Wedding Rehearsal Attire Tips for Both Bride and Groom


Long or short, casual or formal, you rehearsal dinner outfit may be another decision you most likely have to put much thought in. Unlike the wedding gown, which is relatively limited, your rehearsal attire can let you really express your own personal style. From colors to patterns, these simple tips will help you choose the right wedding rehearsal dressing.

How to Choose Wedding Rehearsal Attire


For Bride

For the bride, there are a number of things that need to be considered when choosing wedding rehearsal attire. The bride should obviously be the best dressed and most elegantly dressed up at the rehearsal dinner, but this requires a lot of thought. How you will dress for a small intimate gathering at an upscale country club will be quite different from how you dress for a casual get together at someone's home, or for an entertaining BBQ. To make yourself stand out from the rest of your guest, take into consideration the following helpful tips:

  • Consider choosing a rehearsal dress that opposes your wedding attire. If your wedding dress is more conservative or traditional, then choose a rehearsal dress that is more revealing or contemporary.

  • Going with a new look that is in style or a hot trend at the time can be a good option. But, consider how you will react to seeing yourself years late from now in the pictures.

  • Consider the most flattering length for you shape. Whether you choose a short or elegantly long dress, it should complement your body shape.

  • Your shoes will draw a lot of attention to your outfit, so make sure they are suitable for the season. Strappy and opened toed shoes are summer and early fall styles, but make sure to have you pedicure scheduled prior to the rehearsal dinner.

  • Colorful wedding rehearsal attire is a great option and is more preferred over the traditional little black dress. Pastels of any color that compliments your skin tone is highly recommended, but if colors are not your taste, choosing a neutral color or gray works well. Just be mindful when choosing a light color, sauces and red wines should be handled carefully.

  • Jewelry is a great way to add some sparkle into your attire. You don't have to go all out with diamond; you can get amazing look-alike jewelry to go with your rehearsal dinner attire to fit your budget. Ethnically inspired pieces and illusion jewelry are top picks right now, but you can also go with some more sentimental from your mom's collection.

  • When choosing a bag, popular right now is the hand bag category; small bags with little handles are favored.


For Groom

The grooms tend to have a much easier time choosing their wedding rehearsal attire. If you already have an outfit picked out that is in your closet, you will want to give it a try on a few weeks prior to the dinner to ensure you will not need any alterations. You should also have it dried cleaned ahead of time to make sure it is ready for the rehearsal day. If, however, you plan on shopping for something new, you might want to consider bringing someone along for advice. The following tips will also be helpful for you to find the suitable attire for your wedding day

  • Just like the bride's attire, you want to dress according to the setting: Is it formal, casual or in the middle somewhere? Consider asking your parents for advice if they are the ones hosting the rehearsal dinner. You should also ask your partner what they are considering wearing so that you can choose an outfit that compliments their attire. You want to present yourself in the best possible way since the rehearsal dinner is a time where you will be celebrating with your closest friends and family for the new beginning you and your partner are starting together.

  • A suit and a tie are the most acceptable attire for a formal rehearsal dinner. You can add some nice personal touches with cuff links or wearing a tie your fiancee gave to you. If the rehearsal dinner is not formal, you can forgo the tie in your wedding rehearsal attire, or stick with nice pants and a shirt for the dinners. Jeans are acceptable if your dinner is incredibly informal, such as for a BBQ.

  • Although your clothing choices can be simple, there are some little details you will want to keep in mind. Haircuts should be scheduled a few weeks prior to the dinner so it has time to settle and you don't look overdone with a just cut hair style. On the rehearsal day, it is best to get yourself a professional shave.