Planning Flawless Wedding Transportation Arrangements


The wedding is the most important occasion of your life, and you just want everything to be picture perfect. Planning the wedding transportation is itself an important job that needs focus and attention. We will explore every aspect of this process so that your wedding preparations go smoothly.

Things to Consider When Planning Transportation for Your Wedding

When you are arranging transportation for your wedding, ensure that you keep the number of people into consideration. If only the bridesmaids will accompany you, then a luxury sedan will be enough. However, if a huge crowd is with the bride, then you need to opt for either a stretch Hummer or SUV that can accommodate about 22 people. You also need to have a few extra seats in case the photographer accompanies you as well. Car arrangement needs to be there for the groomsmen as well. You can of course have a few separate cars, with you and the groom being in a special one.

Acquiring the Cost Estimates

Now after you have a rough figure regarding the number of people who will accompany the bride and the groom, the next step is to get the cost estimate. Usually, you will have to pay hourly charges for the transportation. The transportation charges are about $40 to $75 on an hourly basis. Your aim should be to hire the cars for a minimum number of hours so that you can reduce the travel costs. You need to keep in mind that you will have to pay the parking cost as well so the guests should refrain from paying the tip.

Selecting the Right Company to Manage Wedding Transportation

Once you have finalized the wedding date, the guest list and have defined your budget, then you should start looking for a good company to manage the transportation. Make sure that you go for a company that enjoys a good reputation because you don’t want to ruin your special occasion just because of punctuality issues. You should try to go for a company that has reasonable charges and proven track record of credibility.

Booking the Cars

Next, you have to decide the time frame when you should book the cars for the wedding. Now the best move is to finalize the transportation company as soon as you have finalized your wedding date. Usually, it is preferable to make a booking about six months in advance. You need to understand the fact that if you have a wedding in the prom or graduation season, then the formal vehicles will be greatly in demand. Thus you have to adopt the proactive approach so that you can get hold of the best company for the wedding transportation.

How to Book the Transportation Company for The Wedding

There is one rule of the thumb that you need to follow when you are booking transportation services for your wedding. Always book the transportation in person. The reason is that when you will book the car in person you will be able to inspect it, and there will be no unwanted surprises coming your way. You should judge whether the car fleet is in top shape before you give the deposit.

Now you have to provide the details of the minimum booking hours for which you are planning to hire the service. Remember that you have to keep the wait time into consideration as well.

Before signing the contract make sure that you acquire the details of the extra services that you will get along with the transportation. Some transportation companies offer exclusive driver dress code and music for the occasion, so you need to know all these details.

Tips to Bear in Mind when Hiring a Company for Wedding Transportation

Following are a few tips that you need to keep into consideration when hiring transportation services for your wedding.

  • Now if you prefer to have a decorated car for the occasion, then you need to acquire information in this regard in advance because most companies do not allow the decorations for safety reasons.

  • Create the song playlists that you want to be played when you are travelling in the car.

  • Always make sure that you make your photographer ride with you so that there are no delays because of a late photo session.

  • Now you will truly want the drivers to bring in the guests right on time. For that, the drivers should be provided with the detailed address of the reception site. The guests should also have the details of the reception place.

  • The most important aspect isto make sure that you read the contract in detail. You also need to know the amount that is still due. Everything should be there in print so that there is no confusion whatsoever.

  • Always try to give the minimum deposit amount so that you do not have to face a greater loss if the service is not satisfactory.

  • It is always better to have a meeting with the chauffeur who will drive your car so that you can give the location details.

  • Request your bridesmaid to call the service about 20 to 30 minutes in advance to ensure that the car will reach you on time.

  • You do not always have to opt for a limo for transportation. You can even hire a two-wheeler sports car if you are a thrill seeker. You can even opt for vintage vehicles if you want to give a glamorous touch to your wedding. Water ways and airlift are also good option if the wedding location allow. All of these should depend on the venue you are marrying at and your budget. For guests, the best option is to either opt for party buses or shuttles.

Bring life to your special occasion by choosing the transportation for the wedding wisely and the entire occasion will become a lot more fun for you.