20 Bizarre Wedding Traditions Around the World


From throwing the bouquet and removing the garter to cutting the cake and doing the electric slide, weddings are filled with traditions. But these are all examples of American traditions. What about wedding traditions around the world? There are so many unique traditions ranging from the positively romantic to the downright uncomfortable. Here is a list of bizarre wedding traditions that you may not have heard of.

20 Bizarre Wedding Traditions Around the World


Marring a Tree, India

People born under an unlucky astrological sign, called Manglick, are considered very unlucky to marry unless they marry another with their sign. If they want to marry someone with a different sign, they must first marry a banana or peepal tree or an idol of the god Vishnu.


Shooting Brides, China

It is a Yugur tradition that before the groom can marry his bride, he must shoot her three times with an arrow. Don’t worry, the arrow has no tip, but that still can’t be a pleasant experience for the bride. After the shooting, the groom collects the arrows and breaks them to symbolize their eternal love.


Hunting Whale Tooth, Fiji

Instead of asking for the daughter’s hand in marriage, in Fijian culture, the prospective groom presents a polished sperm whale tooth to the bride to be’s father. It is a highly prized gift in Fijian culture.


Blackening of the Bride, Scotland

One of the more disgusting wedding traditions around the world is the so called blackening of the bride. This involves pelting the bride and groom with food trash usually including things like old fish and rotten eggs. This tradition supposes that if the couple can handle this punishment, their marriage can survive anything.


House Arrest, Borneo

One tribe in Borneo believes that it brings good luck if the couple does not leave their house at all on the day of the wedding. That goes for bathroom breaks too.


Money Dance, Greece

During a special dance at Greek weddings, the bride and groom dance while guests pin money to the happy couple. Do you like this one? 


Meal in Toilet Bowl, France

Another gross tradition is the French custom of putting the leftovers from the reception into a toilet bowl replica and then barging in on the bride and groom with it. Thankfully, now it is a symbolic gesture and the couple isn’t required to eat the contents of the commode.


Beating Feet, South Korea

It is the South Korean's practice of beating the groom to be’s feet with fish canes after the wedding ceremony. It supposedly shows strength of character in the groom. This is also one of the bizarre wedding traditions around the world. 


Spitting on the Bride, Kenya

In the Maasai tribe in Kenya, it is considered a blessing for the father of the bride to spit on her head and breasts before the couple leaves the village after the wedding.


Kiss Fest, Sweden

If the bride or groom leaves the reception to use the bathroom, whichever of the couple is left in the room is free to be kissed by everyone in the room. So if the groom goes to the little boys’ room, all the men in the room are allowed to kiss the bride until he returns, and vice versa.


Feet on the Floor, Ireland

It is believed that if the bride’s feet leave the floor while she is dancing at her wedding, evil fairies will carry her away. 


Breaking Dishes, Germany

It’s a common custom for a couple to receive new dishes as a gift, but in Germany, those new dishes are smashed. Supposedly the sound keeps evil spirits at bay.


No Smiling, Congo

It is very bad luck for the bride or groom to smile during the wedding ceremony. The couple must remain straight faced throughout the entire ceremony for the wedding to be taken seriously. This must be on our list of bizarre wedding traditions around the world.


Charivari, France

French wedding guests go to the couple’s home on the wedding night and bang pots and pans and just generally make as much noise as possible. They can only be appeased with food and drink by the couple.


Get Fat, Mauritius

While American brides may go on a diet to lose weight for their wedding, this wedding tradition puts a different spin on dieting. Mauritian brides often are sent away to fat camps to really pack on the pounds before the wedding. The fatter the bride is, the wealthier the groom is believed to be.


Groomsman as Barber, Greece

In Greece, the groom’s friends as a groomsman become his barber and make sure that he is looking his best for the wedding. Additionally, the mother-in-law feeds him honey and almonds.


Bell Smashing, Guatemala

The groom’s parents are allowed to do pretty much anything they want at Guatemalan weddings. Traditionally, they smash a white ceramic bell filled with grain to bring prosperity to the newlyweds.


The Walk of Shame, Jamaica

It is customary for villagers to line up and watch a bride on her way to her wedding. They will shout out negative comments if her appearance isn’t perfect. If the majority of comments are negative, she returns home and tries again.


Chickening Out, Mongolia

Another of the strange wedding traditions around the world is in Mongolia. Mongolian couples must kill a baby chick together and inspect its liver. If it has a good liver, the couple may set a date for their wedding. If not, they must continue the gruesome process until a satisfactory liver is found.


Bundle of Joy, Czechoslovakia

Before the wedding ceremony, a baby is placed in the arms of the couple. This is to bring the couple fertility in their future. After the ceremony, the couple is showered with lentils, rice, or peas for the same reason.