Things You Should Do During Your Honeymoon


The honeymoon is a trip that you take just after your wedding, for just a few days or even up to a few weeks. This is an important time for privacy and discovering each other intimately. Wherever you decide to go, you are sure to have a great time. However, planning your trip may leave you wondering what you should do during your honeymoon other than just sleeping in a bed together and making love. This article will give you some ideas on other things you can do together to make your honeymoon the best experience possible!

Things You Should Do During Honeymoon: 15 Romantic/ Sexy Choices

Before you embark on your honeymoon journey, you may want to do some pre-planning and choose a few activities you might want to do. Snuggling up in bed with your lovey will be the main focus, but you two will want to switch it up a little. Here are some ideas of things you can do to make your trip more exciting and memorable:

Start off with Couple’s Massage

If you are still stressed from your wedding or tired from your trip, make sure you start your honeymoon with a soothing couple’s massage. This will help you relax and get you in the mood for love, adventure, or anything else you choose to do.


Read a Sexy Book

Take a sexy romance novel with you and read out loud to your partner. Maybe this is the perfect time to start “50 Shades of Grey”. Any romance novels that are pretty steamy can help with setting the mood.


Go on an Adventure

Wherever you go, there is always something different to do than the obvious activities. For example, if you are staying near the ocean, skip a beach day and go for a hike inland. Get walking and moving to help your body release more endorphins can get you in the mood for love later.



Wondering what you should do during the honeymoon? Keep it just between you two! Promise each other to only check social media or emails once daily. Other than that, disconnect from the outside world. Turn your phones off and enjoy each other. Leave your laptops at home.


Lots of Lingerie

Have lingerie for every day that you are on your honeymoon. If you will be there 4 days, have 4 nice pieces, one for each day. To make things even more exciting, have your hubby-to-be help you pick some out.


Order Room Service

Don’t even plan on going out the first night or even the next morning. When you get there, you will definitely want to snuggle in first thing and possibly stay in bed into the next day. Plan on ordering room service the first few meals. Order sexy foods like chocolate strawberries, cheesecake, oysters, and a bottle of wine.


Set the Tone

Put your favorite romantic music on a playlist, gather candles, massage oil, and room fresheners to create an amazingly romantic atmosphere in your room.


Heat up your Camera

Light those candles, put on your sexy lingerie, and turn on your camera. Throw some rose petals on your bed and do some sexy poses for your own boudoir photo session.


Talk about Fantasies

Still wondering how to make your honeymoon exciting? Try something that you don't usually do. Ask your partner if he/she has ever had any fantasies about being intimate with someone. Now is the time to find out and act them out in steamy love sessions.


Hit the Nightlife Spots

Find a club and go dancing. This sensual activity will turn up the heat. Make sure you ask your hotel for a recommendation just to be safe.


Have a Pillow Fight

Keep things fun and upbeat. Play with your partner and laugh together. A classic pillow fight or even old fashioned tickling session will help forge connections and bonding with each other.


Arrange a Private Dinner

Some resorts will set up dinner for you in a private area. Beach clubs may do dinner on the beach for two, or mountain resorts may do a special dinner in a quiet forest. Ask your hotel how this can be arranged and surprise your new spouse.


Get up to Watch the Sunrise

After you feel rested, get up early one morning to watch the sun come up together. You can think about new beginnings and about this being the first of many sunrises together. After the sun comes up, order room service for breakfast and snuggle back in.


Find a Winery

Find a local winery and go wine tasting. Many wineries may also be able to set up romantic dinners and wine tasting for two.


Find Exotic New Foods

If you are staying in an exotic locale, try some new food together. From spicy Mexican in coastal Cancun to lobster straight from the New England shores, there are so many foods out there that can boost romance.

Honeymoon Tips and No-No’s

Besides thinking about what you should do during your honeymoon, the following tips can make sure you have a better time!

Remember: this is a time to relax. Don’t overbook yourself on excursions and sightseeing trips. Take a good long honeymoon and don’t rush home to work and to put your house together. Just relax and take it easy.


Make sure your location has good weather. Remember if you pick a tropical location, you might encounter lots of rain. If you pick the mountains in December, you may get snowed in. While you may not get much sightseeing done, it may be more fun to be stuck inside anyways.


Make sure there are amenities wherever you go. Check the hotel location to make sure there are restaurants, stores, and places you can get things you need. “All inclusive” resorts are a great way to remedy this issue and you can leave your wallet in your room!


Go alone. Kids, friends, and family can really put a damper on the mood. Even though you love them dearly, it will be better for you to be alone and in private on your honeymoon. This can be a slight hitch for people who have “destination weddings.” Also, if you have children, try to find a babysitter so you can have alone time.


Turn off the alarms. There is no need to wake up early. You’re on a break from life. Sleep in every day on your honeymoon.