Designing Unique & Distinguished Wedding Programs


At a wedding party, it is difficult to keep everything organized. You won’t have time to keep track of everybody, or answer hundreds of questions, because you’ll have more important things to care about. So why not help guests figure out what’s going on with a well-designed wedding program, in which you can include as many (or as few) details as you want to. You can personalize your wedding program in any way you wish to. It doesn’t have to be designed by fancy designers, and you just need a great idea to do it by yourselves. In the following, you can find 25 wedding program ideas to enhance your wedding programs, and make your program uniquely designed.

25 Ingenious Ways to Keep Your Guests Informed


 Include as many details as you want with a newspaper style wedding program. Write down your love story as the leading article and add a crossword puzzle to keep your guests entertained.


If you want even more space to write about your big day and your life together, you can always make up a whole magazine. It can be colorful, shiny, and very modern.


For a vintage look, you can always use an old door with some blackboard paint – you just have to find someone with beautiful handwriting. A clear advantage is that nobody will take long to find it and certainly no one will miss it.


Or, if you don’t like blackboards, you can use window panels to achieve a different, but still vintage look. This window looks perfect in any environment.


If you’re going for a more traditional style, you can always use simple cards. To keep them from being boring, try to mix different fonts!


You have browsed so many wedding program ideas that your head is spinning with them, yet you haven’t found THE ONE? Create your own stamps or stickers with your initials and put your wedding day schedule in it – nobody will have anything similar, you can be sure of that.


 Was your invitation just so perfect that you cannot come up with anything prettier? Then you should keep that style in your wedding program as well. Change the form, but use the same colors, fonts, ribbons to make sure guests make the connection.


Who says you have to use pastel shades at weddings? Don’t be afraid to use colors if you like them.


 You may want to keep it short and simple – these are quite funny as well. This one looks like its long enough, yet it manages to leave out every detail.


 Sometimes just a few symbols can tell all that you want to tell.


 Wedding programs can be multifunctional. If you print the program on a simple paper bag, it can serve as a holder for confetti, rose petals, rice or whatever you want.


Are you afraid that people will forget to pick up their wedding programs? You could pin it to their seats with simple clothespins.


For a hot summer day, the best thing you could provide is a fan. As your wedding program, why not make an elegant fan from a few cards tied together with a fancy ribbon?


Or, you could just simply put a card on a popsicle stick. Well, maybe you could find something a bit more elegant, after all, it is a wedding…


People tend to get emotional at weddings. If you think guests might shed some happy tears, you may want to attach tissues to your wedding programs.


If you don’t want rice or confetti in your hair, bubbles are your best option. Enclose a bubble blower to your wedding program have a wondrous bubble bath after the ceremony.


 To brighten the day for children, you could print your wedding program on a fortune teller. I assure you, adults will think it fun, too.


 Floral motives can be pretty. But what makes a wedding program really chic is real flower. You don’t need much; just a few stems will add character and brilliance to any wedding program.


Sometimes, a ribbon can make all the difference, too. It can dress up a plain card, and make it fit for any kind of weddings.


If you have a movie-themed wedding, you might consider one of the most enjoyable wedding program ideas like adding popcorn into it.


 Are you just dying to show everybody how passionate you are? Attach a fun photo strip with a small clothespin, or for a more distinguished look, you might want to enclose your beautiful engagement photos.


 Would you like to have something completely unexpected and outstanding? Paint your wedding program on enormous leaves and distribute them evenly around the area.


For a nautical themed wedding, you could prepare your programs as small flags, with each aspect of the program on a different flag, tied together with a thin rope. You can choose the colors freely; it doesn’t have to be the usual white & blue.


Are you a computer whizz? You may consider showing off your talents in creating a fun infographic with all the important details of your wedding.


I guess if you’ve found your own superhero, the only thing you want to do is to have a comic-style wedding program. I’m sure your guests will enjoy it almost as much as you do.

What You May Want to Include in a Wedding Program


The most typical points of wedding program are listed below.

  • Time & place of wedding

  •  Ceremony outline: it can be more or less detailed, depending on how formal your ceremony is going to be

  • Members of the bridal party: names of everybody who stand up with you on the platform

  •  Family members: it’s nice to mention your parents and grandparents

  • Memorial of deceased loved ones

  • Everybody who has a role during the ceremony: marriage officiant, preacher, musicians, readers

  • Fun part: your love story, funny details about your relationship

  • Thank you letter

It’s really up to you what you want to mention in your wedding program, nothing is compulsory. So if you want a unique wedding program, leave these out and come up with new wedding program ideas.