What Engagement Rings Say About You?


Whether you were dropping hints for months or you new fiancé picked out the perfect ring on his own or with a little help from a trusted friend, a good amount of thought may go into your engagement ring. With the various shapes, setting and bands, each ring tends to be uniquely created to perfectly fit the style and personality of the person saying Yes! What engagement rings say about you can be quite revealing. So what does yours say about you?

What Engagement Rings Say About You?

The Shape

  • Round Cut. Round cut diamonds tend to have more sparkles which make them one of the most popular cuts for engagement rings. Brides who chose a round cut diamond shape tend to be the more classic and traditional types. They portray an elegant style and have a keen sense for quality items.

  • Princess Cut. Most brides that prefer the princess cut shapes are more likely to be the edgier modern brides. They like to go with a slightly alternate traditional look, which is what the princess cut perfectly displays. These brides are not afraid to show off their own unique style and modern sensibility.

  • Cushion Cut. While tradition is a key factor to the bride that wears a cushion cut ring, they also like to put their own twist into the mix. This shape is a slight combination of the princess cut and the round cut making, it is stunning and unique. Brides who favor the cushion cut like a little glamour and sparkling details, and also indulge in an effortless romantic style.

  • Emerald Cut. What engagement rings say about you when they are simply elegant and flawless in emerald cut? Brides who prefer this kind of engagement rings exude confidence and are not afraid to take a risk every once in a while. This cut of ring portrays an effortless style that is chic and minimal.

  • Asscher Cut. The Asscher cut diamond is a vintage inspired shape that is favored among brides who have a heightened sense of style and fashion. Brides who tend to prefer the Asscher cut shape are ones who often set and define current fashion trends. They are simply confident and not afraid to stand out in the crowd.

  • Radiant Cut. Radiant cut shapes are similar to the emerald cut, but they catch the light in a spectacular way and give off a little extra sparkle. Brides who choose radiant cuts tend to have a timeless sense of style and are not afraid to stay a little away from the traditional and classic themes.

  • Heart Cut. A heart shape diamond is a carefully crafted cut and is typically worn by brides who are not bashful or shy. Brides that choose this particular cut are sure to get a significant amount of attention and welcome it.

  • Oval Cut. Oval shape cuts can be just as stunning as the round cut diamond but they offer a unique elongated shape. Brides who chose this cut for their engagement ring tend to be more sophisticated than others and like to have a unique style all of their own.

  • Marquise Cut. This unique shape often gives the appearance of a much larger diamond since it's specially designed to maximize the carat weight of the stone. Brides who tend to favor these diamond cuts have a dramatic style and specific flare for fashion.

  • Pear Cut. What engagement rings say about you if you choose the pear cut or also known as the tear shape? This hybrid cut combines the distinct characteristic of the oval and marquise cut diamonds, so brides who are attracted to these diamonds cuts tend to break the rules and goes with their own unique style.

The Bands

  • Matching Bands. Brides who tend to match their engagement rings with their wedding band are typically ones that play it safe. These brides do not typically take many risks but are always perfectly put together. Brides who match their wedding and engagement bands like to always look their best, with manicured nails, hair well-groomed and are always dressed to impress.

  • Plain Band. Brides who tend to choose the plain engagement band appreciate the simple things. While they may have just the basics when it comes to their fashion sense, they don’t mind investing the timeless classic items that will last for years. While they do not like to be the center of attention, they are not afraid to be themselves in any setting.

  • Eternity Band. Those who are drawn to the eternity band don’t just enjoy the extra sparkle and bling, they are true girly girls in just about this sense. They often have an attractive confidence that makes others just flock towards them. These brides would much rather get dressed up for Sunday brunch than attending a super bowl party.

  • Stackable Band. Brides who choose the stackable engagement bands tend to stay current with fashion trends and often times have been known to set them. They tend to be daring, creative and are not afraid to think outside the box. Their keen sense of style is prevalent in every aspect of their lives from the clothes they wear to the way they decorate their home.

  • Braided Band. The type of bride likes to be unique and is a bit of a mashup of traditional, vintage and modern or hipster. Perhaps the chosen braided band fits what engagement rings say about you perfectly. Brides who choose this type of band are often searching for the diamond in the rough, they like to sort through thrift stores and flea markets to find that one special item that perfect fits their personality.