books as table designs to personalize your reception.


Watercolour Wedding

For your place cards or menus, you can DIY these little papers with the use of watercolour and some little calligraphy. This will be perfect for a brunch or a day reception, making your wedding very personal and very dainty.


Leaves Can Be Awesome Too

If you’re having a fall wedding, you can use leaves as your place cards to make your wedding close to the season. Just spray paint on it and write the name of your guest and it will make your plain white plate come to life.


Origami Magic

Another cool and cheap wedding place setting idea is using origami! This simple paper art are very easy to do and will not cost you a ton. Just set aside time and you can use origami as place cards or even the centrepiece too.


Light up the Table

Instead of using candles as mere table accents, you can actually use them as table centre pieces. You can use huge candles or small ones that run throughout the table. This will make your wedding unique and lessen your cost because candles are relatively cheap.


Rocks, Crystals and Glam

Another cool idea for your wedding table is using rocks or crystals as accent pieces, which is also an exquisite one among wedding place setting ideas. No, they don’t have to be diamonds but simple rocks will do! Perfect for a night reception, you can also choose the color of the crystals as the motif of the wedding. 


Weddings and Pine Cones

If you are having a December wedding, you can bring the season to your tables by using pine cones as designs! Surround your table with pine cones and you’re good to go. You can also add little details like a pinch of color to the tips of the cones or covering it with glitters.


Pop of Colors

Another way of mixing up your table design is by using materials with colors that pop! Instead of using the usual pastels, surprise your guest with hues that varies, from the linen you use to the table to the plates. Effortless and beautiful!


Picture Perfect

A great wedding place setting idea is using your own photos! If you have a travel themed wedding, you can use pictures from the places that you have been to, or pictures of your milestones as a couple.


It’s a Fruity Wedding

If you’re feeling a little out of the box, instead of using the usual flowers you can use fruits! It is a great idea if you have a farmer’s market theme or a brunch wedding.


Masquerade Fairy Tale

For themed weddings like Vegas or maybe Phantom of the Opera, you can use masks as design for your tables! Your guests can also use it on the dance floor and can serve as souvenirs.


Burlaps for Days

Another great rustic addition is using burlap for your tables. From table runners to even place mats, burlap will immediately elevate your rustic wedding.


A Whimsical Wedding

For a fun and young wedding, you can add a little magic by adding little pinwheels! This wedding place setting idea is cheap and easy but will make your wedding whimsical.


Solitary Beauty

One of the trends right now in the wedding place setting ideas is using one flower in a plate that ties the whole table together. This small detail creates a big effect in the whole setting and very effortless too.



To make your brunch wedding more fun, why not use crossword puzzles as design to your table! You can make it unique by using personal information of the couple and the guests can answer it while waiting for the program to start.