Wedding Programs Message of Thanks


Aside from being thankful that they’ve found each other, there are plenty of others every happy couple will want to express their gratitude to. Including a special thank you section in the wedding ceremony program is the perfect way for the bride and groom to highlight some of the key people that help contribute to their perfect day. Typically, the wedding programs message of thanks will be at the end of the program and if you want to know how to write it, you’ve come to the right place to get some inspiration for the proper wording to use for this special section. Just keep reading. 

Samples for Wedding Programs Message of Thanks

Long Wedding Programs Message of Thanks

    • There are so many people who have helped make today a dream come true for us. Without the love, support, generosity, and time that so many of our caring friends and family have provided and dedicated, this day would not have been possible. We would like to especially thank our amazing parents who have not only offered guidance in the planning but have also been prime examples of the marriage and love we hope to have. To all of our friends, family and guest joining us to celebrate, thank you for being a part of this memorable day.

    • We can barely put into words how grateful and blessed we are to all our family and friends that have had a hand in planning this special day with us. We would like to thank each one of you for being here today to witness our union before God and to offer your support and well wishes. To our parents, we can never thank you enough for all that you have done to make this day exceed all our wildest dreams. Thank you for being our support systems and guiding hand. We are excited to have all of you here as a part of a day that we will remember and cherish for the rest of our lives. Thank You.

    • It has been months of tedious planning and if it was not with the overflowing love, support and generosity of our family and friends, this day would not be anywhere as special or possible. A huge thank you to our amazing friends, family and especially our parents, who have not only dedicated their time and energy but who are all here today to help us celebrate and make lifelong memories.

    Medium Wedding Programs Message of Thanks

    • We would like to thank all our friends and family who are joining us today to share in this special celebration. Without the love, guidance and support you all have shown us throughout our lives and with the planning leading up to this day, none of this would be possible. Thank You.

    • To our parents, thank you for your unconditional love and continuous support, without your guidance we would never have gotten to this day. To our friends and family, thank you for joining us today, we hope you all enjoy the day as much as we will.

    • We are truly honored that so many of our friends and family are joining us on such a special day for us. Thank you all for the love, support and generosity you have all shown in making today finally happen.

    • We would like to thank everyone who has had a hand in making this day possible, but the list would be far too long. We just want to show how incredibly honored, blessed and simply overjoyed for all the family and friends that are here today and who have helped make today possible.

    • Thank you all for being here and for taking part in making today an unforgettable occasion. To our parents, we cannot thank you enough for all you have taught us and for the constant support you have always provide us. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you all so much.

    • To all our friends and family here today, thank you for being a part of such a special and joyous moment of our lives. We would like to especially thank our parents, (List specific names of anyone you feel needs a little extra credit).

    Short and Simple Wedding Program Thank Your Message

    • Thank You To: (List Names Individually)

    • Thank You for all your love and support.

    • Without all of you, today would not be possible. Thank You.

    • We cannot thank all of you enough for joining us today, we would like to especially thank our parents for all their love and support.

    • May God bless each one of you. Thank you for being a part of our sacred day.

    • For all your love, support and generosity, thank you all so much.

    Tips to Help You Prepare Wedding Programs Message of Thanks

    Now that you have some inspiration on what to say in the thank you section, you want to consider these helpful tips when you begin writing you own thank you.

    Give thanks to those who have passed away

    Friends or family members who have passed away should be highlighted in your program and the thank you section is an ideal place to do this.

    Be considerate of everyone’s feelings

    Always give thanks to both parents, and if you are giving thanks to the best man, then you should probably name the maid of honor as well. Be considerate of anyone’s feeling who may be hurt if someone named in the thank you section and they were not.

    Consider other ways to thank people

    You can have a long and detailed thank you section but you might also want to consider thanking some of these people in another way. A handwritten note, small gift or a face to face thank you can be a much more personal and genuine way to show your appreciation and thanks to some key individuals.

    Include information about the reception

    The wedding programs message of thanks section can also be a great place to remind guests of the reception location and time.