What Changes When You Get Married?


Are you excited about your wedding day? After all those years, you are finally going to settle down with the love of your life. In the end, your wedding is a perfect gift for the love, sacrifices, efforts, and late night sorrys you both have endured during the course of your relationship. You may be getting married soon, but amidst all the hullaballoo, take time to realize that your life will be changed for good. These changes might be presumably too meager for you to see. But once you understand what changes when you get married, you will manage them maturely.

Changes You Will Go Through After Marriage

Marriage, being a colossal event of your life, would change the way you live the rest of your life. From sharing assets to cooking together, a married life shifts your entire focus from enjoying your personal space and a lifestyle to sharing life together. So, without any further ado, let’s go ahead and see what changes when you get married!

You Become a Duo!

Gone are the days when you were just a thing. After the wedding, you become a team and none of your friends or families will address you individually. You are no longer "you"; you become a "we". After your wedding, you will find it hard to basically talk just about yourself. Being a newly wed couple may take you on a cliché road, but that’s how it goes.


You Get Gut (literally!)

Wedding brings a fair share of many new responsibilities. You may have crossed the first few hurdles, but getting adjusted to the new life can be really daunting. However, after wedding, you really embrace the new lifestyle and feel courageous about the phase. Call it a rush or a new challenge, you and your partner will actually indulge in bigger decisions. Both of you no longer will be two kids in love.


You Feel Responsible

While you may feel brave to tackle almost any kind of situation, wedding actually matures you as an individual. You feel responsible for each other and you will be very cautious while taking any decision. Being together with each other in a sacred wedding bond will make you less hasty and you will be sure to indulge into life as it pleases you both. In short, you would no longer be a pre-wedding brat!


You Start Compromising & Sacrificing

You become selfless is what changes when you get married – the one major that you were never expecting. You may not notice, but you will start compromising for the love of your life. Your decisions, whether for yourself, your partner or for your families, will be based entirely on a practical logic that will be self-matured. Nothing will be too much or too less for you; you will transfer into a mature individual.


You Take Pride in Each Other

A wedding bond is best described when both the partners take pride in each other. It just shows that they are happy to have taken the step to be together for the rest of the life. You will too feel proud of your partner every time he/she achieves something. The accomplishments will no longer be contained to an individual; it will bring both of you equal happiness.


You Enjoy an Adventurous Sex Life

Love wouldn’t be limited and both of you will no longer lust to be with each other. The beauty of marriage is that you will love each other beyond any limits. You will let your partner explore your sexuality and vice versa. There will be much more passion than you ever experienced before. You and your partner will respect each other’s body and your sexual life will be healthy, passionate and satisfied.


You Stop Being Reckless With Money

You will share your finances with your partner and you will no longer be reckless with your expenses. Of course, newly wed couples pamper each other and there’s nothing wrong in spoiling your love, you will still take heed of your finances. This inherent change is normal and actually good in long term. It will make you more adept at finances.

People's Experiences

What changes when you get married may be answered different for different couple. Below are some people's opinions. Will you agree with them or have your own idea about it?

“My husband and I love and hate each other’s family! It’s not crazy, but yes, families are dear and always welcome. However, loving each other’s family was the biggest challenge.”

- Abigail Hobart, New Jersey

“I love taking my wife by surprise. Not taking your partner for granted is the biggest change that happens when you are finally wedded. This has strengthened our bond even more.”

- Stuart McCarty, Florida

“I’ll be honest – sex hasn’t been this good ever! My husband and I long for each other, and it is not in a kinky way. It’s just that our physicality has made us realize how beautiful sex is.”

- Sophie Johnson, Adelaide

“We’ve been married for 10 years now and life has never felt this good. Having a partner is the best part about life. We feel contented and in love more than we did before getting married.”

- Robert Dean, California

“We fight! We literally have a huge fight in the morning and half an hour later we end up respecting & loving each other more. Marriage shows you just how significant and opinionated your partner can be. I love him for who he is.”

- Renee Dhiman, India