What to Do with Wedding Dress after the Wedding


Your wedding dress is not just a piece of fabric; it symbolizes your style, taste, lots of effort and your very own and unique love story. Whether you are a straightforward confident working woman or the sweet innocent girl who lives in fantasies, your wedding dresses means a lot to you. In fact, for some girls their wedding dress is a bond among women of their family – a wedding dress passed down through generations. With all those emotions and precious memories associated with the wedding outfit, it is very hard to decide what to do with your wedding dress after the main event!

What to Do with the Wedding Dress after the Wedding?

Now you are a happily married woman and the wedding dress hanging inside your closet seems useless to you but you don’t want to throw away a dress with which lots of precious memories are attached. Well there are tons of ideas to reuse wedding dress:

A New Dress!

With mix and match and a bit of tailoring, you can make a brand new dress and wear it on your first wedding anniversary or turn it into a nice evening gown for a cocktail party or dinner. You can dye it into a new color or cut it into a nice short dress.


Keep It for Your Daughter

The most beautiful way to reuse a wedding dress is to pass it down to your daughter or daughter-in-law too. It is not necessary that your daughter will wear your wedding dress, she can use some pieces of it (laces, net, bows) to design her own dress. This way you can keep it traditional as well as chic.


Christening Gown

With your wedding dress, you can make a christening gown for your children. A great opportunity to see your child wearing your dress at another very special occasion.



It is understandable that a lot of your deepest emotions and feelings are attached to your dress which may make it difficult to abandon your dress altogether. In all such cases, you can use your wedding dress to make clutches, laced scarfs, necklaces, pillows and quilts or even a table cloth.


Make Lingerie!

Redesigning your wedding dress to make a lingerie for special occasions (such as an anniversary) is definitely a very cool idea. Having your wedding dress as a lingerie would enable you to wear it again; and whenever you are going to wear it, beautiful memories associated with wedding will be replayed to strengthen your marital bond.


Donate it for a Good Cause

One of the most generous things to do with your wedding dress is to donate it to a charity. There are some organizations across America, which strives to provide free of cost wedding dresses to the brides of military men and other individuals in need. There is another organization that sells the donated wedding gowns and with that money help cancer patients. You can do little research on the internet and donate your special dress to support your favorite cause.


Art and Décor

Another creative way to reuse wedding dress is to decorate a vase or photo frame with its net, lace or other parts. You can also make any art piece which can be hanged on your wall or placed at the center table. The pictures below show how you can use the fabric to decorate lamps and purse. 


Sell It!

Wondering what to do with wedding dress and how to redeem some cash that you spent on your grand wedding? Here is another idea, sell it to a friend or relative for cash. Different websites such as PreownedWeddingDresses.com and dress renting shops also buy wedding dresses for cash or dress swaps.


Trash it!

You want to have some unique and fun photos such as underwater kissing or a photo shoot at beach. But you couldn’t do it on your wedding day because it would have ruined your dress. Well you can do it now and re-live your moments.


Bridal Themed Party!

Hosting a bridal themed cocktail party in which all women wear their wedding dresses is another way to reuse wedding dress without making any alterations to it. Getting dressed up again in a bridal attire and sipping wine with your friends, what a sight will it be!


A Memento

You don’t really have to transform it into something else or pass it down to your daughter. You can simply preserve it in a nice box and years after you can still keep admiring it and show it to your kids or grandkids!


Garter or Bouquet Wrap!

Your wedding dress can also be used for your sister or cousin’s or even your daughter’s garter and bouquet wrap too. In this way you can pass down your dress in family without making them wear it.


Dress for Your Little Girl!

You can tailor it and make a cute princess dress for your little girl to wear.


Wedding Album

What will be more amazing than having your wedding photo album wrapped in cloth from your wedding dress? To make it look more pretty and fancier you can also use the beaded laces or brochettes from your dress.


Baby Bassinet

Every mother strives to provide a safe and pretty nest for their child; how about making this nest more creative and gorgeous with intimate details? What if we tell you that you can make a baby bassinet from your wedding gown? Browse internet or use your imagination to form some sparkling memories for your child.


A Baby Blanket

If your wedding dress is made up of a satin fabric, you can use it to make borders of a baby blanket.


Headband and Flowers

With the laces and beads you can also make headbands and fabric flowers as well.