What to Register for Wedding: Things You Really Need


Knowing what to register for wedding can be a bit overwhelming. After all, you have entire stores worth of things to choose from. It’s best to stick to a few stores that carry a lot of household goods. National stores or chains are a good idea if your guests are coming from all over the country. This way they can all get to a store you have selected and pick out gifts from the registry. Also consider your guest’s income. It’s a good idea to pick a range of stores and items from lower price range to high so that every guest can get you a worthwhile gift.

What to Register for Wedding: 22 Useful Items

There’s a lot to think about when figuring out best wedding registry items. Some items often get forgotten when couples register, but are just as important as those pots and pans.

Photo frames

If you’re taking all kinds of photos of the two of you, you’re going to need some picture frames to put them in.


Beach towels

If you’re planning on going on an exotic honeymoon, or you just love to catch some sun, beach towels are a great item to register for.


Items for your hobby

Don’t forget to register for items that are part of any hobbies you might have. If you love camping, put a tent on the list. Watch a lot of movies? Add the ones you love but don’t own to the list.


Digital devices like camera

Starting a marriage is an exciting time for a couple. Recording all of those memories with a new camera will ensure you have something to look back on as the years go by.



What to register for wedding? If you have a backyard or patio, an outdoor grill is a must have item. They are great for entertaining or just enjoying an evening with each other. If you don’t have the space outside, indoor grills are another great option.



Whether you plan to use it for your honeymoon or for trips to come, luggage is another item not to miss on your registry.


Extra towels

Don’t forget to register for enough towels. One set isn’t enough for laundry days and if you have guests over. Make sure you register for a few sets to have enough on hand for any occasion.


Vacuum cleaner

While you want to pick items that you really want, there are some practical items that should always make the list. A good vacuum cleaner is a must have item for any new couple.


Big cutting board

A wooden cutting board is another item to put on the list especially if you plan on entertaining. There’s nothing worse than hosting Thanksgiving dinner only to find out you don’t have anything to carve the turkey on. Choose one that is big enough.


Garden/ Backyard equipment

If you’re planning on living in a house, remember that outside is part of you home too. Register for lawn care items like a lawn mower or leaf blower.


Sheets or pillows

What to register for wedding? Another must have is extra sets of sheets. Make sure to register for enough sheets for your bed, any guest beds, and enough sets to change those out on laundry day.

Pillows are so essential you might forget to register for them. There are a lot of options nowadays so you can find the perfect pillow for each of you.



Registering for gifts is a great time to upgrade some of your items. If you’ve still got that toaster lying around from college, time to upgrade to a better one.


Gift cards

Gift cards are another essential item. That way you can pick up anything that missed the list or that you find you need after you move in. Always check the “accept gift cards” option when registering.


Silverware/ Faltware

Always register for a nice set of flatware. You’re going to be using it a lot so pick out something that’s going to last for a long time to come.


Fine china

While you may not think you need a set of fine china, register for it anyway. You never know when you might need it for entertaining.


Cutlery set

Don’t forget to register for a nice cutlery set. It’s another household essential that you’ll be happy to have. You use knives a lot more often than you’d think so having a good set is important.



You’ve got the fine china all squared away, but an everyday set of dinnerware is just as important. You’ll be using it everyday so why not register for a good quality set?


Area rugs

Area rugs are another way to really make a space your own. They warm up a room and really help to make it cozy.


Tool kit

Household repairs come up sooner or later, having a good set of tools on hand will make those repairs easier to handle. These aren’t quite as easy to register for as some items, but you’ll be glad to have them in the long run.



Nothing helps set the mood for a nice evening of entertaining like a good bottle of wine. There are several sites like bottlenotes.com that offer wedding registry options.


Seasonal items

Don’t forget to register for items for every season. Just because you’re getting married in the summer doesn’t mean you won’t need those throw blankets once winter sets in.


Honeymoon fund

What to register for wedding if you already have most of the items? If you’re looking for an unforgettable honeymoon but don’t think you can afford it, think again. There are sites where you can register for trips and guests can help you out with the cost. One example is Honeyfund, which is the increasingly popular “crowdfunding” and can make gifting very easy for your guests.

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