What Does the Father of the Bride Wear?


Your dad has been with you since the day you first saw the light of the day. He has never shied away and always been there to assist and support to make you stand on your feet. Your wedding day is equally important to him. He would walk you down the aisle and put your hand in the warm embrace of your groom. So you definitely want him to be dressed elegantly to show your proud and appreciation. Then adhere to the simple guidelines below.

What Does the Father of the Bride Wear?

Bride’s father is customarily treated as member of the groom’s party when wedding attire is considered. The dress code finalized for the grand day applies to him too. But, you have the choice of dressing up your father specially, flattering his glam look which would distinctively uphold his duty of giving you away to the groom. If you want to create a uniform look in pictures, you can add some detailed things to achieve the effect. For example, you might recommend a tie that would complement the color quotient of the groom and his party, yet make him stand out due to the uniqueness of style and pattern of his attire. First thing first, always consider his willing and respect his decision.

After knowing this, you might already aware that there are no hard rules for your dad's attire on your wedding day, but guidelines discussed below will be of good help.

Time of the ceremony counts

The essence of father’s attire will be inspired by ceremonial time. For ceremonies taking place before the natural daylight fades out, formal morning attire in blue or grey hue with top hat is preferred. If the ceremony is scheduled for evening, dark hued or linen suits/tuxedo/lightweight woolens will make him look dapper.

Nature of the event

Your father would walk you down the aisle in broad daylight, dance along with you and deliver emotive speeches. To look suave for the walk, shirt with pale khaki coloured long suit trousers will do. Whereas for other events, a cool jacket over the shirt would add to his verve.

Color of the shirt

When consider "what does the father of the bride wear", color of shirt is important. The shirt should complement the mood. Its color should not be overly dark as sweating may cause the color to change. White shirts tend to stick to the body while perspiring, thus giving it a see through look. Recommend light hued shirt with sober patterns blazoned on it. Stay away from Hawaiian or crazy patterns.

Tie etiquette

The wedding day would be a hectic one. As dad would go about attending various ceremonies, the tie might fly around conveying a sorry impression. Put on a tie or safety pin to keep the tie in place. Boutonnieres which pin to shirt seamlessly should be preferred while loose ones have a tendency to go upside down while walking down the stairs.

Modest footwear

When choosing shoes, consider the style of your wedding. While walking over sand, remain barefooted to avoid kicking up sand. Thong style sandals are great for church weddings. Late night dance needs to be enjoyed in casual pair of shoes. Polished and shining smart Oxford shoes would be cool.

The right tux

What does the father of the bride wear if the groom and his retinue wear tux? Simply, the tux too! If you are ready to wear tux, keep your measurements ready with the local shop well in advance as fitting will take time.

Choice of suit

The level of formalness that characterizes the wedding will have an impact on father’s choice of suit. Further, the fashion quotient needs to be in sync with that of groom and his men. A linen suit with matching dark pants will be a good choice.

Overdressing is better than under dressing

If you don't sure to make him wear more formal or less, overdressed is a smart choice. A formal dress embellished with silken ties, waistcoats, cuff links and pocket squares would add to his charm.

Apply sunscreen on the face

Your father is so stressed out to keep things in place that his face would reflect the strain. Further, he would be running all day long under the glare of the sun, which would tan his face. Thus applying sunscreen is recommended.