Wedding Videography Prices


A wedding these days, is incomplete without videography, which can bring the sweet memories right in front of you. Videographer is the one who mirrors your very precious moments for good. Every couple wants the best videographer. Before hiring one, you must have accurate knowledge of certain info. Each videographer offers different wedding videography prices. Here is an extensive guide to help you hiring the one for you, keeping in view their prices and your budget.

How Much Does Wedding Videography Cost?

The info we are sharing here is just to give you an approximate idea of the prices. Before opting for any given package, inquire locally.

According to wedding stats, the average cost of wedding videographer in 2015 was $1678, with most spending around $1500.  Of course prices are higher in wedding season (June - October) when videographers are in higher demand. 

Cost of videography in each state varies a bit. Most of the cost range depends on the services you are looking for. The more you will ask for, the higher you are supposed to pay. Videography services are normally available in three different levels.

  • Basic

  • Medium

  • Higher

Basic Videography Services ($400-$900)

This package is suitable for the couples who just want a video as a memory and do not want to spend higher price for it. This basic package normally includes single camera coverage just for wedding ceremony. And that would be about 60 to 90 minutes in length, with simple edition. The price mentioned above would also vary in each locality. If you want this basic package, inquire it on local level first.

Medium Videography Services ($900-3200)

Medium videography offers various levels of packages. Detail is given below;

  • Wedding videography prices in this package start from $900 to $1200. It should cover two functions, wedding and reception.

  • The couples who require videography for both wedding and reception, from different angles, with music and titles as a part of it, would have to pay around $1200-$1900. It should have about a few hours of coverage. Normally, two cameras are used to operate in this package.

  • The premium package offers wide range of professional services, that’s why it may range about $2200-$3200. It may include, 2 to 3 cameras functioning around for about 8 hours. This package covers both wedding and reception. Normally, the video style in this package is like a documentary film. It should have the interview of the couple-to-be, moments from the start like preparations of bridal party, venue decoration, filming of other vendors, music, other planning sessions and so on.

High Level Luxury Videography Package ($3,500+)

This package offers a variety of professional services at a higher rate. These are mostly videoed by the professionals or artists. Results would be awesome undoubtedly. All the deals that were part of the premium package (mentioned above) are included in this package. There would be some added attractions like the interviews of immediate relatives and bridal party, along with the filming of wedding rehearsal, rehearsal dinner and brunch after wedding. This offer comes with unlimited timing and charges higher, accordingly. The more you demand, the higher wedding videography prices they would ask for.

Note: Some photography studios offer their services for videography too. They may offer cost effective packages. Before opting for this option, be sure of their professionalism and talent. You should inquire it in your vicinity or you can also get help from Wedding & Event Videographers Association ( 

Some Additional Charges!

  • Some videographers offer a second camera as an alternative of the second videographer. This camera would cost about $100 extra.

  • It would take about 5 weeks of editing the videos. For editing they may charge $50 to $95 extra.

  • There are some videography packages that offer the results in short time. It could be as short as 30 to 60 hours. But this would take a bigger amount.

  • You want extra copies of VHS tapes and DVDs; the additional cost should be between $10 to $45.

  • For photo montages, you can pay per picture about $2 to $3 or an overall flat rate within $145 to $225.

  • If your videography package does not have the interviews service, you can get it on demand. The price range for it can be from $100 to $500, depending on the limit.

Tips for Hiring the Best Wedding Videographer

  • Look for various videographers around you. Getting suggestions from friends and family about it or even getting help from some references, is another great option.

  • If you have a few on your hit list, its highly recommended to arrange a detailed meeting, one by one. Ask them various questions about their professionalism, expertise and experience. Check out their websites for the samples of their creation. If any of them does not own a website, it means the quest is not over yet.

  • Once you have finalized the one, sign the contract carefully. Contract should have clear detail about your requirements, time limit, and wedding videography prices, including any extra charges.