Top 20 Prelude Songs for Your Wedding


You have the flowers picked out for the altar, the programs are freshly printed, and you are confident your flower girl will make it down the aisle without a single tear or tantrum - but have you considered what will be playing while your guests arrive and patiently wait for the ceremony to begin? The wedding prelude songs are a small yet crucial detail of your wedding ceremony. These songs will help set the mood for the ceremony and offer light background music that can be more inviting than silence. If you need some help creating your pre-ceremony song list, we have gathered a few great suggestions just for you.

Top 20 Wedding Prelude Songs for Your Wedding

A Thousand Years - Instrumental, The Piano Guys (2012)

This instrumental cover of Christina Perry’s A Thousand Years is the perfect song to welcome your guests to the ceremony. The beautiful combination of piano and cello offers a sweet melody that is soft and romantic.

Goin’ Home, Antonin Dvorak (1922)

This melodic song was adapted from Antonin Dvorak’s Symphony No. 9 from the New World, and the lyrics were written by his student William Arms Fisher in 1922. It offers a beautiful mix of spiritual choir music that is fitting for any religious wedding ceremony.

Water Music, George F. Handel (1717)

Originally composed in 1717, this piece offers a wonderful classical addition to your prelude song list. It offers a slightly more fun and airy atmosphere that is sure to set a more vibrant tone for the ceremony. This piece is also versatile, making it suitable for any type of ceremony, from traditional to informal.

Romance (Op. 44, No.1.), Anton Rubenstein (1859)

The original score of Anton Rubenstein’s Romance was first printed in 1859. A simple and traditional piano tune that is fitting for formal and informal settings, it can be easily performed by the church organist. Ask them to add in a violin for an even more beautiful arrangement.

A Starlit Sky, The Workday Release (2011)

A beautiful composition with sweet lyrics that tells about the feeling of looking at your lover's smile, this is one song you will want to include on your prelude list. With a slightly more upbeat tempo, it can set the mood for the rest of the celebration.

A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes, Cinderella (1950)

What fairytale wedding would be complete without this Disney classic from Cinderella as one of your wedding prelude songs? The song made its first debut in the 1950’s and since then the classic Cinderella story has been what little girls dreamt about for years. Since then the song has seen a number of updates and newer renditions, all of which are fitting for your pre-ceremony playlist.

Maybe I’m Amazed, Paul McCartney (1970)

Paul McCartney dedicated this song to his wife when it was originally released in 1970, which makes it perfectly fitting to play right before you say ‘I do’. Maybe I’m amazed by how perfectly this song sums up the feelings of true love.

My Wish, Rascal Flatts (2006)

Whether you are a country fan or not, the song's lyrics will resonate with anyone. Simply a beautiful song that will mark such a significant milestone in the happy couple’s life and the one they are about to build together.

Falling Slowly, Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova (2006)

This folk indie song is an incredible combination of powerful lyrics and well-written music. Singer Marketa Irglova described the song as a perspective on hope, which at the end of the day is the one thing that connects us all. What better song to play before you commit to a new life with the one you love?

Free, Zac Brown Band (2010)

A simple and sweet country song that will fill your ceremony location with all the warm fuzzies - this beautiful song from the Zac Brown Band is a must for any country fan.

Shenandoah, Pete Seeger (2002)

This traditional folk song is a great addition to your pre-ceremony playlist. It is a short and simple song that you can softly play as background music while your guests mingle before taking their seats.

Something Beautiful, Newsboys (2006)

This upbeat Christian pop song is a fun addition to throw into your religious ceremony prelude song list. The name can perfectly sum up everything about your big day.

The Four Seasons: Spring Allegro, Antonio Vivaldi (1725)

Many people are familiar with this classical score from Vivaldi. This is one of the best wedding prelude songs to play as your guests begin to arrive for the ceremony, especially for those early afternoon spring ceremonies.

String of Pearls, The Glenn Miller and His Orchestra (1941)

Glenn Miller and His Orchestra was famous for their big band and swing sound. This song is not as big as most of the other releases, which makes it a great option for your prelude wedding song list.

Forever in Love, Kenny G. (1993)

Kenny G. is widely known for his musical achievements playing the saxophone and this is one of his most universally recognized songs. With a beautiful piano accompaniment and additional background instruments, this is one of the most romantic songs you can play right before your ceremony begins.

Für Elise, Ludwig Von Beethoven (1867)

As one of Beethoven's most popular classical composition, this is a great choice for any traditional wedding ceremony. This masterful piece provides a warm and inviting welcome to your guests as they enter and take their seats for the ceremony.

The One, Elton John (1992)

“All I ever needed was the one” are just a few of the lyrics that make this song undeniably moving. With a beautiful piano playing along, this song by Elton John will certainly have everyone feeling the love.

Heaven, DJ Sammy (2002)

While the original song was sung by Bryan Adams and released in 1985, the female vocals in this rendition offer a more delicate touch. This slowed down version from DJ Sammy is amore raw and stripped down version that is perfect to play before your ceremony begins.

Praise to the Lord the Almighty, Johann G. Walther (1680)

This is one of the wedding prelude songs that many church organists should be familiar with. It is a traditional religious hymn that was originally published in 1680. Johann G. Walther was just one of the many composers who wrote an organ score for the hymn.

Young and Beautiful, Lana Del Rey (2013)

If you are looking to add something more modern but without all the pop, then this is the perfect addition for your pre-ceremony playlist. The lyrics ask all the questions to which you will be saying “I do” in just a few short moments.

Bonus Songs to Consider

  • Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, Mozart (1787)

  • At Last, Etta James (1960)

  • Wedding Song, The Band (1974)

  • Angel Eyes, Jim Brickman (1995)

  • Colorblind, Counting Crows (1999)

  • The Scientist, Coldplay (2002)

  • Don’t Let Go, Bryan Adams and Sarah McLachlan (2002)

  • The Reason, Hoobastank (2003)

  • All That I Am, Rob Thomas (2005)

  • Your Song, Ellie Goulding (2010)