What Do You Do with Your Engagement Ring During the Ceremony?


There is need to ensure that the wedding and engagement rings look gorgeous at the wedding. The ceremony is a moment of glory for your diamond engagement ring. It shows the result of a couple’s love into a lifetime commitment that begun with a mere hopeful question.

As a bride you are almost always overwhelmed with planning the wedding that you overlook what to do with your engagement ring during the wedding. This article will help you figure out what do you do with your engagement ring during the ceremony.

What Do You Do with Your Engagement Ring During the Ceremony?

You might be wondering if you should take it off or your husband should just place the wedding band above the engagement ring. Well, it all depends on your preference. 

  • Most people prefer wearing the engagement ring on the right hand during the ceremony, then returning it to the left after the ceremony. This will allow the wedding band to be the first ring on your finger and the engagement ring will not outshine the wedding band. 

  • Traditionally, the wedding band is considered closest to heart so it should be the first ring on your fourth finger. The groom can also give you the two rings simultaneously during the ceremony. However make sure you do not attract attention when moving the rings. If you don't care about traditions that much, you can just wear the wedding band above the engagement ring. 

  • If you choose to leave the engagement ring behind, ensure that it is safe location or with someone you trust.

If you are wearing gloves, you might want to keep the engagement ring in a safe location until after the ceremony. If you wear it over the glove it might be too tight or could fall off when you are removing the gloves. You can avoid this by using a ring glove. This is glove that has a slit that can be easily manipulated to accommodate the ring.

Another People Says: (Engagement Ring Over Wedding Band Along with Wording)

“I recently attended my cousin’s wedding and they did an engagement ring wording as they exchanged rings. After they said their vows, the ministers said:

Let this engagement ring be a symbol of intention and promise. As of now the promise is fulfilled and the intention is realized. Please place the engagement ring on ______’s finger above her wedding band to signify the love that brought you to this point will sustain and always protect your marriage.

I fell in love with that idea and am totally thinking of adopting it.”

What About After the Ceremony?

Now you have all the answers to what do you do with your engagement ring during the ceremony so what next for your rings after the ceremony?

Once the minister is done with you, the fun part of the wedding begins. Keeping your rings clean throughout the day should be a priority. You may want to avoid hairspray and makeup or remove the rings when touching either. In addition, stay away from the cake pranks like smashing cake on each other’s faces or you will find cake particles in your engagement ring and will be forced to clean it. If you must play with cake, remove your rings.

Interesting Question: Why Don’t Men Wear Engagement Rings?

Well, a man shows his commitment by popping the big question. This makes the ring redundant. Generally, men do not wear engagement rings because it is an ancient tradition for a suitor to give his betrothed a gift.

However, there are engagement rings for men. They do not have a popping stone, but instead they are wide bands with an embedded rock. In some countries like Germany, both spouses wear gold bands from the minute they get engaged.

In many other countries, the lady wears an engagement ring to prove that she is taken and the man walks “free”. There are a few theories as to why this is the case:

  • Men generally wear less jewelry

  • An engagement ring has become a major symbol of a man’s proposal

  • It has become a symbol of the man appreciating his future wife and prove he can provide for his family

But if a man wants to walk around with an engagement ring to show how lucky he is, it is perfectly okay.