Wedding Program Templates for Every Bride and Groom-to-Be


Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue—now that you got everything on your checklist, maybe it’s time that we look for something fancy and chic. An important part of your big day, a wedding program will not only help guests anticipate what’s next on your event, but it will also add a bit of color on your guests’ tables. So without further ado, let’s scan some of the most elaborate wedding program templates that you can use on the day you say “I do”.

Top Wedding Program Templates for Every Bride and Groom-to-Be

They say love is a steering wheel… a compass that will guide you to where you need to be. If you are a firm believer of this too, then customizing your very own wedding program might help you send your guests the right message.

Always pour your heart out… or better yet, send your hearts out to the guests on your reception to let them know about the ins and outs of your big day.

Want something light and easy on the eyes? Then go for the traditional white template!

No one said your program should function plainly as a traditional card because you can always turn your wedding program into something useful. A program and a fan in one? Why not! Some guests might even bring your program home!

Have you always been a fan of black and white? You might want to take a look at this classic wedding program template for your luxurious wedding needs. Perfect for formal weddings, this card can surely catch attention.

If you love keeping it simple, you don’t have to search elsewhere as this program is perfect for your needs. Just add a short, but sweet bible verse, and for sure, your wedding program will make your event juicier.

Make your guests green with envy with this irresistible wedding card. Best for weddings that are formal in nature, this program template will prove you that a ribbon and a clean template can really go a long way.

Don’t mind a bit of pastels and florals? Well, we’re quite sure this wedding program will be a great fit for your wedding. With all the elements working together to make a ridiculously chic card, this template is perfect for all grooms and brides-to-be.

Let’s add up your initials to create the perfect love equation, shall we? Fancy and smart, this program template doesn’t need a genius to get figured out. So if you are a fan of something cute and unique, try creating an equation yourself and let’s see where your experiment takes you!

If the kitchen is your favorite spot at home, you can always add personality on your card and let people know about your love for the kitchen by using a mason jar design on your template.

Black is sexy even in a wedding program template, and that’s what this sample proves. With simplicity combined with class, this template is ideal for all couples who are setting up a formal wedding.

And yes, the same goes for this intricately designed program template!

If you aren’t a fan of floral prints and all that jazz, you don’t have to force yourself into choosing all the dainty and overly feminine program templates. Just take a look at this sample, and you’ll surely understand what we’re trying to say.

Looking for something really fancy? This sheer program booklet won’t disappoint you. Aside from the clean slate, we love the golden details in it too. So if you are willing to shell out more money, don’t think twice on creating a booklet for your wedding!

Another simple, but dainty-looking program, this sample is an ultimate ‘yay’ for purple-themed weddings.

Ideal for high-end weddings that breathe luxury, this wedding program template isn’t only convenient to carry along, but it also leaves space not only for your program, but for your ‘thank you’ messages too!

It’s easy to give your program a twist with the help of a few good white laces at hand. So if you are aiming for that rustic feel, grab a lace now and give your program a new face.

Another fan and program in one, the shade of purple in this sample will make your guests look twice. Just make sure the color complements your theme.

There’s nothing wrong if you add a bit of art on your program template, and that’ what we can learn from this adorable wedding card. Cute and easy on the eyes, this template can make your heart melt.

Want to combine a bit of floral prints on your black and white program template? Well, that could work too! Just take a look at this sample!With the right hues and tones in mind, finding the perfect wedding program template is just a piece of cake. Just remember, you’re not limited to the templates you see. If you love creating artworks too and you don’t mind clicking on your mouse for a customized program, don’t think twice!

Just remember, you’re not limited to the templates you see. If you love creating artworks too and you don’t mind clicking on your mouse for a customized program, don’t think twice!