Ideas about Wedding Invitation Wording


Wedding invitations were used to be with simple details by just choosing your paper and envelope, and mailing them out. Now, the invitation has become more elaborate, creative and requires more than just a single sheet of paper to give your guests all the information they need. You want your wedding invitation to mirror the extravagant affair your wedding will be, and this means coordinating the stationary to create a beautiful, detailed invitation.

Ideas about Wedding Invitation Wording


Wedding Invitation

The wedding invitation should include all the important information about your wedding day such as the date, time, ceremony location and reception location. You can also include bits of information that pertains to the type of food that will be served; no gifts required and suggested attire to wear. You can also click HERE to find detailed information about invitation wording.


Outer Envelope

Stamps are the most commonly forgotten part of the outer envelope, so make sure you have plenty! If you are sending out a lot of invitations you may want to consider having a stationary company address the envelopes for you. Also, make sure to have an envelope moistener handy, this can be a lifesaver when sending out a hundred or more invitations.


Direction Card

You do not want your guest to get lost and using Google maps may not offer your guest the best route options. So including a direction card is a nice etiquette to ensure all your guests can find your wedding location easily. Make sure these are printed with an appropriate font that all your guests will be able to easily read.


Response Card

The response card is one of the most important things when considering ideas about wedding invitation wording. You want to keep your response cards in an organized manner by numbering the guests on a list and then including this number to the back of the response card. This will make it easier for you to match up the numbers in case someone forgets to include their name or the handwriting is too difficult to read.


Response Envelope

Response envelopes should be included in your invitation to ensure a more prompt response from your guests. Envelopes should be pre-addressed to make things easier for your guests and it is also highly recommended to include a stamp on the envelopes.


Reception Card

If you run out of room on the formal invitation, then the reception card will give your guests appropriate information pertaining to the reception. If it is an early reception before 1 pm, then the first line should state "Breakfast Reception. If it is after 1 pm, you can simply make "Reception" the first line. If you want guests to know there will be a sit-down dinner, then "Dinner Reception" should be used as the first line.


Menu Cards

Your guests will be more appreciative if you include this simple addition to your wedding invitation. Menu cards will let your guests know what they can expect to be served during the meal hours, or an alternative to a sit-down dinner that will be provided. You can also include the cocktails options that will be available to your guests during the receptions.


Accommodation Card

These are not ideas about wedding invitation wording for all your guests, but only for your out of town guest. You want to let these guests know when they should have their travel arrangements and hotel booked by, so they do not run into difficulty trying to find appropriate rooms. If you or your family is taking care of any of the accommodations for them, then you will also want to include this on the accommodation card.


Inner Envelope

The inner envelope is used to clearly state who exactly is invited to the wedding. You want to make sure you write each guest name clearly, so they know who it is intended for and so you do not get any additional plus ones attending the wedding.


Wedding Programs

The wedding program often supplies your guests with more detailed information about your wedding, reception, bridal party, etc. It includes special thanks and explains certain events of the ceremony. These small booklets also offer your guest a nice wedding memento.


Tissue Paper

Including tissue paper is not necessary when trying to figure out ideas about wedding invitation wording, but it can add an additional element of formality. The tissue paper is placed on top of the formal invitations for a more appealing presentation.


Pew Cards

If you are having a large and extravagant wedding, you will want to include a pew card for your special guests. Your guest will present these cards to the usher at the ceremony so that they can be directed to their appropriate pew. Often times these are not included in with the invitation but are sent out once you have a confirmation from all the guests on your list.