Big Day Questions Answered: What Does a Wedding Program Consist of?


You’ve got your perfect venue, the dress of your dreams, your caterers and your suppliers – all these aspects seem to be in place when it comes to the multi-layered planning of your wedding. Yet, one question keeps wandering around: What does a wedding program consist of? Think of a wedding program as serving the same purpose as a theater program – besides its obvious informative value, it gives a peek to the viewers / guests and something to look forward to and be excited for during your wedding. If you are slightly confused on this topic, then keep reading – we will explain to you, step by step, the key elements of a flawless, well thought-out wedding program.

Big Day Questions Answered: What Does a Wedding Program Consist of?


The Covers of the Program

When it comes to the covers of your wedding program, you can pick the amount of information you’d like to write down: more is more or less is more – all up to you! Usually, a couple will choose to write their names and their wedding date on the cover, as well as the location of the ceremony. In addition, the cover is the place where you can add that little extra something that represents your wedding best: go for any design element that features the style or theme of your event (mason jar illustration for a rustic wedding or a starfish for a beach wedding, for example), and feel free to add 3D decorations, such as ribbons, lace, pretty strings, seashells and so on to match your aesthetic. Some couples also opt for a photo of themselves, which is always a nice, welcomed touch.


The Inside Covers of the Wedding Program

All things are clear when it comes to the question ‘What does a wedding program consist of’ in regards to the covers. As for the insides, on top of the page, many couples opt for a logo blending their two initials or a monogram that represents their wedding best. Underneath, you need to specify the actual program of your wedding day. One of the most important parts of a wedding program is represented by the descriptions of your religious customs and possible ethnic traditions. You can choose to customize your program based on your denomination (the Order of Worship), in which case you should follow a certain model specific to your religion or you can talk about your faith and beliefs in a more abstract way, if you wish to do so. Here is a simple model of a basic and informative program that follows the moments of your ceremony:

  • The Prelude

  • The Processional

  • Greetings or Prayers

  • Special Readings

  • The Rite of Marriage

  • The Exchange of Vows

  • The Ring Exchange

  • Lighting of Unity Candle or Song

  • The Pronouncement of Marriage

  • The Closing Prayer

  • The Recessional Music


The Wedding Party Page of the Program

Weddings are large events where the majority of the people only know a small fraction of the other guests – so wedding programs can serve a very important purpose: to introduce the important members of each side to each other. In addition, naming the members of your wedding party in your program can only be flattering to your loved ones, as they will surely feel special on your big day and appreciate their name being mentioned. If you are still not sure when it comes to answering the ‘What does a wedding program consist of’ question in regards to the people you need to mention, here is a simple example meant to guide you:

  • Officiate: Pastor Steven Howard

  • Parents of the Bride: Alan and Diana Kelley

  • Parents of the Groom: Michael and Serena Waldorf

  • Maid of Honor: Susannah Hopkins

  • Best Man: Andrew Smith

  • Bridesmaids: Elaine Newton, Jennifer Newton, Miranda Frances

  • Groomsmen: William Johnson, Jon Tucker

An optional mentioning includes your grandparents, siblings if not in the wedding party mentioned above or step-parents, as well as uncles and aunts – in general, anyone that is important to you or your partner can get a special mention on your wedding program. Moreover, wedding programs can make your guests feel more involved in your wedding and excited for the upcoming special moments as well, so it is definitely a nice touch if you are looking forward to celebrating not only your bond with your love, but the one with your friends and family, as well. Remember that everything you chose for your wedding will represent you and your partner in front of your family and friends, so choose wisely.


Who Can Design and Print Your Wedding Program?

In most cases, couples that opt for wedding programs chose the same company / designer / artist that did their wedding invitations – since weddings can require a wide range of paper goods, from table numbers, to menus and custom labels for the candy buffet, it is easiest if you get them all from the same company. In this way, you can make sure they will all be cohesive and in perfect tune with your chosen wedding style and colors, not to mention the fact that a professional will give you help and guidance when it comes to answering the question: “What does a wedding program consist of?”.