16 Most Useful Wedding Registry Tips


Are you giving final touches to your wedding preparations? Do not forget to make this time the most eventful and fun part of your wedding by learning some excellent wedding registry tips! Wedding registry is not only a wishlist of items you would like for your new home; but is also the first step towards building your new home with the love of your life. Take this time to learn more about the preferences and expectations of your partner from this union.

What Should You Know About Wedding Registry Tips?

A wedding registry is a log of items that an engaged couple would like to receive as their wedding gift. Although it may seem too materialistic or avaricious; but if one look closely, it gives the guests and family members an idea about the interests of the couple, and aid them in building the new household according to the wishes of couple.

How to Initiate?

There are two options available: You can go to various department stores and ask for registry services (which are usually offered free of charge); or you can visit online websites and make an account there. But, first up, you would need to look at the inventory of items and see what your partner and you are looking for.

What Items to Include?

It is entirely up to you. Just scan through the registry items thoroughly, and see what you want. Things like electronic appliances, cooking sets, bedroom linens and kitchen goods are frequently included in the list.

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Important Wedding Registry Tips & Tricks to Assist you Along the Way


Act as a Couple

Since the gifts are for both of you, make sure to work together as partners. Discuss the items that are to be placed as a priority on the registry according to your mutual style and way of living. Your partner and you can also divide the categories to avoid conflict; for example, the future bride can select the kitchen or bedroom stuff, while groom gets to decide the electronics or furniture. Also predetermine what color themes, patterns, designs or brands you two would admire.


Register at an Early Time and Review It

As soon as you two exchange engagement rings and select a date, it is time you set up your bridal registry. However, do not settle on your initial list. Just embark on the task to give your guests a variety of choices to look through. You can review frequently to add items later on. Some friends may also like to bring gifts on pre-wedding ceremonies like bridal showers or rehearsal dinners, so you need to start early.


Choose More than One Spot

Experts recommend that 3-4 wedding registries are perfect. Additionally, try to categorize all items; for instance, register china from one store, furniture from another and so on.


Discuss your Concerns With a Sales Rep

Take all the desired info from the retail shop before setting up a registry. Ask if the buyers may be able to place an order online or via fax or phone? How many branches does the store have? Make sure to clear your mind of all the queries before setting up the registry.


Stay Mindful of Your Guests

Facilitate your guests by registering at a store that offers shipping services. Make the task hassle-free for them by asking the merchandizer to ship the gift to the required destination. Also select the ones that offers online services. Make sure to include shopping outlets with multiple branches, as this may give confidence to the visitors that they are purchasing from a renowned store.


List Extra Number of Gifts

Give your guests a lot of choices. Say, register for 100 items if you are inviting 50 guests. Do not feel guilty or greedy. This is for the guests’ own advantage.


Register for a Wide Range of Prices

Select items in different price ranges. A few items need to be below $50, some between $50-$100 and the rest above that. Consider your guests’ affordability issues; on the other, get ready to be surprised by how your friends or family members may be willing to spend open-heartedly.


Select Gifts That Offers a Practical Value to Your Partner and You

If you are not into those luxurious crystal bowls or teapots, do not include them in your registry. Enlist items that you do not already have at home. This way, you will honor each guest’s gift and find them useful at the same time.


Read Customer Reviews Before Including Them in Your List

Sometimes, it is necessary to select the precise model or company for a particular gift item, depending upon its usefulness and ratings. Go through the customer comments if available online, or ask the store for honest guidance.


Take Help from Friends/ Peers for References

Do not hesitate to ask your recently-married friends for references or recommendations. You may visit their registries and also ask them for their personal experiences. They may tell you that they got the finest bed linens but the ice-cream maker was not a good choice.


Include Non-Traditional Items in Your List

Do not eliminate the time-honored gifts like china, bedding or kitchen stuff. Your aunties would definitely mind that if you do. But if you have dreamt of camping with your partner, you can ask for tents and sleeping bags. Registries for Honeymoon or art galleries would be fun too.


Ask About Return/ Exchange Guidelines

Before starting, confirm from your retailer if they have a return or exchange policy. It may happen that you suddenly realize that you need a 6-glass set and not ice-cream bowls.


Update Your Registry Regularly

One of the wedding registry tips is to refresh it often. Visit your registry online to see if the purchased items have been removed or not. Also ensure that enough options with wide ranges are still available to the guests. Some retailers provide you with a system that automatically updates your registry.


Cash Gifts are also Acceptable to Ask

Yes, at times the couple may not want to receive any items as gifts. In such a case, spread the word through your family members or friends politely that you would instead prefer cash gifts. Don’t forget to mention how you intend to spend the money.


Let Your Guests Know

A Wedding webpage would be a fine option to spread the word that you have a bridal registry. Verbal dissemination by parents or friends would be just appropriate. But, in no way these registries should have a mention on your invitation cards.


Be Grateful

Thanking the guests with a brief thank-you note would be a nice gesture on your part. This should be sent within 2 weeks of receiving the gift and include the name of the sender along with the name of the gift. Also add how you would employ it in your daily life.


Find the Best Places to Register

As mentioned, it's better to register at a national store such as Macy's, Target, Pottery Barn, etc.

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