31 Best Wedding Wall Decoration Ideas


It’s not about just an ordinary wall. It’s the most photographed place of your wedding venue. An artfully decorated wall would preserve your wedding memories in your personal style. There is a lot that you can add to that simple wall. It can be great fun. All you have to do is to look for a stunning focal point that matches the theme as well as provides a great photo backdrop. Combining different colors, shapes and elements can create magical results. Here are some unique and eye-catching wedding wall decoration ideas.

Ways to Decorate Wedding Wall

The wedding wall ideas we are sharing can be used as your wedding pictures background and also for the cake table or photo booth backdrop.


The vines in the background gives a refreshing feel. It is best for a summer/spring daytime wedding. You may use fresh as well as artificial vines. Adding fresh flowers would give it a more attractive look.


Paper flowers

Trendiest today, paper flowers give you a great choice of colors. Customize the shapes, sizes and hues, just the way you want. It would provide the most refreshing background to your wedding pics.


Chalk board wall

A large chalk board in the background, containing your name, wedding date or some fun or romantic quotes would give a chic appeal.


Balloon wall

Give your simple wedding wall a bubbly and lively look with brilliantly colored balloons. These balloons could be multi-shaded or coordinated with your wedding color.


Tissue paper flowers and tassel wall

Tissue paper can be utilized in various ways like; tassel, flowers and elegantly hued layered tissue for your photo backdrop.


Foliage wall

Get your wall accented with fresh or artificial foliage. Artistically-covered foliage wall seems great in summer weddings. Addition of flowers, balloons or any other accent can be tried.


Lighted wall

Using bulbs and led lights for wedding wall decoration is perfect for a nighttime fall/winter ceremony. Nothing can equal the romantic ambiance it creates.


Wall of vows

Customize your pics romantically with a stunning backdrop of written vows. It’s a unique idea. The same sheet can be utilized as the aisle runner.


Polaroid picture wall

It's yet another personalized idea to increase the worth of your day. Images of your parents and grandparent's wedding day in the background would nicely recapitalize their sweet memories. Placing your childhood pics is yet another emotionally-appealing idea.


Succulent decor

Combining succulents in decoration guarantees a visual treat. You can also arrange them artfully as a wedding backdrop, to get the most amazing results.


Flower walls

There are immense ways to combine and use different flowers (fresh or artificial) to give your images the most romantic backdrop. Use them alone or with accents like greenery. Results are praiseworthy both ways.


Streamers wall

Streamers style is the most traditional one. These could be fabric, laced or ribbon strips. Choose the color that compliments your wedding color.


Greenery garland wall

Simple greenery or foliage can be elegantly transformed into the garlands to give your pics a refreshingly symmetrical feel. Use foliage alone or with the floral touches. Looks great both ways.


Wooden pallet wall

Wooden pallet gives a great look to a rustic wedding theme. These wooden frames can be decorated with different colorful accents. They look great even if you cover them completely.


Newspaper wall

Quite a unique idea for wedding wall decoration, a newspaper wall with black and white colors, looks great as a background for both wedding photographs and photo booth.


Floating objects wall

Floating elements like fresh flowers, crepe paper flowers or heart shaped cards can be hanged. It gives a very sweetly romantic feel and its suitable for all wedding styles.


Ribbon wall

Silk textured ribbons can add a pop of pretty colors. Follow the wedding color and give a flawless background to your photographs.


Curtained wall

There are so many ways to utilize curtains. These could be simple curtains or macramé curtains. This brilliant background is sure to get noticed by all.


Espalier wall

Decorate a simple wall in the artistic espalier style. It can be done with foliage as well as with some artificial decorative items.


Wedding banner wall

Customize your backdrop with the couple’s name or simply written Mr. and Mrs. It would surely put the couple in the spotlight.


Satin, ribbon and lace wall

All the flattering decorative elements like ribbon, lace and satin can be combined to give a standout addition to your event.


Acrylic bubble beads wall

For nighttime events especially, these bubble beads offer a glamorous and gold-toned detailing to an otherwise simple background.


Fabric strips

It’s a pretty idea for a garden wedding. Fabrics of various colors or even printed fabrics ensure an attention-getting style.


Gold fringed backdrop

Fringes are always trendy. Even a wall can be given a funky and glamorous look with a fringed backdrop. Especially glitzy and gold fringes are the most suitable choice for a winter wedding.


Wine bottle curtain wall

It’s a dramatic concept, especially for a country wedding. You need some expert’s hand to follow this innovative wedding wall decoration idea.


Metallic foil curtains wall

Give a touch of elegance to your wedding with dazzling metallic foil curtains. The idea is best suited for a winter indoor wedding.


Pom Pom wedding wall

These brightly colored pom poms are great for a garden wedding. It works both ways, with some decorative accent or most of the time alone.


Ladders and blooms

It’s a boho chic style and would surely look great in your wedding photographs. Simple ladders are best accented with garden-fresh flowers.


Wall of books

For a young couple, a background of artfully arranged books would be the most suitable choice. Especially if they have been studying together.


Old door

Placing some vintage style old door, as a wedding wall with accents like foliage and flowers can add more vibe to your vintage theme wedding.


Forest-inspired backdrop

Using dry branches and twigs for your wedding wall decoration is yet another unique idea. You can add floral accents and can use them alone too.