Wedding Shower Cake Sayings Samples and Inspirations


Every bridal shower needs a cake. If you’re planning the shower, then you will be in charge of this task. While there are a number of fun or charming cake designs you can choose from, the cake won’t be complete without the right wording to finish it off. Wedding shower cake sayings can range from funny to something more personal; a plain cake is like a blank slate with which you can do just about. Want to get some ideas for what to write? You’ve come to the right place to get some inspiration!

A List of Wedding Shower Cakes Sayings to Get You Inspired!

The bridal shower cake is not much different from any other cake you’d get for a celebration, so it usually includes some kind of phrase or saying on it. The cake itself can be as extravagant or simple as you want and the saying can range from a simple “congratulations” to a line from the bride’s favorite poem. Just make sure the cake is one that will mesh with the bride’s personality and that it is appropriate for the degree of formality of the event. For more formal bridal showers, you will want to stick with something more traditional-looking: maybe a miniature version of the wedding cake or one covered in sprayed fresh flowers. For less formal showers, have some fun and have a caricature of the bride and groom drawn on the cake.

Need some inspiration for the cake wording? Refer to the samples below!

Traditional Sayings or Quotes

  • ● Live, Love, Laugh

  • Like Happiness and Love (Bride’s Name + Groom’s Name) May, You Always Go Hand in Hand

  • The Most Wonderful Place to Be, Is Together.

  • Wishing Your Love and Happiness

  • All You Need Is Love

  • May You Have a Lifetime of Happiness (Bride’s Name) (Groom’s Name)

  • Many Blessings to the Future Mr. and Mrs.

  • To Beautiful and New Beginnings Filled with Love and Happiness

  • May You Have a Lifetime of Beautiful Tomorrows

  • Many Blessing to the Beautiful Bride-to-Be

Fun and Witty Wedding Shower Cake Sayings

  • Sweetest Wishes to YOU, the Soon-To-Be MRS.!!

  • Showering (Bride's Name) With Lots of Love

  • Star Light, Star Bright, Congratulations on Finding Mr. Right!

  • We’ll Be Sure to Get You to the Church on Time!

  • Are You Sure? Congratulations (Bride’s Name)

  • Here Comes the Bride!

  • Officially Off the Market on (Wedding date)!

  • Happy (heart design with bride’s initials) (heart design with groom’s initials) Together

  • Get Ready for a Brand New Adventure!

  • Love is in the Air for the Future Mr. and Mrs.

  • The Best is Yet to Come!

  • Your Wish Came True! You’re About to Say I Do!

  • (Bride’s Name) (Groom’s Name) Wishing You a Sweet Life Together.

  • She Said YES!! (Bride’s Name)

Themed Shower Cake Sayings

  • Beach Themes:

Like the Sand to the Sea, (Bride’s Name) and (Groom’s Name) Were meant to Be

Nothing but Sunny Days and Happiness Ahead for The Bride-to-Be

  • Tea Party Themes:

It is Clear to See, (Bride’s Name) + (Groom’s Name) are Suited to a Tea

May Your Days Be as Sweet as a Spoonful of Sugar

  • Garden Theme or Spring Showers:

(Bride’s Name) (Groom’s Name) May Your Love Always Blossom and Grow

Wishing You Bouquets of Love and Happiness

May Love and Happiness Always Grow

  • Poker or Game Theme:

To Finding Your Lucky Charm

(Bride Name) (Groom Name) Lucky to Be in Love

(Bride’s Name) (Groom’s Name) the King and Queen of Hearts

  • Western or Country Theme wedding shower cakes sayings:

Many Happy Trails Ahead!

Get Ready for the Showdown! (Wedding Date)

Hold onto your Hats! (Bride’s Name) (Groom’s Name) are Getting Hitched!

  • Fairytale Theme:

(Wedding Date)… Your Happily Ever After

(Bride’s Name), Dreams Do Come True

See People’s Wedding Shower Cakes Sayings and Get Inspired!

Still need some inspiration? Take a look at these beautiful wedding shower cake designs. They might just give you the perfect idea for your shower cake!

Mr. and Mrs. to Be

While the wording is simple, the colors and polka dot decorations are fun and eye catching. You don’t have to stress about the wording, as long as the finished product looks almost too good to eat!

Lingerie Theme

Lingerie themes are a popular choice for wedding showers, since it is usually just the ladies who are invited. From the wording to the design, this cake is a perfect balance of risqué and fun.

Dreams Do Come True

The Tinkerbell figure in the corner is a cute and simple finishing touch to this wedding shower cake. With the bright yellow wording and the pink silhouette couple, this cake is simply magical and might be just what you’re looking for, for your fairytale wedding shower.

It’s a Love Story

This cake can be fitting for just about any wedding shower theme. It just goes to show, you don’t have to stick to the traditional sheet cake. The open book is a clever idea to tie in with the wedding shower cake saying and makes for a unique and delicious display.

Happily, Ever After

The bright orange and yellow colors with the picture frame inspired center leads to endless possibilities. Have the bride and groom featured on the cake showing their personalities and this will give the shower a little more of a personal feel.