Being the Groom Is Never Easy: Wedding Tips for Groom


Planning the wedding isn’t just your bride’s job. You as the big man should do things to ease her burden. Don’t just sit back the relax; here are the ways in which you can help to have the perfect wedding!

Wedding Tips for Groom You Can’t Miss


The big three: guest list, date and venue

  • The first is the guest list or rather narrowing it down. Ensure no kids are involved unless they are family. Another is eliminate your coworkers from the list. Work and personal life should be separate at all times. The last is no dates unless you personally know them.

  • A major help that the groom could do is setting a date. Ensure that the wedding is not planned on any hard holidays or major events. Avoid times like March Madness or Superbowl. Make sure that it doesn’t interfere with any major religious holidays on either side of the family or any birthdays.

  • The last of the big three that you can help out with is the venue. Check to see what the venue’s policy is on BYOB. See if it is possible to bring your own caterer to help save money. Lastly check on parking. Make sure that the venue has ample parking for all guests without causing congestion and stress. If possible check for a valet which will make you and your bride’s life less stressful.


Be the coach and manage groomsmen

You can also help by keeping your groomsmen in line. Make sure that you include not only your brother but also your bride’s brother if she has one. Use your buds to fill out the rest of your team. To ensure that the aesthetics are pleasing, make sure that the ratio of groomsmen to bridesmaid is about even.


Help to pick the perfect music

Best wedding tips for groom? Help your bride pick out the music. Give your DJ a do-not-play list including songs like “Like a virgin” or Lady in red”. Check with your bride to see what songs she never wants to hear at the wedding and what she wants to play. A bonus would be to select a song/ music that created sweet memories between you two, or even plan a surprise for her.


Choose the right ring for her

Men today spend almost as much money on tvs, video games and junk food as women do on clothes. Despite this, nothing is more important in your life than your wedding rings. Choose one that is more valuable than your most prized possessions.


Be proactive and write your own vows

Be sure to include the three Fs. Forever because that’s how long you want to spend with this amazing person who has stolen your heart. Fidelity because you want your betrothed to know you are loyal and will remain faithful to them. Falling in love which is what you have done to get yourself to this point.


Be a registry MVP

Your wife is going to probably have most of the registry already picked out. As the groom, you could go and register for online shops like Amazon and think of things that you two need after marriage. You can also register for funds for your honeymoon because god knows you will need it.


Work out and get fit

With all of the pictures that you will be taking, you want to look as good as your bride. Start exercising at least 3 months in advance of your wedding or even sooner. Include your groomsmen or buds in your regimen so that you have motivation.


Look sharp

Also a big help is find your own tux. You should find a great tailor that is going to be able to do a good job without breaking the bank. Go for something classic rather than modern and skip the cummerbund. You should only bother your bride about the groomsmen so that they can be coordinated with the bridesmaids.


Be a travel agent

Smart wedding tips for groom? Take something off your bride’s plate by planning your honeymoon. You should book your vacation in advance. When planning follow the 50/50 rule. 50% adventure so pick a place you have never been and plan things to do. 50% beach for a place to relax after a long day of adventuring.


Know the decisions that only your bride can make!

First sorry to all the brides out there but grooms do not touch about 90% of what’s going into tying the knot. Your bride and only your bride knows what she wants.

As with any marriage or relationship there are things you can and cannot do. The first thing is sending out the invites. We all know that men are not the best at coordinating or reading the woman’s mind so leave this aspect to your bride. Unless you are an interior designer or really good with color stay away from coordinating bridesmaids and flowers. With the dress, the only job you have is to tell her she looks beautiful in it on her wedding day. The cake and flowers should be chosen by your bride.


Being Santa for your groomsmen

The best thing you can do is buy your groomsmen’s gifts. This should be your job without saying because you know your groomsmen better than your bride does. Stay away from cliché gifts like flasks or money clips. You should stick to knives if you have hunting friends, golf gloves or balls if you and your friends like to golf.


Keep the peace

Want some sweet wedding tips for groom? Always be there for your girl! Your bride will no doubt be crazy trying to plan the most important day of her life. She will probably be hysterical most of the time. You need to be level headed. Ask if there is anything you can help her with.


Play referee and have things in control

Every guy has that one friend who is just a troublemaker and will easily rope all of you into their shenanigans. Your job is to now keep them in line. Don’t let them get arrested or lost before the wedding. Keep the groomsmen and yourself sober until the wedding and after.


First date part 2

Put together some surprises for your bride to make her feel like it’s first date all over again. Make her breakfast in bed the day before the wedding. Set up a bubble bath with a nice glass of wine for her after work one day. Even a massage and remind your bride why she fell in love with you.


Essential tricks for success

  • One of the most important wedding tips for groom is to make a checklist. Checklists keep your from forgetting important things especially when going to places like the bakery or the caterer.

  • It’s your wedding too. This event is yours as well so speak up. Tell your bride what you want as long as it’s not outrageous, most of the time your bride will say yes.

  • Next is start planning early. It may seem like it’s impossible but you should start planning the wedding the day after your bride says yes. Jot down any good ideas that you have.

  • Surprise your bride by offering gifts like massage to relax, a nice dinner, flowers that she likes to make her know how lucky you are to marry her.

  • Practice the first dance with your fiancee or even take lessons with her! Every girl wants a perfect wedding ceremony and dance. 

  • Prepare an emergency kit and include things like a stain stick, extra buttons for shirt, mouthwash, eye drops and possibly a change of clothes.

  • The last thing is to make sure you eat breakfast before your wedding. Nothing is more embarrassing than a roaring stomach at your wedding.