A Comprehensive Guide for Hiring Wedding Reception Bands


How about saying ‘I Do’ among some of the most seductive and introspective music tunes? A simple wedding ceremony can simply be turned into a festivity or gala with the right choice of music. The choice for the maker of the wedding tunes is solely yours. Most of the folks prefer dynamic live wedding reception bands over some funky DJ. Why so? Let’s figure this out.

Why Wedding Reception Bands?

Live Cheers to the Couple!

A wedding band is the first choice, most of the time, as nothing can compete with the live entertainment and high excitement level a band provides. From bridesmaids to the bride, all get involved, once a band lands in to give a funky live performance. It’s not only a traditional way of celebration but also sets the right tone of the event (a lively one). On the other hand, a disk jockey’s performance is quite limited without much interaction with the guests. DJ would simply keep spinning the music disks. There would be less involvement on the part of the guests.

Party Atmosphere

A band can really turn the simple event into a party-like environment with its visual focal point. A funky and rollicking wedding band has the force to synergize the guests. The thunderous energy level of the band would definitely make the guests hit the dance floor. The situation is quite opposite in the weddings with recorded music. You will often find the guests yawning in their chairs with a laid-back attitude.

A Little Bit of All!

Variety is the spice of life. Some may like country music, others pop rock and so on. It would be a stupendous idea, if all enjoy what they love. A wedding band performing live, can actually give a variety of music. Not only the newly-wed couple but anyone in the reception can ask for his/her favorite songs or tunes (the option should be discussed before hiring the band) to dance the night away. When it comes to a DJ, because of a limited number of collection that he carries, not all the attendees can have their most-loved beats to groove on.

Balance it out!

Some claim that wedding reception bands cost more than a DJ. There are some conditions where hiring a wedding band can be highly affordable. What costs you more, is actually a 12-piece band. Skip that option and go for lesser number of musicians. Other than this, the length of time, day of the week, time of the year, are a few other factors that can affect the price. It’s true that a DJ is less expensive in most of the cases. But celebrity DJ’s are equally expensive.

How to Find Wedding Reception Bands

If you have made your mind on hiring a wedding band, there are a lot of things to remember. Checkout the comprehensive guide for finding a band.

When to start

Hiring a wedding band cannot be done within days. There are a lot of things that need time. The hunt for hiring a band should be started from six months to one year before the big day. Celebrity bands prefer to get hired in advance, mostly around a year before the D-day.

Your Budget!

You should have a clear estimation of your budget. How much can you pay to a band? Some wedding reception bands charge a flat fee, some charge per musician or per hour.

Band’s Size

Choose a band with a size that suits your pocket as well as the space granted for the purpose. For lavish event, a 12-piece band. And with a tight budget, you can look for a simple acoustic duo. Simply, negotiate on the number of musician or instruments, to make it fit in your fixed budget.

Know What You Are Looking for

Before you end up on any band, it’s better to realize what you really want. What is your taste for music? What do you expect from the band?

Get it Enlisted!

It's best to scout a few candidates that inspire you. Make sure these chosen candidates are;

  • Available on that particular date

  • Willing to play the music of yours as well as guest’s choice

  • Affordable for you

Final Interview

Once you have made your mind on one, it’s time for a final meeting. Talk about the audition tape, your requirements, etc. Also ask them about playing your hot favorite list (whether they are willing to play or not).

Seal the Deal!

Once you have finalized the band, it’s time to hash out all the related matters. The most important point is to discuss the time of arrival at the venue as well as the duration of performance. Normally the wedding reception bands perform around 4 hours approx., but it can be extended. Secondly, finalize the payment and the whole criteria of making it. Overall charges including the overtime fee, travel fee (if any) and lodging fees should be discussed beforehand. Lastly, ask the bandleader to provide the names of any three most recent clients of them. This would be helpful in getting more information regarding the band’s repute.


  • Take Some Suggestions! When looking for wedding reception bands, to consult family, friends, wedding professionals or local newspapers would be a great option.

  • Prepare the Space. A band takes more space than a DJ. Those willing to hire a band, must look for some spacious venue rather than your own residence. Unless your house has a roomy backyard. Electricity supply and production equipment (music instruments) must be handled professionally.

  • Do Not Overlook the Restrictions! Some reception venues have specific restrictions to be taken care of. Some sites allow a particular number of musicians, music instruments/equipment and the noise limitation. So before you finalize any of the wedding reception bands, it’s good to know it all beforehand.