35 Most Appealing Wedding Table Number Ideas


Wedding table numbers are displayed in the center of each wedding table. They guide your guests in finding their assigned tables. These table numbers seem quite a trivial element of wedding reception table. But do not take these as mere numbers, these can be incorporated artistically, in your wedding decor. And can play a big part in elevating the overall style of your wedding. Check out some great wedding table number ideas to give you inspirations for your wedding table decor.

Wedding Table Number Ideas


Vintage Book Table Number

Give a unique touch to your tables, using old useless books. Each book carries a different table number. This idea is highly recommended for a vintage inspired wedding.


Burlap Centerpiece Table Number

It’s an idea perfect for rustic wedding. A bottle is artfully covered with burlap, which carries the table number. With other floral and non-floral accents, it’s table number cum centerpiece.


Printable Table Number in Old Frame

This style is classy and elegant. The printable card inside the frame carries the number. You can choose the hues according to the wedding color.


Log Table Numbers

Artfully cut wooden logs can make stunning table numbers. Carve the numbers or simply paste the numbers. For rustic or woodland weddings, it’s the perfect pick.


Spell out the Table Numbers

It’s not always about the numbers, you can spell out these number too. That also look great on each table.


Photos of Bride and Grooms

Add some fun element in the table numbers by adding childhood photos of bride and groom on each table.


Pinecones Table Numbers

For wedding table number ideas, placing simple table numbers cards on pinecones gives a nice look, especially for the winter weddings.


Burlap Picture Frames Table Numbers

These burlaps covered pictures frames make best accent for table numbers. This idea can work for both rustic and country wedding.


Glitter Table Numbers

For evening reception party, adding some gold and silver, glitzy elements create romantic ambiance. Glitter table numbers can really elevate the overall look of the table.


Bunting Table Number Cards

For a wedding with bunting décor all around, this simple yet catchy idea would give the most distinctive look.


Stone Table Numbers

Using such stones with numbers written over it is yet another unique wedding table number idea. It’s a perfect idea for garden and beach weddings.


Wooden Table Numbers

These turquoise mason jars, filled with refreshingly hued flowers give a complimenting look. a wooden piece painted with beachy accents, is an adorable idea for beach weddings.


Wedding Invitation-inspired Table Numbers

Use elegant card holders to place table numbers. Get these cards printed just like your wedding invitations.


Foliage Covered Boho Table Numbers

Perfect for garden or boho weddings, it’s a unique and different idea. Cover the table numbers with greenery or moss to compliment the overall décor.


Embroidery Hoops Table Numbers

Add a classy touch to your wedding décor with this simple yet eye-catching idea. Simple embroidery hoops can be used to display the table numbers.


Beach-inspired Table Numbers

Utilizing various beach elements to make table numbers, adds great detailing to the event. Objects like starfish and shells would give a stunning look.


Pole Table Numbers

If you want to go with some utterly creative yet simple wedding table number ideas, this one is great. Hanging table numbers on such miniature poles is a uniquely different style.


In the Bottle, Table Numbers

Placing the table numbers inside the glass bottle with some sand in the bottom, is something new. Table numbers on bottle is quite common, but inside the bottle, it’s a pretty cool idea.


Cloche Table Numbers

Give a distinctive look to your reception tables with this simply amazing idea. Place the table numbers in elegant cloches to adorn the tables.


Winter Table Numbers

For a wedding set in winter or around the winter holidays, adding winter accents like pine tree or fake snowflakes to the table numbers would surely elevate the feel.


Spring-inspired Table Numbers

Get your table numbers accented with various floral ideas for a wedding set in spring or summer season. Both fresh and paper flowers would work.


Acrylic Table Numbers

For a modern style wedding, various styles of acrylic table numbers can be utilized. Crystal clear acrylic frames in hexagonal or any other shape, add elegance to your ceremony.


Lantern Table Numbers

Incorporating different types of lanterns for displaying table numbers, gives an adorable feel to the nighttime events. Paper lanterns should also be tried. Check out a few inspirations.


Chalkboard Table Numbers

Adorn your tables with numerous styles of tiny chalk boards with table numbers written over them. It’s a simple yet creative idea.


Mirror Table Numbers

Placing framed or well-cut mirrors with numbers, adds elegance to the aura. For those wishing for a royal feeling for the event, this one is perfect from all other wedding table number ideas.


Sheet Music Table Numbers

Wedding is the celebration of love. Music is also the symbol of love. Incorporating music sheets in table numbers, especially for a musical wedding, can actually create romantic ambiance.


Luminaries Table Numbers

Using luminaries for displaying table numbers is an excellent idea especially for winter, evening wedding reception. These luminaries give the soothing feel of a candle light dinner.


Antique Bottle Table Numbers

For a vintage-inspired wedding theme, using an antique wine bottle for table numbers display, adds more to the vintage details of the event.


Lace Table Numbers

For a boho chic or rustic wedding, intricately designed laces can be incorporated with other accents, to display the table numbers. This mason jar covered with lace, gives an adorable and catchy feel.


Painted Wood Slice Table Numbers

Colored Wooden slices can make fun table numbers. Especially if it is a rustic or woodland wedding reception.


Autumn Wedding Table Numbers

For a wedding set in fall or autumn season, use accents like pumpkin or stunning fall leaves as accents for table numbers. It would beautifully add more to the overall wedding décor.


Rock Wedding Table Numbers

Use the famous agate rock to make innovative table numbers especially for beach wedding. You can place these versatile rocks on table easels, cloche or any other way, that you like.


Foil Balloons Table Numbers

For a playful look in a casual wedding, using foil balloons in gold and silver adds a funky element.


Burlap Votive Table Numbers

Votive candles covered with burlap make eye catching table numbers. This idea is best for an evening ceremony. The burlap carries the table number.


Table Numbers on the Board

You can also try something different for your wedding table number ideas. Place your table numbers on the seating chart board instead of placing on the table.