What to Wear for Father of Groom?


Traditionally, father of the groom has no active role to play in the ceremony. All he is supposed to do, is to walk right after (or together with) his wife and join her on the next seat. Maybe that’s the reason why, most of the time, father of groom gets overlooked by all. Especially when it comes to the choice of the outfit. What should father of groom wear? Let us try to sort it out for you.

What to Wear for Father of Groom?

Finding a proper attire for the FOG is not that tricky as it seems on the surface. If tuxedos are the dress code for the groom’s party, FOG should surely wear the same. Especially when guests are also instructed to dress up in formal-wear. Even if the wedding isn't a formal black tie one, FOG and FOB can also go with a tuxedo. What to wear for father of groom? Both of the fathers should feel free to wear tuxedos or suits but the style must be in accordance with the groom. 

Some Colors Suggestions for Father of Groom

Fathers can have many great options to choose from. For evening ceremonies or winter weddings, colors like black, navy, charcoal should be the top-picks. For summer or day-time wedding ceremonies, we recommend beige, brown and navy. Colors can be different, but styling should be matched with the groom’s dress. Any formal-wear store can help you in making the decision for selection.

What Others Say

Let's take a look what people have to share from their personal experiences.

“I think there is no specific rule for what to wear for father of groom. He can wear an elegant suit or tux; both are his personal choices. In most of the cases, FOG is not the part of a wedding processional. If this is the case, it does not make any sense to me, spending such great amount on a tux. But if he is going to join all on the aisle, he should clad the best.”

“We have planned matched styles in mismatched colors. They all are going to enrobe in chocolate tuxedo. My FFIL and father is wearing a chocolate vest/tie. Groom would stun us all in an ivory vest/tie. While the groomsmen have opted for dusty rose vest/tie. This would make them a pretty picture of uniformity as well as of differences.”

“I believe both are his choices to make. My dad opted for a suit. The reason was simple. He did not want to spend those extra bucks on a tux.”

What about Father of Bride?

What to wear for father of groom? We've already covered that. But what about FOB?

Unlike FOG, father of the bride has a greater task to perform. He is the one, who will be walking down the aisle, holding the bride’s hand and give her away to her future husband. For a task as grand as this, FOB should dress up awesomely.

The best way is to give FOB his space. Let him decide it on his own. But if you want some coordination and uniformity (especially for pictures), you can simply convey your ideas. 

If the groom and groomsmen are all wearing tuxedos,FOB should also wear a tux; with slight changes from the groomsmen like tie/vest color. If a casual event, a dark suit or even guayabera with dark pants is OK.