24 Entertaining Wedding Reception Games


Don’t make your wedding a formal occasion with guests sitting down, yawning, eating and just adding on the calories. Let them burn some of it off by adding in some fun activities and wedding reception games. Table games, dancing games, yard games, and mind games; there are so many fun options from which to choose. Older family members will enjoy many fun table games, while youngsters will love participating in the yard games.

Fun Wedding Reception Games to Play!

Below are some great game ideas for your inspiration!

Ring Toss

Ring toss is a fun yard game where guests throw rings onto bottles placed in a wooden crate. The bottles and rings can be decorated in various ways to add some color to the event.


Mad Libs

Being a newlywed couple, you need sound advice. Using this game as a wedding reception table game, offers a way for guests to share their thoughts about the couple and their upcoming matrimonial life.


Giant Jenga

This is an interesting game of balance! It’s played using 54 wooden blocks. A technical game, it’s all about removing the blocks from the bottom and adding them to the top of an increasingly unsteady stack. The giant jenga gets taller and weaker the longer the game goes on.


Jumbo Scrabble

Scrabble is probably the most loved indoor game. Everyone loves to play this in their lounge. Make it a part of your reception by designing a large sized scrabble board and wooden blocks with letters painted over them.


Who Drinks First!

Yet another hilariously funny wedding reception game, this is a competition between the bridal party and the groomsmen. Both sides are supposed to drink as many glasses of cold drinks as possible. The side that drinks more, earns more points.


Spin the Wheel of Fun!

This game is really fun. All you need to do is to arrange a large spinning wheel. Paste some fun tasks on it. Each participant spins the wheel and has to follow whatever the spinner lands on.


Wedding Guests Bingo!

This is a game played during cocktail hour. Pre-prepare bingo cards containing interesting facts about your guests. Those who get to “Bingo!” first, can also be given a prize. This might give rise to a competitive spirit amongst your guests!


Corn Hole

For this game you need two specially designed wooden boards with a hole in each. Players take turns to throw bags of corn into the hole. You get 3 points if you throw the bag into the hole, or 1 point if it just lands on the platform. Each player get to throw 21 bags and whoever has the highest score at the end wins.


Burlap Sack Game

This rustic garden game is heaps of fun! Simply get into a burlap sack and hop along like a frog. Some will fall, others will win, and a few won’t be able to do a single jump. Kids will love to be a part of this.


Chinese Fortune Teller

Share some nice moments with elderly guests too. Bring along a box containing these special Chinese sticks with answers written on them. Guests ask the question and get a reply by sliding a stick with an answer on it from the box.


Crossword Puzzle

This is another great game for cocktail hour. You can easily play this game on a chalkboard. Maybe the hidden words in the crossword could have wedding-themed clues. That could be interesting!


Mini Golf

Setting up a portable Mini Golf course at the venue is one of the best wedding reception games for summer. This is a brilliant way of keeping guests involved in a fun game.


Yahtzee in the Yard!

Try Yahtzee, another fun reception game that can be played outside. You’ll need some colorfully-designed large sized dices. The players are supposed to throw the five dice and will score different points depending on how they land.


Be a Photographer with I Spy!

This game is all about snapping photographs using disposable cameras. Distribute lists of the moments to be captured to the players. Then they all have to try to find the perfect moments. A big picture frame can be used to display all the images, creating a fun picture wall.


Outdoor Bowling

This game applies the same rules as regular ten-pin bowling. Set up portable bowling pins in the yard. Players throw the bowling ball to hit the pins. This is a great game to play with all your closest family and friends.


Connect Four

This game isn’t just fun; it’s also a brain activity. You have to use your skill to get four tokens down the chute in a row, horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.


Piggy Back!

If you are a strong groom, this game won’t trouble you. In this game, the groom gives a piggy back ride to his better half. To add more fun, the bride can also give the groom a piggy back ride. Get your guests involved and make it a race!


Name that Tune!

This is a musical game to be played during the wedding reception. The participants are divided into two teams. A particular tune is played and the players have to identify the song. The team that guesses the most receives a prize.


Funny Photo Stands-In

A fun wedding photo stand can bring laughter and fun to your wedding reception. Though it’s not really a ‘game’, the level of fun it brings is remarkable.


Card Games

For the elderly guests who can’t be a part of the physical games, the matrimony card game is a fun option. One player reads the question (related to the wedding) and the other has to answer loudly by reading their cards. This way all your guests will get to hear various funny answers.


Hula Hoops

Guests, bride, groom, even kids can be a part of this fun. Hula hooping is fun for people of all ages and provides a really funny view to all the guests sitting around.


Beer Pong

This game is best to be played at the end of the wedding reception, when most of the older people have left the venue. Players target a glass of beer (or water) while playing a game of ping pong. If the ball lands in the glass, you have to drink it.


Kids Friendly Reception Games

For a wedding with kids allowed, one must cater for them too. Arrange some activities like wedding themed connect-the-dots (download a template from the Internet), word searches, or a simple coloring competition.


The Shoe Game

This game uses the newly married couple as the players. Sitting back to back, holding each other’s shoe, they are asked simple questions about their relationship. Each player holds up the shoe corresponding to the person who is the right answer.