What Does the Groom's Parent Pay for?


Now it’s common for couples to pay for their own weddings, especially if they’ve been on their own for a while already. But, parents often want to help out. If parents of both of you want to contribute, this guideline of who pays for what, especially for what the groom's parents should pay for, will let them help your wedding in the traditional ways. However, always consider the willingness and their ability firstly.

What Does the Groom’s Parent Pay for?


It is traditional for the groom or his parents to purchase the engagement ring as well as the wedding ring for the bride. The bride’s family, on the other hand, pays for the groom’s ring.


Flowers are an integral part of any wedding and can be quite expensive. The groom’s parents traditionally pay for the bride’s bouquet, going-away corsage and corsages for the mothers and grandmothers of the couple, as well as the groomsmen’s boutonnieres.

Clothes and Accessories

The groom’s parents pay for the groom’s wedding clothes, as well as ties and gloves (if necessary) for the groom’s attendants if these are not included in the tux rental. The groom’s father also pays for his own clothes if he is the best man.


What does the groom’s parent pay for in the ceremony? Well, the officiant. The couple or their parents will decide on the officiant for the wedding. If the groom’s parents choose the officiant, they should pay his fees as well as travel and lodging expenses if the wedding is not in town. The groom’s parents also pay the wedding license fee.

Rehearsal Dinner

The groom’s parents are traditionally in charge of organizing the rehearsal dinner as well as paying for it. This event can range from a small gathering to an elegant party. While keep in mind that the rehearsal dinner should only be as large as the groom’s parents are willing to pay for.

Accommodations and Transportation

The groom’s parents generally set up accommodations and sometimes transportation for members of the groom’s immediate family who have to come from out of town. They also arrange and pay for the transportation to the ceremony and reception for the best man and groom himself.

Food and Drink

If there is a bachelor dinner, the groom's parents should pay for the foods and drinks surely. As for the food and drink on reception, it would be better if one's parents pay for the drink, while the other's parents pay for the food.


Keep in mind that the groom's parents usually pay for the honeymoon. They might just give the couple money to plan their own honeymoon or they might want to surprise them with a package already planned out for them.


Besides, the groom’s gift to the bride is traditionally paid for by the groom’s parents as well as his gift to his attendants.

What Does the Bride’s Parent Pay for?

Now you know "what does the groom's parent pay for", you may be wondering about what do the bride’s parents pay for traditionally? The bride’s family usually pays for the majority of the wedding. The list includes:

  • Wedding dress

  • The bride's gift to her bridesmaids and the groom

  • Engagement party

  • Wedding planner

  • Videographer and photographer

  • Wedding invitations

  • The reception

  • The music for the church and reception

  • Any rentals, accommodations for the bridesmaids and their transportation and the brides on the big day