Dine in Style: Wedding Reception Ideas for Every Blushing Bride


After that much-awaited exchange of “I dos”, the celebration is not over yet as you still have the rest of the day to bond and giggle with your crowd. Indeed, reception areas play a vital role in making sure that your wedding day becomes extra memorable. But aside from the sumptuous buffet and the fun-filled matrimonial ceremonies, your reception décor is important too. If you want to add creativity on your big day, below are some of the top wedding reception ideas you can use to add spice on your special day.

Dine in Style: Wedding Reception Ideas for Every Blushing Bride

Every wedding is unique. If you are laidback in nature, you don’t always have to stick to formal themes. In fact, your wedding should reflect you as a couple, so if you want to use your wedding as an excuse for another campfire sesh with your gang, then don’t think twice!

No matter how small or big your crowd is, I’m sure you’d agree that they can all use some fun and exciting table games to keep them entertained as they wait for you to enter the reception area. So don’t hesitate to think of games they can turn to when boredom strikes. Simple it may be, but it can definitely add hues on your wedding day.

Look at how stunning this wedding cake is, and you’ll surely want to dive into this mix of dainty and nautical theme.

Aiming for something a bit more whimsical? Take advantage of paper lanterns and don’t hesitate to add some decors along the way!

Thinking of something a bit nautical? Well, we’re sure this is one of the wedding reception ideas you wouldn’t want to miss out on! Ditch the flowers and use fake floaters instead!

If both of you enjoy music, then you might want to share your passion to your crowd by letting them take home a memorabilia that can remind them the simple joys you and your other half share. Don’t worry about those who don’t play the guitar. It’s your wedding anyway!

Homey and elegant at the same time, this is surely one of the reception ideas that can make any bride and groom feel majestic.

Mr. Right and Mrs. ALWAYS Right? We can definitely say that adding a bit of humor on your wedding décor can get you on the right track.

Going rustic? You might want to emphasize that rustic vibe in your reception area. With a few wooden elements and hanging lightings on the side, you’ll surely be able to pull off your dream wedding.

Looking for unique and different wedding reception ideas? This Tuscan-inspired summer wedding will surely do the magic trick for you. With a few hanging plants and green center tables, you are surely going to add zest on your venue.

Just how bright, rustic and elegant is this reception idea? If you don’t mind spending on bulbs, you might want to get inspiration from this. And of course, let’s not forget adding texture by choosing the right flower arrangements for your center table.

Just imagine having your first dance as husband and wife with the forests as your backdrop. Isn’t this what dreams are made of? With a bit of hanging lightings, you are going to be on your way to paradise.

If you have always loved pastel colors since day 1, this floral arrangement will surely supersede your need for on-the-day table decors.

If, on the other hand, you love red and everything bright, this glamorous table arrangement will make you look twice.

Old-school chandeliers are a great way to add a dreamy and romantic feel in your reception area. If you are not looking for something too grand, but you want to add glam on your big day, this is one of the wedding reception ideas perfect for your needs.

Want to feel like a royalty on your wedding day? Then it’s time that you use tall candles so you can start your own fairy tale. With this elegant table décor on your big day, you are just a heartbeat away from looking like Princess Belle.

And yes, we are again amazed by how a bit of lighting can make your reception look glamorous. Perfect for photoshoots, this backdrop can make you dazzle and shine.

Want to make your guests feel at home? These barn-inspired ideas can turn your dreams into reality. And of course, let’s not forget to add the signage so they will always be on the right track.

So how jaw-dropping is this center table? Indeed, a bit of texture and light pastel colors can help you achieve that elegant and modest reception vibe.

If you’ve always loved adding a touch of gold in your wedding venue, you will never go wrong with investing on golden candle receptacles!

The perfect wedding reception ideas are always just around the corner to help you turn your wedding into a fairy-tale-come-true. So if you think you are way too far from arranging your dream wedding, don’t be afraid to look for a bit of inspiration here and there. Who knows? You might be able to pull off a wedding like no other!