Romance and Happy Tears - The Most Memorable Wedding Proposal Videos


Wedding proposals can follow the classic steps of flowers and a romantic dinner date at a fancy restaurant, but they can also go the creative route and bring an extra element of surprise and tears of joy. If you’re looking for some seriously romantic wedding proposal videos for inspiration, check out our compilation.

15. The Music Video Proposal

Sam and Jess got engaged on the set of a music video they were shooting together, but Jess definitely had no clue that this was the day she was going to say yes, as her boyfriend planned it all meticulously with the help of his singer friend. A sweet proposal for this couple who’ve been lovebirds since the age of 10!

14. The Graffiti Wall Proposal

This artistic future-groom found a very creative way to ask his girlfriend to marry him – by posting his intentions on a huge wall in the center of the town, decorated with all things cute: pink flowers and even a puppy. Girlfriend Caitlin was definitely surprised and delighted at the same time!

13. The Mid-Air Proposal

This couple definitely met at work – him a pilot, and she a flight attendant, both working at Alaska Airlines. Getting engaged mid-air is seriously special! Extra points for the chill passengers who did not freak out or wondered who was flying the plane!

12. The Sandy Proposal

Brady and Paige also created one of those memorable wedding proposal videos and their included writing the big question in the sand, while Paige had a good, long look from high above. The perfect summer proposal on the beach!

11. The Graduation Proposal

Graduating from college is a major event, but think of what an event-filled day this lucky girl had when her boyfriend decided to propose on her graduation day, right after she grabbed her diploma, on stage, in front of their family and friends.

10. The Proposal on the Train

A regular day, people going to work, a random train, but lots of singing, romance and happy tears! This is the best way to describe this musical wedding proposal, which required the collaboration of some seriously talented singers.

9. The One-Year-Long Proposal

Few wedding proposal videos take as much dedication and devotion as this one – and the future groom proved to be quite dedicated, patient and ambitious in his plan by asking his girlfriend the same big question each day for a full year.

8. The Weather Channel Proposal

If it’s not aired on live TV, then it didn’t happen! This seemed to be this future groom’s motto when he proposed to his long-time weather girl girlfriend in front of millions of viewers.

7. The Deceptive Paris Trips Proposal

A trip to New York sounds pretty great, but nothing compares to a surprise trip to Paris in terms of romance! And when you add up a sunset Eiffel tower proposal, then the recipe is complete. This creative guy fooled his girlfriend by pretending they were about to jet off to New York and took her to the capital of romanticism instead.

6. The Same-Day Wedding Proposal

Getting engaged AND married on the same day? Totally doable in this guy’s book! With the help of his girlfriend’s Pinterest images, he planned the entire wedding by himself, asked his loved one to marry him and celebrated their nuptials on the same day! Talk about a mega surprise and double the excitement!

5. The Jumping Off a Building Proposal

Wedding proposal videos are usually romantic, funny or maybe slightly cringe-worthy, but none of these emotions fits when it comes to this scary little video. One brave guy literally fell for a girl as he pretended to fall off a building in order to scare, then surprise his girlfriend by popping the question.

4. The Disney Karaoke Proposal

Proposing to the love of your life during Disney karaoke? Sure, why not! This cute proposal took place in the middle of amateur singing of no other than Frozen’s ‘Love Is an Open Door’.

3. The Directional, Rose-Filled Proposal

This evolving, step-by-step proposal is sweet, full of tears at the end, has an overdose of rose petals, glamorous jewelry and even teddy bears, all next to cars that directed the soon-to-be-bride towards the finale of her engagement story.

2. The Live Lip-Dub Proposal

One of the most famous and watched wedding proposal videos of all time remains Isaac’s live lip-dub proposal, which involved a colossal amount of planning – from extensive choreography and the participation of lots people who offered to bust a move for the future bride, as she was listening to the ‘Marry You’ song by Bruno Mars in the back of a moving car.

1. The Movie Trailer Proposal

Nothing beats in terms of production (literally) this little proposal video, which received no less than 32 million views (and growing!). Matt, the future groom, surprised his girlfriend with a movie trailer proposal that involved even the girl’s own father for an extra dosage of emotional charge – and the future bride watched it all from her seat in the cinema! Matt’s video became so famous that besides his millions of views, he got invited on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.