A Guide to Finding the Perfect Wedding Undergarments


Before, brides did not had a lot of options on wedding dresses, these days there are so many different types of dresses and it’s almost impossible to make the decision. Now finding the right gown is often the first priority for brides, but you know what is neglected? Finding the perfect wedding undergarments. That actually unfortunate only happens until the last minute. But it is quite important to have the right undergarment in order to make your dress shine.

Brides want to choose  sexy, beautiful and delicate undergarments, but the truth is, probably you are going to be so tired before the party. So try to think first about being comfortable, after all you will be wearing it for many hours. You are going to get dressed a few hours before the wedding, you are going to go to the bathroom some time, and you are going to dance and walk a lot in them, so let’s agree that comfort it’s the keyword here.

Now let’s see which wedding undergarments can be comfortable and fit perfectly under your gown.

Strapless Backless Adhesive Bra

So we are going to get started with the one that fits in almost every single dress, and almost every woman has one, the strapless backless adhesive bra. They are amazing to keep everything in place, and perfect for backless dresses, which are really trendy those days, they look sexy and elegant, could a bride ask for more?
However, for large-chested women the adhesive bra might not be the better choice, but don’t worry, the are several different types of strapless bras that can give you more support and don’t go flashing on your wedding dress. You can look for bodysuits without back showing.

When you go shopping, try the undergarments on, and look for the ones that really stick. Remember, you can sweat, so you don’t want your adhesive bra to fall off in the middle of the party.

Strapless Bra

If your  dress is a strapless one, the wedding undergarments have to match and be strapless too. In this case, you don’t have to use an adhesive one, as we said they don’t give that much support. You can wear a simple bustier or go for a corset that can make you look thinner. The corset is a better choice for large-chested women, helps cinch your waist and support your bust.
When it’s time to shop, try the bras on and jump, move, dance with it so you can see if it’s really supporting your cheats.

Plunging Neckline Bra

The low cut wedding dress gives you a sensual and elegant look, and is so trendy now, that a lot of brides are choosing to wear them. But (there is always a but), using this type of dress prevent you from using a regular bra. Therefore, you can look for a low cut bra or bodysuit. As I said before, the bodysuit has its qualities, to make you look thinner, but keep in mind the it’s not the best wedding undergarments when you think about going to the bathroom. 

When shopping for this undergarments, take the dress with you, the plunging neckline of the bra needs to be lower than the neckline of the dress. Plus, do not forget to check if everything is in place even if you move a lot.


Spanx (or shape-wear) is a girls best friend since forever, so why not use it on your special day? It is actually a perfect choice for dresses that shows off the waist, like the dresses that makes you look like a Disney princess or the ones with a belt. You don’t what the belt to show your curves in an unflattering way. The spanx helps with the silhouette, it gives the illusion that everything is slimmed down and seamless. When you are looking for the right shape-wear to buy, think about the dress, can you use a bodysuit or just the spanx? Then which bra goes with it? Where should the spanx starts? Where should it finish? And most importantly, look for one that’s comfortable.

Keep it in mind that normally with shape-wears, there is a chance the panty lines will be visible underneath your dress, so try to find the ones with a thong cut to avoid it.

Thigh Length Slip

You may think that spanx is the right choice for a mermaid or trumpet type of dress, and it can be a good way to go, but the perfect solution it’s the thigh length slip. After all with the spax you might have the problem of panty lines, which could be very visible when the dress is fitted so closely to the body from the chest until the mid-thigh. The thigh length slip slims your tummy, rear, and thighs all at once, so you could fit in the dress perfectly.

So now will you think about the right wedding undergarments as soon as you find your dress?