What Should Mother of the Bride Wear?


Your daughter’s wedding is one of the rare events when you need to really go the extra mile to look your most beautiful outfit. I mean, it’s not every day that you’d walk down the aisle and witness your daughter marry the man of her dreams, right? Now the only question is, what should mother of the bride wear?

Wedding Attire Etiquette: What Should Mother of the Bride Wear

Before we get started with some of the wedding wear dos, it’s important for you to note that no matter how luxurious the wedding is, no one should have power over what you prefer to wear. But just to make sure that your wedding wear would go in line with the entire ceremony, below are some of the factors you need to consider when shopping for the most appropriate dress.

Color Scheme

You may despise pink, but this isn’t enough reason for you to wear hues that contradict the wedding’s color scheme. While you may have your own sense of style, it’s crucial that you consider your daughter’s motif so you won’t look like the only sheep in the pack of wolves. You can always go for colors that complement the whole wedding entourage.

Wedding Tone

There is no sense in wearing a long, glimmering gown when you’re about to attend a beach wedding. So before you swipe your credit card for that luxurious dress, make sure that you already know the level of formality and tone of the wedding.


If you go along with the mother of the groom quite well, shopping together could be a wiser move since you would be able to pick dresses and gowns that highly complement each other. Anyway, this isn’t the time to get all-too-competitive. You’re family now! If, on the other hand, you haven’t really had the chance to bond together and you don’t think shopping with the MOG is a good idea, you can at least tell her about the dress you just bought for the wedding.

Level of Subtlety

Okay, we understand that you aim to look sexy and sophisticated in your daughter’s wedding day, but let’s not choose gowns or dresses that would overpower the bridal gown. So what should mother of the bride wear? Basically, something that says ‘classy and elegant’, but not in an ‘I’m the star of the night’ way. Also, if the bride and groom-to-be have preferences on the hemlines and gown design, make sure that you value their opinions and coordinate with them to make sure your wedding wear would look its best.

Personal Style

Although it’s customary to go with the motifs and the couple’s preferences, it is also important not to ditch your personal style. If, for instance, you’re not comfortable with the low neckline, you can always talk to your daughter and compromise. Nobody should force you to wear something you don’t personally like, because if you do, you won’t be able to make the most out of your daughter’s wedding day. So before deciding on your wedding wear, make sure it doesn’t go against your personal style.


Your accessories can either make you or break you, so it’s important that you choose elegant pieces that will complement your overall do. And of course, let’s not wear so many accessories on your daughter’s wedding day so you won’t look all-too-glimmering. Remember, subtlety is often the key to elegance.

Shopping Tips for the Most Elegant MOB’s

There are no definite rules on what should mother of the bride wear, but if you are having problems with shopping for your wedding wear, you can definitely take a pointer or two from the following tips:

  • Choose Specialty Stores

    In comparison to department stores, shops that specialize in bridal wear are better since they will be able to provide you more options that could meet your specific needs.

  • Prepare in Advance

    Always think ahead and order your dress at least 2 months before the wedding. Also, don’t forget to leave room for adjustments. Set the arrival of the package 2 weeks before the wedding so you’d have enough time to make all the necessary adjustments on the gown.

  • Look for the Most Appropriate Undergarments

    We’re quite sure that by now, you already know the importance of wearing the right undergarments. Don’t make the same mistakes you committed back when you were younger. Always look for undergarments that go well with your dress/gown of choice.

What should mother of the bride wear? Basically, it all depends on your circumstances and your personal style. There are no rules on what you should and should not wear, but when it comes to the selection process, always remember that being considerate on the bride and groom-to-be, along with the other members of the entourage, can really go a long way.