What Do the Groom's Parents Pay For?


Everybody dreams of a perfect wedding. From elegantly embellished gowns to the perfectly designed wedding venues, every single detail can all contribute to the success of your wedding day. But while this may be true, your dream wedding may not be as endearing as it seems especially if you learn about the budget you need to allocate just to pull out all the intricate details you have in mind.

But don’t worry, you and your better half don’t really have to shoulder all the expenses on your wedding day especially since you can always ask assistance from your parents and in-laws-to-be. The question is, traditionally, what do the groom's parents pay for?

What Do the Groom’s Parents Pay for?

Nowadays, brides and grooms assume most of the expenses in their wedding, but of course, this doesn’t mean that parents should be left with no other option but to put on their wedding gown and suit and attend the ceremony. Whether your parents are volunteering to provide you some of your wedding-day necessities or you simply need a hand with all the expenses that come along preparing the ceremony and reception venues, it is always best that you accept help when it comes to handling your wedding day finances. This is especially true since getting married can be very costly. Even if you may have already set-up your own budget, extra expenses here and there can all pile up and eventually affect your savings.

The good news is, it is conventionally accepted for parents to make their contributions on your wedding day. The percentage they would shoulder may be minimal, but this can nevertheless help you cover some of the expenses for your special event. Aside from your combined savings, the parents of the bride and groom can all take their share on the expenditures.

So what do the groom's parents pay for? The answers can be very subjective since it will all depend on your arrangement with your parents/in-laws. If they can afford to take a lion’s share and you don’t mind taking an extra hand, then you might want to consider letting them play an active role in your wedding day by shouldering some of these expenses:

  • Bridal Ring: While the bride’s parents usually offer financial assistance on the groom’s wedding ring, it is customary for the groom’s parents to take care of the engagement and wedding rings of the bride. So yes, if they volunteer to buy the bride a diamond-studded ring, why say ‘no’?

  • Accessories and Clothing: If the groom’s parents really want to help you with most of the expenses, they can also offer financial aid on the groom’s suit, as well as the clothing for the entire male entourage.

  • Flowers: The wedding bouquets and floral set-up may seem cheap, but you would surely be shocked on how much floral shops charge their clients. Aside from the bouquet, the corsage and the boutonnieres, the groom’s parents may also want to offer help on the full floral package.

  • Marriage License and Officiant: In terms of the wedding proper, the groom’s parents usually cover the fee of the marriage license and officiant, along with the officiant’s transportation and other associated costs.

  • Rehearsal Dinner: Rehearsal dinner fees are typically shouldered by the groom’s parents.

  • Honeymoon: Aside from all of the aforementioned expenses, the groom’s parents may also want to cover honeymoon fees that include travel and accommodation expenses.

What Are the Groom’s Parents’ Duties?

While the parents of the bride may have a big responsibility during the actual ceremony, the groom’s parents also have a vital role in the success of the wedding. Aside from setting up a rehearsal dinner, they can also offer help in wedding day preparations by providing advice and assisting the bride and groom in completing their day-to-day tasks.

Organizing a wedding can be very stressful, and the couple needs all the help they can get to lighten their load. If your parents and in-laws are volunteering to provide you support, be more than willing to embrace this opportunity. Le them assist in carrying out tasks like:

  • completing your guest list

  • hosting your dinner

  • completing the program

  • standing in the receiving line

What do the groom's parents pay for?Well, we hope we already made it clear that there are no definite rules when it comes to setting up your wedding day, the same way that the expenditures you or your parents should pay for do not have to go in line with traditions. At the end of the day, what matters the most is that your wedding day does not go out of your budget. Remember, you don’t have to impress anyone. Weddings are a celebration of love, and love does not have to be luxurious or expensive.