25 Most Creative and Wonderful Wedding Website Ideas


Wedding websites can be a great way for you to keep your guests up-to-date with all the information and details about your wedding. While some brides and grooms design their own wedding website, others hire a professional web designer to create truly unique websites for their weddings. Here you will find various wedding website ideas to draw inspiration to create your own and incorporate your own personal touches.

25 Most Creative and Wonderful Wedding Website Ideas

Steph and Oren

You want to provide your guests with all the necessary information they need about your wedding, but you can also include a variety of additional perks as well. This design includes a countdown tracker, a save the date video as well as the story of how the proposal went.

Megan and Dylan

Even the most basic wedding websites can be enhanced with the right photo, while you may not want to have all the bells and whistle, then displaying one of your engagement photos on the home page with your names and wedding date is enough to for an attractive website.

Sharon and Daniel

You do not have to post an engagement photo on the homepage, you can choose to have a beautiful graphic created instead. This website offers guests a glimpse at the location, the schedule and attire to let them know what to expect on the big day.

Matt and Sara

Including illustrations can be an artistic way to set up your wedding website. This wedding website really allows the personalities of the couple to shine through the whole design with some fun graphics and fonts. Lack of wedding website ideas? Consider always show your personalities.

Ross and Jess

You can use your invitations to draw inspiration for creating your wedding website. A stationary like design offers a clean and unique look for that you can easily add in little details to match the color scheme to your wedding colors.

Sara and Jason

They really let the love they have for one another shine throughout their wedding website. They gave guest all the travel information they needed, details about their wedding and some useful information about where they are getting married to get their guests as excited about their wedding as they are.

Ashley and David

Your wedding website is not just to give out details before the wedding. You can keep the website with the most basic information for your guest and then add more images and videos to share after the big day as well.

Vanessa and Kevin

While most sites will include the typical list format or drop-down menus from the top or bottom of the page, you can swap these out for some more creative wedding website ideas. Use fun pictures to direct your guests to the information they are looking for.

Jacqs and Steve

This website design resembles a music festival poster. It displays a lot of information right on their front page that really let their guests get to know them as a couple. You could tell this was one fun and entertaining wedding from their wedding website.

Nicole and Joe

You can forgo the fancy graphics and images on your wedding website and instead focus on fun and clean typography. You can still create an eye-catching and attractive website that matches your personality without having to include all the distracting images.

Sara and Matt

While their wedding website is simple, you still get a really clear idea about their personalities. Blending a cute image of the two of them with subtle graphics sets the tone for how their wedding will be.

Nanda and Juan Diego

A colorful illustration that is bright and welcoming can lead to a number of wedding website ideas. Combined with the right font and you can really give your guest the idea of how excited you are for your wedding day.

Kristen and Nick

If you really want to get your guest involved in the whole wedding planning process, then include a blog on your wedding website. Along with all the important information, you can give your guests up to date information on your DIY projects, experiences and more with a blog.

Beth and Peter

This wedding design really lets you into a more romantic side of this couples. With a beautiful picture on their homepage and links that tell everything from the proposal to ceremony details, they even include a blog for guests to follow along with.

Sarah and William

This website definitively lets you have a clear idea of what their wedding theme will be like. With ticket stubs to click on for all the details of their wedding and cute balloon animals to decorate the page, incorporating the theme of your wedding on your website is a great way to get guests excited about your wedding.

Katie and Luke

They took a very simple approach by keeping the home page clean with just their names and wedding date. This is one of welcoming wedding website ideas you can use. The site does give guest all the important information from their story to the registry.

Tiffany and Zachary

The right color combinations can really enhance your wedding website. This website perfectly combines the right colors and unique graphics for a bold and fun way to give your guest a look into your wedding adventures.

Kelley and Chet

With the various images they included on the website, you get the idea that this is a fun couple. They incorporate the important details of their wedding using different graphics and pictures in an entertaining way.

Gina and Karl

A super clean illustration that is fun is a great way to create your wedding website. This is a great option for those destination weddings where you want your guests have all the travel information for your wedding day.

Jess and Russ

The beautiful illustration of just their names written in the stars is a brilliant way to create your wedding website. The design is elaborate but not overdone and is a great way to play on a number of different wedding themes.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Using a beautiful black and white image as your background for your wedding website lets you add in pops of color for a modern and elegant design. Their website does an amazing job to include the date and details of their wedding in an inviting and captivating way.

Heather and Chris

You get the idea that this couple is pretty down to earth with a clean and simple design. The mason jar illustration is a great feature for those couples who are throwing a rustic and intimate wedding.

Kate and Moses

Including a bold color font with a minimal design offers a clean looking design. They throw in a few plays on the fonts to bring some more life into the website design.

Marlene and Vince

This couple lets you know a great deal about them. Not only do they have a fun introduction to each of them right on the front page, but they also include small graphics that relate to some of their favorite things. This is one of the wedding website ideas that you can get really creative with.

Annie and Renje

Him + Her eyewear graphics is a clever way to add a touch of your personality into your wedding website design. This site gives guests a look into the couples both individually and together while also provide the details of their wedding.