Types of Shuttle Service for Wedding and Their Costs


You have gone through your checklist a thousand times, dress, food, music, bridal party, all seems to be taken care of! But, did you overlook one important detail? How will you and your bridal party be getting to the ceremony and reception? Shuttle service for wedding is one key component to your wedding day that you do not want to leave out.

Choices for Shuttle Service for Wedding

Hotel Shuttle

If you have a hotel blocked out to accommodate your out of town guest, it will more than likely provide shuttle services for your guest if you wedding venue is close by. Most of these hotel shuttles can be a smaller option, but can accommodate up to 15 of your guests at a time.

Cost: Some hotels will provide free shuttle serve while many others charge about $50 for each trip.


Coach buses can provide you a great option if you have a lot of guests that need to be transported. Coach buses can accommodate up to 56 people with one pickup and drop off destination. They can be rented for 6-8 hours at a time and will do at least 2 trips.

Cost: Coach bus prices will vary depending on your location but usually range from $700-$1200 for up to 8 hours.

Passenger Van

Local car rentals can provide you a minivan to help get your guest to and from your wedding events throughout the entire day. You will need to hire a driver or have a relative or friend act as the driver. A 15 passenger van is also another option if you go through a limo rental company.

Cost: From a rental car company, you can find a van for around $100 plus the cost of a driver. A passenger van for your shuttle service for wedding will cost close to $400 for 6 hours.

School Bus

If you need to save some money on transporting a lot of guests, you can rent a big yellow school bus. You want to find a local company that actually owns the school bus as opposed to renting from a school district.

Cost: For 8 hours you can rent a school bus from $200 - $500.


Brides and grooms even opt to make their grand entrance from a trolley ride. Trolley allows from a number of photo opportunities and is just a fun way to arrive at your wedding, and your guest will love it too.

Cost: Depending on your exact needs, a trolley rental will cost between $400 and $800.


Limos can accommodate up to 30 of your guests and can be rented for before and after the wedding activates. Choosing to rent a limo can make your guest feel more appreciated and can be a nice way to say "thank you" for making the long trip to attend your wedding.

Cost: Depending on your location, Limo rentals can cost between $70 to $100 per trip.

Here is a website where you can find shuttle service for weddings.

Tips for Planning Shuttle Service for Wedding

After knowing your options, there are some other items you will want to consider. These 10 tips are some things that will ensure you and your guest ride comfortable and in style on your wedding day.

Book Your Shuttle Service for Wedding in Advance

You want to book your transportation at least six months in advance. Also, keep in mind that from April to June, rentals can be hard to come by since most proms take place at this time. Vintage cars can also be more difficult to find since they are often in short supply.

You Don't Need to Go the Traditional Route

While a white stretch limo is the traditional way to go, if it doesn't match your style, go with a shuttle service for wedding that is more fitting to your personality. A Rolls-Royce, party bus or bicycle taxis can be a great alternative to the traditional stretch limo.

What About Your Bridal Party?

While it is not required to provide transportation for your bridal party, it can be a great gesture to thank them for all the help they have provided. This allows them to not have to worry about finding their own way and can help them celebrate with the newlyweds even more.

Consider Your Out of Town Guests

You do not want to leave your out of town guest there, trying to figure out how they will get to and from your wedding. Arranging a shuttle service to get them to the reception and back to their hotel can relieve a lot of stress.

Reserve Your Services in Person.

You want to make sure you know exactly what you are renting before you agree to the service. The best way to ensure you are getting what you expect is to make the reservation in person.

Additional Time

When reserving your transportation, you want to add on at least 30 extra minutes to ensure everyone gets to the venue on time. The extra time you add on can help avoid any traffic tie up, allowing you and your guest to arrive in plenty of time.

Budget Properly

Most companies that provide shuttle service for wedding will require a minimum booking, which means you will end up booking them for the entire day. You will need to calculate the cost from the ceremony pick up to the end of the reception return trips. This can average out to be 50-$150 an hour plus an additional 20% for tip.

Make Special Request

Do not be afraid to make special requests for the type of champagne or music you want to have available for you or your guests. Most rental companies will be more than willing to accommodate your requests.

Know Restrictions

While you may be planning on decorating your transportation for some great wedding photos, most companies do not permit decoration. Make sure you ask about any decoration restriction before you just assuming it will be ok.

Make Playlist

Have a playlist ready so you do not have to ride in silence. Make a playlist not only for your ride but for your guests. This is a great way to get your guest in a celebratory mode.