Wedding Usherettes Dress Code: What to Wear


Spring and summer seasons are typically regarded as the official wedding season as approximately 66% of all the weddings take place during this time. It is quite likely that you will be asked to contribute in one of the family weddings by playing an important role such as ushering.

While ushering may not be the most glamorous and fun thing to do at a friend’s or relative’s wedding, it is definitely the most practical role one can play instead of just looking pretty like groomsmen and bridesmaids. Ushering involves taking care of all the wedding preparation and arrangements, making sure every guest is comfortable and the event is going smoothly as planned, while bride is giving final touchups to her preparations, before walking down the aisle.

Wedding Usherettes Dress Code: What to Wear

Unlike bridesmaids dress, attire for wedding usherette can be more independent and unique. However, it largely depends on your personal preferences and wishes of the bride and other bridesmaids. For example, you can either show your association with the bride’s crew by wearing a corsage, sash or hair ornament in the same shade as that of bridesmaid/bridal color scheme or adopt a similar style of dress in a color in accordance with the wedding color scheme.

In most cases, you are informed about wedding usherettes dress code; if the bride doesn’t mind, you can even wear a black cocktail dress.

What one says:

“At a wedding where I was ushering, the bridal crew offered me to get a similar dress as other bridesmaids or where one of my choice in the assigned color scheme. I decided to wear one of my own stylish cocktail dress in spring colors. The bridal crew also invited me to the bridesmaid party and bachelorette party.”

What About Male Ushers?

Now we are clear about wedding usherettes dress code but what about ushers? A lot of people have many cousins, friends and other close relatives who would love to be your groomsmen; but instead of overcrowding the groomsmen tab, you can ask interested cousins and family members for ushering.

If you are asked to play the role of usher, it is highly recommended to opt for an attire or style that is similar to other attendants to avoid any confusion. The easiest strategy is to go for a black suit or tux or something that makes it easier to associate you with groom and groomsmen. However, if the wedding theme is more casual, you can communicate with groom earlier and get a casual but matching outfit. In any case, it is better if your attire / suit is similar (but not exactly) like groom and groomsmen so you can stand out in the pictures as usher.

What one says:

“In my wedding, ushers only wore a different color vest to make them stand out from the groomsmen. However, I have attended several weddings, where ushers wore a suit of him own”.

FAQs about Ushers and Usherettes at Wedding

Are Ushers and Usherettes Considered a Part of Bridal Party?

This varies significantly, based on subjective preferences. For example, in some weddings, ushers and usherettes click photos with the bride and groom; in other cases, they focus on the wedding only. So it is purely up to you how you want to include them in professional wedding photos or just click some random ones after the event.

What Are Their Duties?

Ushers help in escorting the attendees to their respective seats before the ceremony begins and act as a general guest guide throughout the event. In addition, other roles include:

  • Rolling out the aisle runners.

  • Handing out the program timings and details to the guests.

  • Informing choir, groom and organizer about the arrival of bride.

  • Attending wedding rehearsals.

  • Overlooking all the arrangements.

  • Making sure all the guests are getting welcome drinks.

  • Coordinate with photographer if all the guests and attendees are photographed.

  • Give direction to the guests to restrooms and cloakrooms.

  • Make sure all the wedding gifts are safe and secure.

  • Ensure that groom and bride’s car is safely parked and is ready to be pulled out whenever the happy couple decides to depart.

  • Remind guests if nothing is left behind.

Should You Gift Ushers After the Wedding?

It is a kind gesture to give small presents to the ushers as a token of thanks and gratitude for their attendance and participation in your wedding. You don’t have to buy hefty gifts; a small present ($20 - $50) gift card can be suitable.

How Many Ushers/ Usherettes Should You Have?

As a general rule, the recommended ratio is 1 usher to 50 guests. At a minimum, you should have at least 2 ushers for a wedding of 120 -150 guests. If you don’t have many ushers at a large wedding, groomsmen can take charge and help out until the ceremony starts. Here is what you should know: If you are signing up to be an usher or usherette for a wedding, you have to arrive at least 30-45 minutes in advance of other guests.

Final note: The wedding usher may have to stand outside the church in order to receive all the guests. Besides wedding usherettes dress code, you should know that usherette attire and usher suits are not covered by bride/ groom; hence, it is advised to avoid spending a lot of money on getting a specific style.