How to Make a Great Maid of Honor Wedding Toast


So your best friend is engaged and she’s asked you to be her maid of honor. It’s natural to feel a bit of panic, after all the maid of honor has a lot of responsibilities. On top of being the right hand girl during wedding planning, you have to host the bridal shower, plan the bachelorette party and give the perfect wedding toasts! Maid of honor, don't be panic. Wedding speeches aren’t as scary as they may seem, just read on for some tips on making your best wedding toast.

How to Make an Impressive Wedding Toast as Maid of Honor

Get an Early Start

Your job is to give a speech in front of all of your best friend’s family and friends. Don’t leave this task until the last minute. As soon as you accept the invitation to be maid of honor, you should start brainstorming ideas for the toast. Think of speeches you’ve heard at other weddings. Also think about your friendship with the bride, what make you love her so much, what your impression about the groom is and how you’ve seen the relationship between the couple grow and change. Every time you think of something that gives you an emotional response, write it down. This will help you begin to put together the perfect speech.

Introduce Yourself

Make sure to start off your speech by telling everyone who you are and how you know the bride and groom. People who aren’t as familiar with you will know who you are and why you’re giving the speech. You don’t want people asking each other who you are when you’re at the best part of the speech.

Be Thankful

Weddings are expensive affairs and require a lot of time and energy. This is a good time to thank the parents who have prepared the festivities or other wonderful wedding events. Wedding toasts, maid of honor's or other people's, are a great time to thank the people that helped a lot for it.

Story Time About the Bride

Tell a story about the bride. How you met the bride is a great place to start the wedding toast. Maid of honor must have so many flattering stories about the bride. Be aware, leave ex boyfriends and drunken parties out of the speech. This is not a tell the whole truth moment with so many family members around.

Story Time About the Groom

Tell the story of how you first met the groom. This is a great time to get people laughing especially if the story itself is really funny. Maybe some random guy spilled his drink all over the bride and that guy turned out to be the groom. When giving wedding toasts, maid of honor gives the audiences a picture of the couple they know.

Tell a Couple Story

Telling a story about the couple is a great way to segue into how you knew they were really in love and meant to be each other. Tell the story of that time they spent together where you noticed the bride was different afterwards. Maybe it was a weekend away together or some other events that made you feel they are really born of a couple.

Have a Prop

This isn’t something you must have into wedding toasts. Maid of Honor speeches, however, can be a little easier with something to prove. If there’s a special item that relates to you and the bride’s (and/or groom’s) relationship, bring that item. A childhood toy and an old photo are great props to use during you speech. This will really make the speech special and memorable.

Use Love Quote

Try to find something powerful that really represents the couple. It may be a little trickier but try to find a quote that’s not overused or cliched. It can be found from movies, books, songs, etc. Make sure it can reflect the couple's personal love story. A love quote can also give the audience something memorable and may let them remind something beautiful. Click HERE for some really great quotes. 

Ask a Question

Get the audience involved in the speech by asking a question. This can be an effective way to start or end the speech. You can use “How many of you…”question to get people interested in where you’re going next and also to get them laughing. You can also end with a question like “Who’s ready for a party?” or “Raise your hand if…” question.

Keep it Short and Sweet

Of course you love your best friend and have a lot of memories you could share with the audience. However, be aware this is her special day and there may be others who will toast for them. No matter what heartfelt weddings toasts, maid of honor speeches lose the audience after a few minutes, so making your toast brief will help keep the party on track.