Let’s Make It Less Stressful: Wedding Registry Ideas and Tips


Asking for gifts may or may not appeal to you, but you must accept that the guests are not going to attend your wedding ceremony empty-handed. Guests will come, and so will the gifts. This is why a wedding registry can help you get what you will actually value. All you have to do is to register wedding gifts at a store or simply register online so that your guests can choose from a list that you want. If you don't know what wedding registry ideas are out there, keep reading.

Where to Start

Wedding Gift Checklist

Weddings and gifts are inseparable. And, a wedding registry is the most wonderful idea to make gifts worth every penny that has been spent on them. And a list of wedding registry ideas makes things much easier. Here are a few areas which you shall need things for:

Kitchen - cookware, appliances, storage, cutlery

Dining - dinnerware, crockery, drinkware, runners and linens

Bathroom - towels, toiletries, curtains, mats

Furnishings - sofas, couch, upholstery,

Lifestyle - addition to wardrobe, perfumes, accessories

Where to Register

If you are planning to register at a store, you must choose one that offers all the things in your checklist. An online wedding registry could also be a good idea. 

Here is a list of stores that are pretty popular:

Crate and Barrel 


Bed Bath and Beyond



Some Tips for Effective Wedding Registry

  • Do not go overboard price-wise. Imagine how you would feel if your registered gifts are out of the budget of your guests.

  • Register for a store that is national and is easy to access for your guests.

  • Choose two store for a wider choice.

  • Include online purchase as well as physical purchase on your list.

  • Pick the ones that are popular.

  • Do not forget about your style when you choose the store as well as wedding registry ideas.

  • Do not hesitate from taking suggestions from friends and family. They tend to help a lot with experience.

5 Practical Wedding Registry Ideas

Here are 5 different but practical wedding registry ideas that will make your married life better, at least for a few days to come.

Get Some Cleaning Help

Since your near and dear ones are eager to spend on something that can make you happy, why not buy something that can take some major stress off your shoulders? Get yourself a cleaning service because that is what you will need whether you buy a new home, remodel a new one, or host the wedding ceremony at your home. 

Do Some Charity

Sharing your happiness with the ones who haven’t had a chance to be happy. Right! Charity is indeed a good idea. So, you can simply make your guest (a chosen few or all) donate to your favorite charity. Consider it the most noble way to start a new life. 

Get a Getaway

If you are not the one who has a thing for more tangible kind of gifts, you should register for a getaway - a honeymoon package. Your friends together with your family could buy it for you. Alternatively, you could partially sponsor your own honeymoon and get your near and dear ones to buy you activities for your honeymoon. This can be one of the most romantic wedding registry ideas ever. 

Get Cookery Lessons

Marriage, most often, will bring along the responsibility to cook. And, if not that, it would be nice to surprise your spouse with your culinary skills. So, keep this one among your list, whether you are a groom-to-be or a bride-to-be.

Get Something You Do Not Need but Do Want

It is one good time to indulge into luxury. Your list may include something that you do not need but want to have. It may be a luxury watch, or a living room wall decoration, or anything that you may think of indulging yourself in.